• Support Ms. Sayler's Class Through DonorsChoose.org

    Hello Hosford Community!  
    My name is Laura Sayler and I am writing on behalf of my position as an 8th grade math teacher. I applied for a teacher grant through DonorsChoose.org to get classroom whiteboard tables. This past summer I painted my own classroom tables with whiteboard paint and the kids are LOVING it! Something about it being non-permanent is really supportive for kids with anxiety around math. I’ve also found it’s great for problem solving and brainstorming! 
    The only problem is that DIY tables have to be redone each year or so and can’t withstand the amount of work my kids are putting into them! I am asking for your support to help all of my students each year have access to a writable table to help them work through their math and thinking.  
    Any little bit helps and I thank you so much for even considering this! Please use this link to spread the message to anyone you know who is able and interested in supporting students’ math growth in this way! 
    Link to DonorsChoose Donation Page 
    In addition to our appreciations and learning, you will receive handwritten thank you and pictures of our work as our heartfelt thank you! 
    Thank you for your time, 
    Laura Sayler