• Hosford Virtual Learning Schedule Update

    Thank you all for working with your students to transition into our Virtual Schedule. We know there have been many logistical and technical challenges over the last few weeks and we are committed to improving, learning and growing for our students. 

    Several weeks ago, it became clear that we had not spent as much time on explaining our virtual schedule as we needed to in order to make this transition smooth for our school community. One point of confusion in the virtual schedules (linked below) was the blue section. To clarify with everyone, during all blue class times, students should be working on assignments or projects for the identified class. For example, all students will be working on Period 1 assignments during Period 1 on Wednesday and Friday. In addition, at the start of each blue class period, we are asking all teachers to host a 5-10 minute “Welcome and Instructions” to provide some direction for students before breaking into groups or working on assignments. After the welcome, teachers may structure small groups during this time, and if so, those will be tightly structured and communicated with students and families. Office hours are also an option, as are individual feedback sessions. These will all be hosted on the same classroom link your student accesses for each class period. 
    As a reminder, on the days that students have an assigned class period, they will also be assigned asynchronous content for students to complete in the afternoon of that same day for each class. For example, if your 7th-grade student has Periods 1, 2 and 3 on Monday morning synchronously, they will also have to have asynchronous assignments posted to work on during Monday afternoon for periods 1, 2 and 3.
    Our teachers are working hard for Hosford students and families and we appreciate your patience and perseverance as we make adjustments.
    Virtual Learning Schedules:
    Please know, if you are struggling to find information, visit the top of the Hosford Middle School website and click the link posted at the top of the page: tinyurl.com/hmsvirtual. You can also type this into a web browser to find the information. At this link you will find:
    • Student schedules by grade level
    • How to access Synergy to find your students schedule
    • How to get technology support
    • How to log in and how to reset your student password
    • ALL class links for class meetings

    *NOTE: Links for teacher virtual classrooms are now on your student’s Canvas. They are no longer posted on the Hosford Middle School homepage or on Padlet.