• Welcome Back, Families!

    I am thrilled to be joining Jackson Middle School this year, and we are all quite excited about the first days of school. If you haven’t had a chance to see what students need this year, the school supply list is available on the Jackson Middle School website. This year we will be giving every student a Jackson planner, but we are asking families to include a three-inch binder in their back to school purchasing (unless you choose to purchase it from the school). These binders are important tools for students to learn how to manage the materials and deadlines for six classes each semester. Core teachers will be setting aside time each week for students to regroup and reorganize their work, and to build those organizational habits.

    When your student arrives on Wednesday, or Thursday, they will see workers still on site. Construction will continue through the end of September. Outside, we have new sidewalks, as well as new roofs on the shop and the front of the building. Inside there are new railings, new water fountains, and classroom modifications in some rooms. We also get to welcome new staff in administration, art, special education, and 8th grade. Please join me in welcoming Mr. Karl Newsome (Assistant Principal), Ms. Jessica Hickey (Art), Ms. Mary Ventura and Ms. Carol Lam (Resource Center), and Ms. Rhonda Brennan and Ms. Courtney Baker (8th grade)!

    And, a quick school tip:

    Sixth grade parents: supervision looks different at middle school. The doors open at 8:55 and students are welcome to have breakfast in the cafeteria or spend a few minutes with their friends. We do not have staff outside prior to the doors opening, so understand that students are both unsupervised prior to 8:55 and they are on school property and are expected to comply with school and district policies. That level of independence can be hard, because students are still developing the capacity to fully understand cause and effect. If you have flexibility within your family, this is a place to exercise it.

    Thank you, families, for everything you do to support our students. Have a great week, everyone!

    Susan Kosmala