• Jackson Update

    What we know, what we don't and how to stay connected

    Greetings families!

    We’ve been so fortunate this week! I hope you all are well, safe, and were able to do at least one fun thing. 


    We are still officially on spring break, but I have seen a number of students turning in assignments, or resubmitting assignments to improve their grades. Great job families! Originally, students were expected to physically return to school next Wednesday. THAT IS NOT HAPPENING. And, even if you’ve been tracking the emails from both the school district and the Governor, you might be unclear of what is going to happen instead. 


    Things we know:

    1. Staff (teachers, administrators and possibly others) will be “returning” to work digitally on Monday. No one is allowed in the buildings.

    2. To-go meals for students 1-18 years of age resume Monday. The closest site to Jackson is Markham Elementary School; hours are 11 AM -1 PM. 

    3. Curriculum packets and materials are also expected to be available at these sites. They are not substitutes for instruction, but they are related to content students have covered and will give them opportunities to practice and maintain skills. 

    4. The district is collecting chromebooks from buildings (including Jackson) for student use across the district. If your child needs access to a device, please take this very simple survey. You can find your child’s student ID on Parentvue, but if you don’t know it it won’t matter, you will still be able to submit.


     Things we don’t have answers to:

    1. Grades. The quarter ends on Friday, and students may have missing or incomplete assignments from the week before break. We’d like to handle this the same way other schools are, so there aren’t answers to this quite yet.

    2. Online instruction. We definitely have teachers who can do this, and our students know how to use the Google classroom, so if they have wifi and a device, they will know what to do. We’ve been playing with a couple of apps that allow for group video conference (all over Facebook and Twitter right now)  and/or asynchronous chats (very social media-y). AND, Jackson is a school within a district, and we need to be part of the team. So, we will be following the district plan when it is presented, do not expect a surge of online assignments on Monday.


    Ways to keep up with district news:

    1. pps.net/coronavirus posts all the new and archives all of the old district communications to families about changing services and mandates

    2. Portland Public Schools@PPSConnect (the district’s Twitter feed). I am extraordinarily out of the social media loop, but they’ve been posting every day

    3. https://www.pps.net/schools/jackson The good ‘ol Jackson website. I will keep it updated.