• Jackson Update #2

    Have questions? I’d like to try to answer them for you. On April 3rd (Friday) I’m going to Coffee Chat via Instagram (@ppsjackson). Please be on the lookout for a text message with a link inviting you to submit questions. In the meantime, here's what's going on.

    There have been many questions as we settle into the next month or so of distance learning. I’d like to try to answer them for you, keeping in mind that we are still figuring out a great number of things piece by piece. So, I’m going to Coffee Chat via Instagram (@ppsjackson) on our usual day and time, this Friday at 9:30 AM. I figured out today that I can “go live” and record for later viewing, so please don’t be concerned if that time doesn’t work in your schedule, you can check it out at your convenience. Please be on the lookout for a text message with a link inviting you to submit a question.


    If you submitted a request for a device through the district, you should have already heard how and when to collect that device. If you did not submit a request through the PPS survey, you will have another chance to do so at the end of this week. Please, if you need a device, or your child received a device and now their account or passwords are not working, email Jennifer Leveille in the office, jleveille@pps.net. We will help you get a device if you need one.


    One question that has come up several times already is exactly what teachers are expected to do, and what students are expected to do. This is all going to be refined and clarified repeatedly over the next two weeks, but there are some key expectations:

    1. Content will get pushed out to students through Google Classroom, nearly all of our students have accessed Google classroom through their Jackson teachers before.
    2. Students should be contacting their teachers through the classroom as well. The district email system is sensitive to external emails and they are just as likely to find their way to a junk folder as to the teacher. 
    3. There will be scheduled times weekly where students can interact with their teachers in “real time”-video chats, text chats or even by phone. This could be direct instruction, class meetings or group check-ins, or it could be 1:1 conferencing on an assignment. 
    4. There will also be tasks for students to complete independently, where teachers will give feedback or make written observations over the course of the week or the project, but may not actually speak with the student.
    5. Lots of things will be recorded and accessible after they are over-for students who were there to replay information, and to allow students who weren’t present to still have access.
    6. Some things will be available in hard copy, and will be available for pick up at Markham Elementary for the Wilson cluster. These are limited, both in scope and in quantity, but they are a resource.
    7. The district’s start date for distance learning is Monday, April 6. Many teachers have pushed content and tasks to their students already, but ALL teachers will be prepared to do this for next week. 


    Finally, I’d just like to remind everyone that this is new for all of us. Teachers are embracing the challenge, and staying positive, but it isn’t going to be perfect. And, answers to a lot of things are coming in little bits and slowly. So as we all learn and develop our resilience together, I’d encourage you to ask questions, feel confident in reaching out to staff, and give yourselves and your students a pass on imperfection too. We'll get there!