• Things to do and talk about!

    Curated lists of books and movies, and conversation prompts!

    This morning I talked a little about resources and ideas from the ADL, Common Sense and Multnomah County for starting conversations with your students to find out what they are thinking about, wondering about, and believing about stereotypes, equality and values. 

    Our Wednesday night presenter, Scottie Nash, from the ADL shared these resources for starting and having conversations with your students about how different groups of people may experience our government, systems like healthcare, and even media differently. Highlights include Books that Matter, and Table Talks around current events.

    Another of my favorites is Common Sense Media, including this curated list of the Best Family Movies of 2020. This organization is focused on safe and moderated screen time, and they have a LOT of reviews and ratings of movies, websites and games. They also host Wide Open School, which has tons of virtual and printable activities and ideas for projects, wellness activities and family-oriented fun.

    And, our own Multnomah County Library has their own list of powerful books, all available to library users.