• Family Newsletter November 10th

    November 10, 2022 - Kelly Family Newsletter

    Together, we will - Together, we grow and thrive - Вместе мы растём и развиваемся.


    Dear Families,

    For the past several years, PPS K-5 educators have used conference forms instead of the K-5 report card to communicate with families about student progress in the first quarter of school.

    This year, however, we are returning to the use of first quarter report cards for all grades. This means that K-5 families will receive a first quarter report card for their children in mid-November. K-5 families will not receive a separate conference form when they meet with their teachers for conferences later in November. Instead, conference conversations will use student work, fall assessment data, and the report card to discuss and share student progress.

    Please look for communications from your child’s teacher about how to sign-up for a conference on November 21 or 22.

    Important Dates

    Friday, November 11: Veterans’ Day: No School for Students

    Monday, November 14: 2nd Grade TAG Testing

    Thursday, November 17: Last Day of Fall SUN Session

    Thursday, November 17: PTA Meeting, 6pm, Kelly Library

    Friday, November 18: Bottle Drop, 8:30-9am or 2:45-3:15pm

    Monday and Tuesday, November 21 and 22: Family-Teacher Conference Days

    November 21-25: No School for Students (Fall Break)


    Students should wait outside of the East gate, outside of the gate by the Head Start building or at the end of the walking path from SE 87th to the school (closest to the futsal court). Our first bell is at 8:35 and that’s when students will be allowed on campus to enter the building. Families, please say “goodbye” to your child at the gate. Families are not allowed inside the school during arrival.


    Dismissal is at 3pm. Kindergarten through 2nd grade students are dismissed under the covered area. Third through fifth grade students dismiss out of the parking lot doors. The older students often meet up with families and siblings at a designated location. After 3:07pm, any remaining student is brought to the front of the school outside of the main entrance. The office closes at 3:30pm so all students MUST be picked up no later than 3:30. If you have an emergency and are going to be late, please call our office to notify them.

    ***NEW!!!***Student safety is our #1 priority. We ask that parents model safe behavior for our students during pick-up and drop-off times! Our diligent Safety Patrol students have noticed that many parents are driving through stop signs without stopping or slowing down! Please come to a complete stop at the stop signs. It is also  important to pull over to a curb when picking up or dropping off your child and refrain from making u-turns. In addition, students should not cross the street except at designated crosswalks.  Please see this link for additional traffic safety reminders.


    Family Communication


    Save your empty cans and bottles! We partnered with BottleDrop Give to fundraise for Kelly Elementary and we are participating in their 6th Annual Holiday Give.  Between November 15- December 1, Bottle Drop will be matching 20% of all recyclables returned for Kelly School PTA. Check your student's backpack for a collection bag.  Here’s how it works:

    1. Fill your blue bags: Fill your bag with OR deposit containers. Plastic, aluminum, and glass go in the same bag. No crushed cans please.

    2. Return your blue bags: Drop off your filled bag at any BottleDrop location.  We encourage drop off during the Holiday Give program (11/15-12/1) so we receive an additional 20%, but bags can also be dropped off at any point during the year. To find a location, head to www.bottledropcenters.com/locations. The sticker label on the blue bags will open the secure drop door outside of the BottleDrop building.  Deposit your bag! You can also drop off your full bags (or any loose cans you would like to donate) at Kelly on November 18 & November 30 from 8:30-9:00am or 2:45-3:15pm.

    3. BottleDrop does the rest: The bags are counted and credited directly to our Kelly School PTA BottleDrop account.  Our holiday match will be calculated and donated by BottleDrop in December. 

    *We are required to purchase these blue bags. Please return them to school if you will not be using them. Thank you!

    PTA important dates:

    11/17/22 - PTA meeting in the library at 6pm

    11/18/22 - Bottle and can collection. Drop off your blue bags or any other quantity of recyclables before or after school.

    11/30/22 - Bottle and can collection. Drop off your blue bags or any other quantity of recyclables before or after school.

    12/3/22- Fall leaf clean up at Kelly 10am-12pm

    SUN Afterschool Program

    The Fall SUN Session ends November 17. Contact Ms. Cristina (cristina@latnet.org) or Ms. Karley (karley@latnet.org) for more information. 

    If you need assistance during the winter break follow the link below starting on 11/5 2022 Winter SUN Support or you can contact Cristina and Karley at cell (503)780-9813 or office (503)916-5715. 

    The deadline for completing our community feedback survey about the SUN-RFP is almost here.  If you have not submitted a survey follow the links bellow:

    SUN Manager message:

    PUZZLES !!! As winter approaches my family and I spend more time inside.  Cristina, our SUN manager, is a huge puzzle fan.  Together with her family she works on puzzles and keeps them as wall decorations.  Do you like puzzles?  Have a young one that likes to put together puzzles and not take them apart?  Tired of buying new puzzles?   She found a website that keeps her love of puzzles alive without spending any money.  Check it out https://www.jigsawplanet.com/

    Let her know if you liked it. Email her at cristina@latnet.org

    Food Pantry 

    Wednesdays, 12-1:30pm. Please do not line up until 12pm. There is also a food pantry at Lane Middle School on Tuesdays, 3:30-5pm. 

    Kelly Food Pantry closures coming up:

    🚫 November 23, 2022 🚫

    🚫 December 21, 2022 🚫

    🚫 December 28, 2022 🚫

    Champions Before and After School Care

    We have before and after school childcare available at our school through Champions! Please check out their website for more information and the application.