• Technology Reminders: Smart Watches and Phones

    We are running this reminder again this week, as we have seen an uptick in students using devices on campus. Please discuss this policy with your student. If your student texts you during school hours, please remind them of the policy at that time as well and advise them to put away their device.


    We recognize that we all live in a world saturated with technology. While digital tools are valuable learning and communication resources, they can also become distractions and disruptions. We strive to maintain a vibrant learning environment, and as such, we have firm limits on the use of technology here at school. We require all phones to be OFF AND AWAY and all smartwatches to be on SCHOOL MODE and used only for checking the time. If you need to contact your student during school hours, please call the main office (503-916-6210), and we will make sure you will get in contact with your child.