• Tools to Build Your Future


    TODAY, Wednesday, October 21st! It's not to late to participate in sessions!

    For session info and to "Join Session/Live Stream Now", visit https://www.pps.net/buildyourfuture

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    Tools to Build Your Future is a 100% virtual event designed to bring industry professionals and post-secondary planning experts to all PPS high school students! Nearly 50 sessions will be offered throughout the day--there is something of interest for every LHS student 9th-12th grade!

    40 min. sessions include:

    • 16 career awareness interactive presentations by industry professionals representing a broad spectrum including: Digital & Applied Design, Education, Communication, Computer Science/Technology, Health & Biomedical Sciences, HR/Non-profits, Engineering, Hospitality, Business, and Sustainability--just to name a few!


    • 31 sessions related to post-secondary education planning and training including Planning your College Search, Finding the Right Fit, Apprenticeship Programs, Private vs Public College/WUE, PCC pathways and programs, Gap Year Programs, College sessions for Black, Latinx, and Native students, and much, much more! 


    Attendance will be taken and all participating students will be excused from other asynchronous learning that day. DON’T MISS OUT:

    **Freshman, sophomores, and juniors can also use these sessions as a CRLE (Career Related Learning Experience) which is a requirement for graduation (see LHS Career Center & CRLE site). These are waived for Seniors


    Questions? Contact Shannan Fasold, Career Coordinator, sfasold@pps.net


    Tools to Build Your Future - Wednesday, October 21, 2020 - Sessions throughout the day 10am-3:20pm