• Counseling support:

    Madison families, this is just a reminder that our counselors are available to offer support for our students during the closure. 
    Virtual Counselor Support
    If you would like to check in with your Madison counselor, you can use this link to get support at any time:
    Ms. Guzman (A-F), Ms. Hale (G-H & AVID), Mr. Marquez (I-Pg), Mr. Rawls (Ph-Z)

    Virtual Student Support Groups

    Starting Thursday 5/7, there will be weekly groups (11AM English & 12PM Español) for students wanting to connect with support staff and peers. Students will be supported in:

    • ability to ask questions about COVID-19
    • learn strategies to cope with stress and change
    • discover additional resources
    • being a part of a supportive online community with some familiar Madison faces

    To join the group, students under age 18 must have parent/guardian permission either via parent/guardian signature on the consent form in English or Español or via parent/guardian email to one of the group facilitators listed below.

    Students 18 or older may contact facilitators to join the group.

    After permission is received, students will be added to the Google Classroom.

    Cuong Hoang, School Psychologist

    Paige Pepperwood, School Psychologist

    Malaina Guzman, School Counselor

    Brandon Rawls, School Counselor

    Susan Milholland, School Nurse

    Galen Cohen, School Based Mental Health Therapist

    Carmen Carreras, School-Based Mental Health Therapist