• Summer Registration Resources & Food Pantry Updates


    Each summer the Enrollment and Transfer Center completes about 300 new student registrations during the weeks when schools are closed.  Here are some questions and answers about how this work will happen this year, with the onset of summer registration.  This is a live document, and we will continue to update as new questions and procedures arise.

    Q:  Can parents complete online registration over the summer?
    Yes, if an online registration was started at the neighborhood school but not finished due to questions or missing documents, ETC can work with the family to complete the process.  Please leave notes in the online registration file, so we can pick up where you left off, and pay special attention to any concerns or questions you have.  

    Q:  Can parents come to the ETC in person?
    As of this moment there is no plan for public entry to BESC.  Parents who need to submit documents can use regular mail or e-mail.  We can also arrange google meetings to view and verify proof of age documentation. 

    Q:  What about families who complete paper registration forms?
    Families can pick up paper registration packets at seven food pantry sites this summer.  The packets include stamped envelopes addressed to the Enrollment and Transfer Center.  ETC staff will enter the information into Synergy, and leave notes for any registrations that are pending when you return.

    Food Pantry Site


    Day/Time Open

    Languages of staff on site

    Franklin High School

    5405 SE Woodward St. 

    Fridays 11:30 - 1:30

    Spanish, Russian, Ukranian, English


    5105 SE 97th Ave.

    Mondays  11:30 - 1:30

    Spanish, Vietnamese, English, Cantonese 

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    4906 NE 6th Ave.

    Thursday 11-1

    English, Spanish

    Rosa Parks

    8960 N Woolsey Ave.

    Mon/Thurs noon -2

    English, Spanish


    6700 NE Prescott St.

    Tuesdays 11 - 1

    English, Spanish


    9930 N Smith St.

    Mondays 11-1

    English, Spanish


    7900 SE Duke St.

    Wed 11-1

    English, Spanish

     Visit the Early Learning Programs webpage for location/ program updates.  

    Q:  Is the ETC planning to finalize ALL pending online registrations this summer?
    ETC will work with any family who seeks our assistance, but we will not be reaching out to other families in your pending queue.  Families can wait for your return in August, if they wish to work with you directly.  

    Q:  When will K-5 lottery results be reflected in Synergy?
    A file will be sent to Synergy this month, but the results will not be visible until after the New Year Rollover occurs in July.  Due to office closures and other unforeseen delays we were not able to complete the file before the end of the school year.  

    Q:  What about students approved for transfer in the lottery who are registered at their neighborhood schools?
    These students will be rolled over to their correct schools as part of NYR.  Afterwards, the standard Synergy process will continue:  Upon notification of a transfer the current or neighborhood school should no-show the student and alert the transfer school to pick up the enrollment.

    Q:  What if a family tells us they want their child to attend the neighborhood school instead of a transfer school?
    If the transfer school is private, alternative, charter or home-based, including online options, please register the student right away.  If the transfer school is another PPS neighborhood or focus option program, including dual language immersion, please have the family complete a petition transfer request right away.  Due to the unprecedented instability caused by the pandemic, we will do our best to rapidly approve transfers back to neighborhood schools.  Note that we reserve the right to deny transfers between PPS schools due to extremely large class sizes.  However, new resident students coming from other types of schools must be admitted to their neighborhood schools.