• McDaniel High School New Student Registration - Summer 2022

    During summer break, new student enrollments must be done by the Portland Public School District Enrollment and Transfer office. Click Enrollment and Transfer to begin, or for information in another WHAT YOU NEED TO ENROLL AT McDANIEL HIGH SCHOOL!

    1. A) ADDRESS VERIFICATION - check your address at the Portland Public School Display page to verify you are in the McDaniel enrollment area. If you are not, contact the Enrollment and Transfer office.
    2. B) PROOF OF RESIDENCE – must provide TWO (2) current (within 30 days) of the following documents showing the name(s) of the legal parent or guardian and the address before we enroll your student:

    Please note: A driver's license does NOT count as proof of address and will not be accepted.

    • A current utility bill; phone, electric, gas, water
    • Financial Statements: bank statement, credit card statement, or pay stub
    • Government documents: Social security statement, unemployment insurance, WIC, OHP
    • Real estate transactions; mortgage, rental, or lease agreement (landlords may be contacted for verification)
    • Insurance Statements; homeowners, rental, health, automobile
    1. C) ENROLLMENT FORM - click on the Enrollment and Transfer page to submit the online form.
    3. E) PROOF OF AGE

    Proof of age for the student includes a birth certificate OR passport

    If you need help, please contact PPS Enrollment and Transfer.

    • Call:

    English:          503-916-3205

    Español:         503-916-3205

    Tiếng Vit:     503-916-3584

    中文:              503-916-3585

    Русский:       503-916-3205

    Soomaali:       503-916-3586 

    Email: enrollment-office@pps.net