• Message from Principal Skyles: Madison Family Update - March 29, 2020

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    Hello Senators,
    Today we wanted to provide what new information we do have as of March 29th. 
    Our top priority is to support students and families in our community who need Food Support and Mental Health Support. If you have a concern or are hearing of concerns please send an email to askyles@pps.net 
    If it is an emergency please contact 911. 
    For PPS resources (in all PPS supported languages) including food distribution, child care,  medical and mental health resources, technology requests, and more, please see this link to the PPS Coronavirus Resources page.
    PPS also has set up a Google Form in multiple languages where families and students can send in questions. The form can be found https://www.pps.net/Page/15080  on the right-hand side of the site under Questions & Concerns?
    Please note that the updated information below is in red.
    1. Seniors and Graduation: We are still waiting for an announcement from Oregon Department of Education (ODE).  ODE will be making an announcement that will provide clarity for families and schools. Once this announcement is made we will have a clearer picture of how PPS and Madison will proceed. Questions regarding credit recovery for current seniors and all students are being worked on, but nothing is finalized yet.    
    2. School After Spring Break:  PPS sent a communication to families Click here for PPS Message. 
    Below is a quick breakdown of Phase II 
    Phase II:  Development of professional development, curriculum materials, and an action plan. MHS staff will be receiving training, support, & time to collaborate with individuals in their department and who also teach the same subjects. The goal is to support all staff in having a basic comfort level in facilitating home-based distance learning during the closure of our schools.
    By April 6th: The goal is for Madison staff to be able to provide home-based learning for students. The details of this plan are still being worked out and will be provided this week.
    Please know that the plan will be flexible and supportive in addressing the reality that in this unprecedented situation we have families in very different circumstances and that everyone of our situations could change. We need to ensure that families are being supported in basic needs, food, mental and physical health concerns first then we can focus on school. This new system will not penalize students and families who are unable to engage in the system for any reason.This new system will also support students and families if they need to disengage for any reason by providing easy reentry.     
    We are still problem solving how students receiving Special Education and/or English Language Learner services will be supported and will share an update by the end of the week.     
    PPS will continue to offer digital learning resources in core content areas and enrichment activities for pre-K through 12th grade as well as paper copies at food hubs over the closure. 
    Technology Distribution: If you completed the online form or turned in a paper copy of the form at a food Hub requesting a device and/or internet access PPS’s Technology department will contact you directly and via phone or email and let you know you pickup date, time, and location.There will be a drive through or walk up option. There will be a second wave of tech distribution. Once we have more information we will share.       
    3. Teacher Communications and Enrichment activities: We are working this week to finalize a schedule that will provide structure around staff communication with students while still offering flexibility for students and families. More information will be coming this week.   
    4.  Food Resources:  PPS Food Hubs will be open Monday 30th - 11 am - 1 pm Madison (at the Marshall Campus) will continue to serve as a food hub Monday-Friday. There is a drive through lane. 
    Scott and Rigler are schools providing the same services in NE Portland.
    Please check: https://www.pps.net/Page/15080 for the most updated information regarding Food Resources. The Oregon Food Bank will also be using Madison (Marshall Campus) as a distribution site. 
    5. School year being extended: There is no concrete information regarding the school year being extended at this time. Once I receive information directly from the Oregon Department of Education and  PPS District Office I will pass that along.  
    6. Prom: We have a new date reserved for Saturday, May 23rd. 
    7. School Events, Spring Sports and Activities:
    OSAA has created a OSAA COVID-19 Info site. Click here for more information. 
     All school events have been suspended until after April 28th. We will begin to work with staff in April to look at what events can be rescheduled and possible dates. We will also send out a list of events that unfortunately will not be rescheduled as we get closer to April 28th.   
    8. AP Exams: The College Board is finalizing the AP exam plan. Madison AP teachers have been tracking this and will be meeting as a team virtually to plan together how we will support our AP students. The details are still being worked out. Once there is a final decision Madison will work to ensure we are supporting our students. If you have a student who is in an AP class they should be using the online recourse to continue to prepare. If they have questions they should contact their teacher directly. Here is a link to The College Board website: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/
    9. Dual Credit: We are in communication with representatives at the colleges our   students are receiving dual credit opportunities from and will have more information this week.  
    10 Mental Health Support: 

              Click Her

    11. Tips For Social Distancing, and talking to students about COVID-19: 

              Multiple Languages: Click Here

              Click Here

    12. If you need to borrow a computer or need assistance with internet access:Click Here
    13. Volunteer and Donation options: (we will add to this list as more options become available)

          The Fund for Portland Public Schools

          Oregon Food Ban

     14. Child Care Resources:

        Click Here

    15. U.S Congressman Earl Blumenauer COVID-19 Resource Page: 
    Please take the time to look through the entire site created by PPS for more information on current supports and the most updated information on PPS’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. https://www.pps.net/coronavirus
    (Multiple Languages) 
    Google created a COVID-19 information site: https://www.google.com/covid19/
    If you have specific questions and or need support please let me know.  
    Adam Skyles
    Madison High School