• Message from Principal Skyles: Madison Family Update - April 4, 2020

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    Dear Madison Families,

    I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time. It’s been three weeks since Governor Brown issued the Executive Order to close all schools. “Distance Learning for All” guidance is Oregon’s response to the COVID-19 challenge as we collectively work to ensure the health and safety of Oregonians. Madison staff worked hard this week to prepare for the official start of Distance Learning on Monday, April 6th. They also did their best to identify students who did not have access to technology or the Internet. If your student still needs technology assistance, please have them reach out to their counselor (see FAQ below). 

    I realize there will be adjustments as we shift from face-to-face to Distance Learning. We are prepared to guide both students and families through this process. Each Madison teacher will have a “Google Classroom” that enables students to log in to a secure learning environment. As parents and guardians, you can also see what is taking place in the Google classroom by asking your student to add you to their link or show you directly.

     Distance Learning at Madison:

    By offering a daily schedule that is flexible, our hope is to provide students with structured learning, but also provide flexibility for all students and families. This schedule provides opportunities to have a daily routine, engage with course work and continue social connections through academic conversation.

    Our schedule is a guide to provide structure and also the flexibility to accommodate the unique situation of our extended school closure. 

    Our students and families are able to adjust this schedule as they need to fit their current situation. We will continue to assess how we can best meet the needs of our students and families.    

    Content will be posted by 9 am prior to each class period. Each student is encouraged to participate in all classes at least once a week. This could be an invitation for a Google Hangout for a live online lesson, a project or writing prompt that students will work on during the class period, or a video that students access and respond to during the class period.  It could also be material and work that is posted for students to learn and complete,  with the understanding that the teacher will be available during ELT Time (Extended Learning Time, also called FLEX) for questions. 

    MHS staff priorities for our first week: 

    Outreach and communication to students. 

    Helping students and families become familiar with the new system.

    Problem-solving system issues that will arise and make adjustments. 

    MHS Student Priorities for our first week: 

    Let MHS staff know if there are any basic needs (Safety, Food, Physical, or Mental health) you need support with. 

    Connect with all teachers. If possible, drop into their ELT session. 

    Log in to the Google Classroom for each of your classes and ask your teacher questions.   

    Take a Deep Breath and know that Madison will be here to support you.

    MHS Parent/Guardian  Priorities for our first week: 

    Let MHS staff know if there are any basic needs (Safety, Food, Physical, or Mental health) you need support with.

    Remind your student show you their Google Classroom for all classes. 

    Ask your students on Thursday night if they have contacted all of their teachers.  

    We recognize that you will have many questions. We have attempted to address some below. The reality is that over the next few weeks we will all be learning together. In this unprecedented situation, we are shifting from a brick and mortar school to Distance Learning during a Global Pandemic. The learning curve is going to be steep and mistakes will happen. What I can assure you is that we have an amazing staff and they are ready to support our students and families. Our staff has been working hard this week to develop this new Distance Learning system but we do expect there to be obstacles that will require adjustments. We will all work through this together! 


    Adam Skyles 


    Madison High School