• Principal's Newsletter April 07. 2020

    Jill Bailey
    Office: 503/916-6308 E-mail: jbailey2@pps.net
    April 07, 2020
    Dear Maplewood Families,
    I hope families are finding some joy while following the Governor’s “Stay Home” mandate. I can’t say how fun and heartwarming it was to see many of you last Friday at the Teacher Parade! Know that we miss your children very much.
    I know many of your children have been connecting with teachers on-line. This is quite a change for all of us so give yourself and your teachers some grace as we all journey through the virtual learning together.
    Do not hesitate to contact me if you are having challenges connecting or you are in need of technology and Wi-Fi. 
    I recognize that many in our Maplewood community are struggling with the economic impact of the “Stay Home” directive. We are able to help you connect with supports you may need. Do not hesitate to reach out to me or Kendall, our counselor for needs you may have.
    Finally, please also keep in mind that our teachers too have struggles. Some of our staff have gone from two income households to one as the economic realities have caused layoffs. Let’s be sure to take care of each other as we proceed through these challenges as we don’t know what each of us is facing.
    Maplewood is a kind and generous community and I am grateful for you all!
    Update on Staffing for Next Year:
    I just wanted to remind you of what our class sections look like for next year and let you know that even in the midst of all of this social distancing, we have filled our opening in first grade and second grade.
    We are excited to welcome Patrick Mendonca to our staff as a first grade teacher! Patrick has been in a temporary position for the 19-20 school year and he now he is no longer temporary.
    Gabriela Pinder will be joining our second grade team. She has been teaching kindergarten at Chief Joseph for the past six years. We are very excited to welcome Gabriela to our team! I will have Gabriela share a little about herself in next week’s newsletter. At this point these are the only staffing changes we have. If and when others come up, I will share those with you.
    As a reminder here are the current plans for grade level sections-please be aware that this is all contingent on numbers of students enrolled in each grade.
    As these numbers shift, we may make changes:
    Kindergarten-three sections
    First Grade-three sections
    Second Grade-three sections
    Third Grade-two sections
    Fourth Grade-two sections
    Fifth Grade-three sections 
    Again, all of this is preliminary based on the information we have now.
    Technology needs
    We have been addressing the technology needs of students by providing chrome books for students who needed them.
    If you are aware of any Maplewood students in need, please contact me or Kendall Cunningham.
    Email is best: Jbailey2@pps.net kcunninghamparm@pps.net
    Maplewood Parade:
    Many of you may have already seen pictures of the parade but here are a few more along with a news story.
    https://www.kgw.com/article/life/teachers-throw-parades-to-see-students/283- 9d1cf847-707a-4e72-948f-ac6c128a8341
    Upcoming Events/Dates: All events on hold until further notice