• Cleaning Protocol April 2021


    Portland Public Schools


    Cleaning and Disinfecting Schools

    COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure


    Purpose:  To minimize the spread of COVID-19 within the school setting and maintain day to day Custodial operations. This SOP pertains to preventative cleaning and disinfecting only. For cleaning and disinfecting for a presumptive or confirmed COVID-19 case please see Cleaning and Sanitizing Response to a Presumptive COVID-19 Case SOP (LINK). These operating procedures have been developed in alignment with the February 19, 2021 Ready Schools, Safe Learners version 5.6.2 from the Oregon Department of Education.

    Scope:  This process applies to Facilities Operations staff and any PPS staff/employee that may assist in daily and enhanced cleaning of school facilities to minimize the spread of COVID-19 within the school setting.


    Responsibility: Director of Facilities Operations & Warehouse

    Instructions:  All Facilities Operations staff should continue routine hand washing with soap and water to minimize the spread of COVID-19.  Staff should continue to use FDA approved cleaning products found here and follow all product instructions on label.  Staff are required to wear face coverings.  The following cleaning and disinfecting tasks will be conducted after school hours by Custodians and are listed by room type.



    • Clean and disinfect sinks and drinking fountains
    • Refill and disinfect sanitizing dispensers
    • Disinfect and wipe down all frequently touched surfaces (Door knobs, light switches, drinking fountains, telephones, etc) multiple times per day
    • Spot mop (Full mop weekly at a minimum)
    • Complete a full wet mop of assigned section using a disinfectant
    • Supervisory staff are responsible for cleaning before and after meals eaten in a classroom.
    • Clean and disinfect desk tops (will need assistance from classroom staff throughout the day as required)
    • Classroom staff and students should avoid sharing community and individual supplies when possible (e.g., scissors, pencils, etc).



    • Clean sinks and drinking fountains
    • Disinfect and wipe down all frequently touched surfaces (Door knobs, light switches, etc) multiple times per day
    • Refill and disinfect all sanitizing dispensers
    • All staff desks and personal items will be disinfected by the user.

              Restrooms, Locker rooms and Shower rooms:

    • Refill and disinfect paper towel, soap, menstrual hygiene and toilet tissue dispensers
    • Clean and disinfect sinks, urinals, toilets, and mirrors
    • Mop floor with disinfectant
    • Clean and disinfect stall wall doors
    • Clean and disinfect drinking fountains (Locker rooms)


                Activity Areas (Gym, Auditorium, other common areas)

    • Clean and disinfect drinking fountains
    • Outside play structures/equipment will not be disinfected

              Entryways & High Traffic Areas:

    • Ensure hand sanitizer stations are located near the main entrance and cafeteria lunch lines. Supplies will be restocked throughout the day as needed by Custodial staff.
    • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces (drinking fountains, door knobs/handles, light switches, etc) multiple times per day


              Meal Service/Cafeteria

    • Ensure hand sanitizer dispensers are filled and functioning properly in lunch lines.
    • Tables will be cleaned between meal services. See Table Washing and Sanitation SOP found .


    Supplies & Materials:

    • PERdiem General Purpose Cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Alpha-HP® Multi-Surface Disinfectant
    • Oxiver® Tb RTU Spray to disinfect
    • All product information may be found