• Maplewood Memo - March 2, 2022

    Principal's Message

    March 2, 2022


    Dear Maplewood Families, 

    How is it already March?! While the majority of you are beginning to think about spring break, I am thinking about staffing for next year. We are in a good position in our staffing and will have two classes at each grade level K-5. Class sizes are projected to be relatively small and we were able to keep all of our classroom teachers which is GREAT news!!!!  Please see below for further details. 



    Below is a list of the positions for next year. 

    Kinder: Ms. Thomas and Ms. Riscol

    1st: Teacher Chou and Ms. Heaton

    2nd: Ms. Bokoske and Ms. Bennett

    3rd: Mr. Manian and Ms. Wagner

    4th: Ms. Caton and Ms. Looney

    5th: Mr. Kaplan and (unfilled temporary position)

    PE: Ms. Weatherill .8

    ESL: Ms. Weatherill  .2

    Art: Ms. Smith .5

    Library: Ms. Kordahl .8

    Instructional Specialist: Ms. Whitney 1.0

    Math Instructional Specialist: Ms. Maynard .5

    Social Worker: Mr. Jeremy .5

    Counselor: Ms. Cunningham 1.0

    Learning Specialist: Greg Flenniken 

    Para educator: Lexi Taylor

    Para educator: unfilled

    Principal secretary: Ms. Belgrave 1.0

    School secretary: Ms. Riley .8


    You may notice that I have not listed our fabulous Educational Assistants (EAs), Kara Kakuska, Katharine Anderson or Ethan Hansen. Currently, we do not have the funding from PPS to hire EAs for next year. 

    What do our EAs do anyway?

    Our school will struggle to function without EAs because they are an integral part of our recess and lunch duty schedules. But that’s not the only reason we need our EAs. Maplewood, like schools across the country, is working tirelessly to make up for the loss of learning from COVID. The struggle is real. We are making great strides, but we have a long way to go to fill in the foundational skills gaps experienced by a large percent of our student population. 

    Our instructional coordinator, the fabulous Morgan Whitney, strategically uses 2 of our EAs to provide targeted academic support to students across the grade levels. Teachers continue to differentiate their curriculum to meet students’ needs in class, but our EAs and Ms. Whitney provide a double, and sometimes even a triple scoop of support for Maplewood students. This includes providing one-on-one academic support in class, pulling out small groups of students for remedial work, giving progress monitoring assessments and so much more. 

    Kendall Cunningham, our amazing school counselor, works directly with our 3rd EA to offer social support to students who have had difficulty transitioning back to school expected behaviors after the COVID online experience. This phenomena is also prevalent in schools across PPS and the country and we are using an EA to help meet our students' social and emotional needs. This includes providing brain breaks, one-on-one friendship time, recess game supervision, supporting students during transitions and so much more. 

    How can we keep our EAs at Maplewood?

    Typically the Maplewood Foundation, which consists of a group of parent volunteers and exists to bridge the gap between staffing received from Portland Public Schools (which changes every year) and what Maplewood needs, puts on a school auction in the spring to raise money for these positions.

    However, this year we will not be having an auction as it was difficult to plan with all the unknowns of COVID protocols. We have decided to move forward with another direct giving campaign this spring to raise the funds needed to hire our EAs back in the fall. Luckily, the Maplewood Foundation has already done some fundraising this year and we do have enough already for one EA to return.

    THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO DONATED! But we have a long way to go to hire the remaining two. 

    Please keep your eyes out for the opportunity to give money to our Foundation to help bring back the remaining two EAs to Maplewood next year.

    To learn more about what Maplewood Foundation is, visit the website or email, maplewoodfoundation@gmail.com. You are welcome at any time to make a donation using this link here.


    Other Things To Note:

    Parent Helpers Welcome

    Please keep your eyes peeled for volunteering opportunities from your child’s classroom teacher. You must be vaccinated, wear a mask, and follow social distancing protocols (no more than 15 cumulative minutes within 6 feet of a student.) We are all enjoying having parents in the building again and look forward to seeing more of you!


    Masks are optional outside starting March 1st. Please talk with your child about your family’s preference about mask wearing outside. It will be their responsibility to follow through with your family’s expectations on this matter. PPS has not made a decision about their position on inside mask wearing - it is currently not optional. 

    Classified Appreciation:
    Classified Appreciation Week is March 7-11th. This is a time to let our secretaries, nurse, school health assistant, lunch lady, custodians, educational assistants and para educator know how much you appreciate their hard work every day. 

    Successful School Survey:

    Please please please….take the successful school survey. https://www.pps.net/Page/18715

    The results of this survey are very important and are used to make decisions for Maplewood in order to better serve you and your children. Thank you! This survey closes on March 4th!


    Lock Down Drill:

    On March 4th we will practice a lockdown drill at school first thing in the morning. It is never pleasant to think that we will need to ever use drills like this, but it is important to practice them so we can be prepared. During this drill, students will gather in a part of their classroom where they cannot be seen by an intruder in the school. Students practice being quiet and still until I unlock their door to give them the “all clear.”

    Thank you for all you do to support your child(ren)!

    Kit Galloway


    Upcoming Dates:

    • 2/28 to 3/11 - Food Drive
    • Classified Appreciation Week - March 7-11th.
    • Spirit Week = March 14 - 18 More details to follow soon.
    • March 21-25 - Spring Break - No School - Return March 30th
    • April 8 -  Teacher Planning No School for Students
    • April 16 - Native Plant Sale 9:00-1:00pm
    • “All About Kindergarten” Presentation: Thursday, April 21 · 6:00 – 6:30pm Video call link: https://meet.google.com/pwc-zpuq-rcf

    Parent-Principal Chat
    MONDAY, March 14 · 6:00 – 6:30pm
    Google Meet joining info
    Video call link: https://meet.google.com/mjj-qiva-zjo
    Or dial: ‪(US) +1 435-731-4959‬ PIN: ‪347 625 752‬#
    More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/mjj-qiva-zjo?pin=5158985631426


              Feedback for PPS?

    Do you have a comment or feedback for our district? You can share it HERE

                  Click to HERE see Maplewood’s February Assembly 

          Kindergarten Enrollment & Connection Events

    Kinder Open Enrollment:
    Online enrollment  web page PPS:  https://www.pps.net/Page/868

    All About Kindergarten” Presentation:
    Thursday, April 21 · 6:00 – 6:30pm

    Video call link: https://meet.google.com/pwc-zpuq-rcf

    Popsicles on the Playground:
    May 19, 3-4pm (rain date = May 25th)

    Kinder Carnival:
    August 21st, 4-5:30pm

    If you have any enrollment questions please email Ms. Riley at sriley@pps.net.

    From the School Counselor

    Hello Maplewood Community!

    Our food drive is going on now through March 11th to support Neighborhood House/SW Hope.  The class competition ends this FRIDAY, March 4th (though we accept all items until Friday, March 11th) so get those items in ASAP! Most-needed items (worth DOUBLE points) are *dry and canned beans, fruits, and vegetables *canned soup, chili, and stew *brown rice, chicken, whole grain pasta *nut butters * whole grain cereal, breakfast items * shelf stable milk and milk alternatives

    Please take the Successful Schools Survey by Friday!  Information gathered from the survey helps inform our climate work and school initiatives.  We want your feedback!  Visit https://www.pps.net/sss2022 and click on the gray box that says TAKE THE SURVEY! Thanks!

    Thank you for your donations of prizes and books!  I appreciate it!  If you’d like more ideas of items to donate, visit my Amazon wishlist page:  https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2A21NYCIA3A2Y?ref_=wl_share


    This month, our toolbox tool is the listening tool!  Our phrase is, “I listen with my ears, eyes, and heart.”   We hear things all the time but we don’t always listen.  It takes continual practice to REALLY listen, but we all love to be listened to!  When people REALLY listen to us, it helps us feel seen, heard, understood, and cared for.  Learning how to REALLY listen with our ears, eyes, and heart  is a great skill that can help you build strong relationships based on respect for others.

    12 Tools at Home Poster


    Short Song on Listening, K-2  

    All About Listening 2nd-5th 

    The Rabbit Listened, K-3 Read Aloud

    Sesame Street, Furry Potter and the Goblet of Cookies, K-5

    The Boy Who FInally Listened, K-5 Read Aloud

    5 minute video on the Listening Tool by Ms. Cunningham with Listening Song at End

    Kendall Cunningham
    Maplewood Elementary School Counselor
    M-F 7:45-3:30
    Check out my website here for videos, resources, and info on our program at Maplewood!
    Counseling Request Google Form

    One of the secrets to staying young is to always do things you don't know how to do, to keep learning.
    Ruth Reichl, author and chef
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    Preview YouTube video Listen song: We Have Skills: Social Skills for School Success K-3

    Listen song: We Have Skills: Social Skills for School Success K-3
    Preview YouTube video Active listening is a skill! Here's how it's done. | What's Your Story? | Heartlines

    Active listening is a skill! Here's how it's done. | What's Your Story? | Heartlines
    Preview YouTube video The Rabbit Listened | Virtual Read Aloud | Listening | Shon's Stories

    The Rabbit Listened | Virtual Read Aloud | Listening | Shon's Stories
    Preview YouTube video Sesame Street: Furry Potter and The Goblet of Cookies (Harry Potter Parody)

    Sesame Street: Furry Potter and The Goblet of Cookies (Harry Potter Parody)
    Preview YouTube video kids story - The Boy Who Finally Listened

    kids story - The Boy Who Finally Listened



    From the Social Worker
    Maplewood Elementary is working together with Neighborhood House to deliver boxes of food, books, and gift cards during the Spring break for our families.  If you would like to participate, you can have a box delivered or pick up a box at Neighborhood House on Thursday, March 17th.

    If you would like a food box, please fill out this short form:


    Responses will go directly to the school social worker, Jeremy Schlott (jschlott@pps.net), and the school counselor, Kendall Cunningham-Parmeter (kcunninghamparm@pps.net), only.

    Thank you,
    Jeremy Schlott, LCSW
    School Social Worker
    Capitol Hill Elementary School
    Maplewood Elementary School

    News from the Library:

    I am excited to welcome volunteers to the library!
    If you like to check-in books, shelve books, help students locate books, and check-out books (and other library tasks), come on in!! It's a wonderful way to get to know our enthusiastic Maplewood readers. 

    I have checked out and in 15,000... books.... alone... this year. I can't wait to have your help and allow students to take even more items!!
    (Many thanks to the stalwart shelving crew regulars who put those books back on shelves (when students were not in the library): Heather, Rachele, Michele, and Dana (and thanks to Kathy for the ongoing book repair)).

    Please email me, if available and interested:

    Don't know your child's library time? Email me.

    Elin Kordahl, Maplewood Teacher-Librarian

    From Ms. Whitney

    Math Fun at Home

    Subitizing is the ability to 'see' a small amount of objects and know how many there are without counting. Subitizing is what tells you what number you roll on a six sided dice.  Recognizing groups of tallies, base ten pieces, dot patterns, ten frames, fingers, and other items is a foundational math skill that supports math at all levels.

    Fun ways to practice subitizing

    Videos on youtube! For a challenge play them at faster speeds!

    video 1      video 2    video 3      video w/ just 10 frames  

    Dice Games! These are fun for the whole family and give students practice with subitizing, addition, subtraction, multiplication and general number sense.

    Farkle or 10,000    More Games

    And https://funattic.com/dice-games/ - this site has a huge list of dice games, some need to be purchased, but many can be played if you have dice.

    Do you have questions about subitizing or other ways to support your students' number sense and foundational math skills? Email your Maplewood Instructional Coach, Morgan Whitney! mwhitney1@pps.net

    PE News

    Thanks to all the families for making sure your kids are coming to PE with tennis shoes.

    FAMILY FIELD TRIP IDEA: Missing summer? Grab your bathing suit and head down to Gabriel Park to enjoy their year-round indoor pool! It's usually open 5:30 AM to 7PM with open swim from 4-7. Cost if $4. for kids or pay what you can sliding scale for families that need support. Ask the front desk for more information or call 503-823-2840. 
    Maplewood Reads
    The month of March is Women's History month which focuses on contributions women have made throughout history. We will be reading Sharice's Big Voice. 

    Here is the website by the author which has a video of her talking about the book: https://www.sharicesbigvoice.com/

    For more information about Women's History Month, check out this site: https://womenshistorymonth.gov/


    PTA Dine Out,  Asian Legends!  Wednesday, March 9th, 4pm-7pm.  This is Teacher Chou's Family food cart, located at BGs Food Cartel, 4250 SW Rose Biggi Ave, Beaverton, OR 97005.  You must mention your purchase is for the Maplewood Fundraiser!  Teacher Chou's parents are giving 15% of total sales to the PTA that mention Maplewood from 4pm-7pm.  Thank you and enjoy, the food is delicious!



    Join us on Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 6pm for our virtual 2021-2022 Oregon State PTA Reflections Celebration.

    We will announce the state winners of the PTA Reflection art contest, who will go on to represent Oregon at the national contest level.
    We will celebrate the important role of arts in our schools and for our students and families.
    And, we will share how your local PTA and your students can participate in next year’s contest. The theme will be: “Show Your Voice!”
    For any questions, please contact reflections@oregonpta.org
    Join Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 894 0727 0402
    Passcode: 325155
    One tap mobile
    +16699006833,,89407270402#,,,,*325155# US (San Jose)
    +12532158782,,89407270402#,,,,*325155# US (Tacoma)
    OPTA Reflections 

    Read-a- thon has begun!!! Attached is a list of FAQ's.  We have 28 participants on our 99 pledges platform and already raised $3,941!!  Keep it up Maplewood!  
    Please reference your student's handouts or emails sent out last weei if you need more information.  But we are happy to answer any questions!
    Thank you!

    Kari Martin, ericandkarimartin@gmail.com, & Lauren Cullop, laurencullop@hotmail.com
    Read-a-thon Co-Chairs

    Read-a-Thon FAQ’s
    Q: Do I need to use the 99pledges platform?
    A: No
    Q: Can I use 99 pledges, maplewood square to pay and the handouts?
    A: Yes, you can use all three, one or two methods, use what is easiest for your family/friends to make
    Q: Can I use 99 pledges to track minutes read?
    A: Yes, but you will need to create a page for your child. At the bottom of
    https://app.99pledges.com/fund/Maplewood22 you need to click on “Add Participant”. Once you have
    their page, they send you an email that you can manage their page, the first email they send! You should
    see this for your student.
    Then click on “Track” and enter minutes read each day. 99 pledges will use that to calculate amounts due
    to family/friends that pledged per minute. Right now, it’s using an estimate that I used as a placeholder
    for each grade. If you want a different goal amount, you need to email or text me 503-459-2415 to set up
    a $ goal for your student. 99 pledges only let me do a group one.
    Q: Can families just send checks/cash?
    A: Yes. They do not need to pay online. I have a spreadsheet that I am entering in all donation amounts
    for each student in each class (99 pledges, cash, checks, PTA Square). So donation totals on 99 pledges
    are just those made on 99 pledges website and any cash/checks that are sent to me, I will enter on the
    student’s page if they have one set up. I will try and keep 99 pledges up to date as much as possible.
    But it won’t be the exact amount raised if students aren’t signed up for 99 pledges.
    Q: Can my family send a check directly to Kari Martin at 7619 SW 51st Avenue, Portland, OR 97219?
    A: Yes! But checks need to be made out to MAPLEWOOD PTA please! A student's name on the memo
    would be greatly appreciated as well.
    Q: Can I drop off cash/checks/minutes read/donations collected forms?
    A: Yes, to the same address above, it’s really close to the school and there is an Alpenrose Dairy box on
    the front steps that will have a folder in it for any checks/cash and forms. PLEASE make sure your
    students name is on the envelope or paper that you turn in!
    Q: How do I get the minutes read from my student’s class?
    A: It is up to your teacher to decide if they’re going to send it out daily or at the end of the week in their
    class newsletters/emails. But, they will let you know! Each class has a thermometer to track their
    minutes so students can check it every day :)
    Q: Can my family/friends write one check if I have multiple students?
    A: Yes! Just let me know who to divide it between.
    Q: My student cannot read on their own yet or is working on it. Can I count the minutes that I read to
    A: Of course!!
    Q: When is the money due?
    A: March 21st! So prizes for most donations will be calculated and distributed after Spring Break but we
    will keep everyone posted along the way!
    Q: What if I have more questions?
    A: Please feel free to email Kari, ericandkarimartin@gmail.com or Lauren Cullop,

    Need Applicants!

    We currently have a 90 day position open for someone to cover lunch duty. This runs from 10:45 - 1:15 daily. If you are interested, please contact kgalloway@pps.net as soon as possible. This is a much needed position now that we have indoor lunch.


    New Staff Highlight

    Hi! My name is Ethan Hansen, and I am an education assistant here at Maplewood Elementary. It is so amazing being a part of the Maplewood community again, since before joining the staff I was a student at this school! I have so many great memories of Maplewood and it is so exciting being able to give back to this community. I was born and raised here in Portland, along with my two older siblings. I studied at Portland Community College, and during that time, worked as an assistant director of an after-school program and summer camp in Beaverton. I have also spent several years volunteering for a local youth group. Some of my favorite hobbies are going hiking at Mt. Hood national forest, or going on day trips to the coast. I look forward to getting to know more of the amazing students, parents, and staff of the Maplewood community!