• Maplewood Memo August 31, 2022


    Dear Maplewood Community,


    Welcome to the first week of the 2022-2023 school year! I am so looking forward to this year and to working with all of you again. As I mentioned in the last Maplewood Memo, our school has had a lot of upgrades this past summer; painted classrooms, new drinking fountains, new floor in the grade 5 portable, etc… You may also notice that our school grounds are looking all spruced up and ready for the year as well. A huge thank you goes out to our community who showed up last Saturday for Community Care Day to transform the grounds. Thank you to Randy Dennis (Jenni Heaton’s step-dad) for organizing the projects and volunteers. Also, thank you to our students for pitching in (some pictured below.)


    Since our last Maplewood Memo, we hosted the Kindergarten Carnival to welcome our newest Maplewood students to the school. We had bowling, face painting and an arts table for the students to enjoy. It was a beautiful day and we had a great turn out. Welcome to Maplewood, kinder families!!



    Kindergarten isn’t the only place where we welcome new families to our community, we have a lot of new families joining us at every grade level. To those families returning to Maplewood, please be sure to reach out and welcome our new families to the school and community with our Maplewood spirit. For those who are new to Maplewood, please mark your calendar with the new family orientation in the gym on September 7th at 8:00, after morning drop off.


    I have a great feeling about this year. It’s gonna be a good one!!







    Upcoming Dates:

    • Aug 30 and 31 - Kinder 1:1 meet with teachers 
    • Sept 1 and 2 - 1/2 the kinder class - full day 
    • Sept. 5 - Labor Day No School
    • Sept 6 - first day of kinder - full classes
    • Sept. 7 - New Parent Orientation 8:00am in gym
    • Sept. 22 - Back to School Night


    Trudy Ludwig, a local author, will be visiting Maplewood on October 3rd. She will present at a K-2 assembly and a 3-5 assembly and she will also present at a parent education night that same day. Please see the flier below for more information. 

    If you are interested in buying her books, here is a link to her page at Annie Bloom's bookstore: https://www.annieblooms.com/trudy-ludwig-maplewood









    This year, PPS is implementing the Parent/Student agreement and a technology fee for students in grades 3-12. Parents and students are expected to sign the PPS 1:1 Parent/Student Agreement and Use Fee form in order to receive or continue to use their student chromebook. 




    • All kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students must be met at the bus stop at the end of the day. These students must wear a yellow bus tag all year long.  The tag must have their bus stop and emergency contact information on one side, and information about who is meeting the child on the other side.  (For example:  Mom and Dad, Grandma Teri, get off with older brother Thomas on the bus, etc.)  Drivers will be watching for yellow tags.  If no one is at the stop to meet the child, they will be returned back to school.  If a parent wants to opt out of this requirement, please have the child wear a white tag for the month of September, so the driver will know which stop they get off at.

    • All 1st – 3rd students are required to wear white bus tags for the first three full weeks of school. Tags are printed out of Synergy by the schools.  Please contact our office if you have questions or concerns about bus tags. 




    The Maplewood Reading Friends Program is looking for volunteers to read with students during the 2022-23 school year. The Reading Friends volunteer works with a student once a week individually to help grow their confidence in reading out loud/more fluently.

    The program starts after Thanksgiving and runs until the end of the school year.

    The time obligation will be an orientation of approximately an hour, and then 30 minutes once a week with the student. The session is the same day and time each week.

    Interested in volunteering? Please fill out this registration form at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3FR52BM.

    Any questions? Reach out to Kari and Clémence, our Reading Friends Coordinators, at maplewoodrf@gmail.com


    Please don’t park in the maintenance spot in front of the building because it is the access to the handicap ramp, it is for our custodians and also we don’t want parents backing p where children are walking behind the parked car


    We are excited to welcome volunteers into the building and classrooms this year. All volunteers must show proof of vaccination, clear a background check (https://www.pps.net/volunteer), and sign-into the Raptor system located at the main office on arrival and sign-out when leaving campus.. We can’t wait to have you in school with us!

    Lunch & Reader Board Volunteers

    1. Lunch coverage: We need 2-3 parents to volunteer for lunch duty, to help keep kiddos on task eating and give our teachers a break. Here are the time slots - message Lauren at 541-968-9140 or Maplewoodvolcoord@gmail.com to sign up!
        Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
      K-1st 11:20-11:45  11:20-11:45 11:20-11:45 11:20-11:45 11:20-11:45
      2nd & 4th 11:50-12:15 11:50-12:15 11:50-12:15 11:50-12:15 11:50-12:15
      3rd & 5th 12:20-12:45 12:20-12:45 12:20-12:45 12:20-12:45 12:20-12:45

    Thank you!

    Site Council

    If you are interested in joining site council, please contact Dr. Kathryn Galloway kgalloway@pps.net

    Meetings will be held once a month after school from 2:30 - 3:30. Dates TBD. For more information on what the Site Council does, click HERE.




    Hello Parents/Guardians,

    A reminder from the health room. Please bring any medications that your child must take during school hours and consent forms to Health Office. This is for prescribed medications that must be taken during the school day. If your child is in grade three, four or five, you may fill out a form for them to self subscribe enhalers or cough drops.  Please fill out appropriate form for permissions.   You can contact Julie Ries our Student Health Aid (SHA) for more information.   If you have any questions please contact the school, or email our nurse, Cheryl Bell at cbell@mesd.k12.or.us  or Healthy Aid Julie Ries at  jries@mesd.k12.or.us for further information. Thank you.



    Greetings, Maplewood community! Your Foundation is excited to continue to grow our relationship with you and support our staff and students. Maplewood Foundation is a parent-led, non-profit fundraising group benefiting Maplewood Elementary. It is a part of the non-profit The Fund for Portland Public Schools. Money raised by Foundation is used to provide enrichment teachers and educational support staff at Maplewood. Historically, funds have been used to fund Librarians, Technology Education, Physical Education, Educational Assistants, and Music. A portion of the funds raised is also added to The Fund for PPS, which provides grants to schools that meet PPS criteria for funding. 

    If you are interested in joining the Foundation and/or have questions please send an email maplewoodfoundation@gmail.com. Foundation events include fundraisers, an annual Auction, Fred Meyer Rewards, monthly donations, and movie nights.




    Just a reminder, starting Fall 2022 and moving forward, students will be able to register for Transportation during enrollment at the beginning of each school year. In order to capture the initial data,  families should have received and filled out  a survey that syncs with Synergy to capture existing riders and routes.  Please make sure the office is aware if your child is riding the bus and the stop they are designated by transportation if you have not done the transportation survey and be sure to fill out the survey that was sent to you as soon as possible.  It takes 7-10 days for the bus information to sync to our Synergy system.  We will also need to know the Adult and contact number that will be at the bus stop if you have a Kindergarten student riding the bus, as this information needs to be on the bus tag of the student. 


    The goal is to capture as much data as possible so that transportation office can begin routing for the next school year.


    There is a Chromebook set up at Maplewood to ensure families will have access at the school to fill out the registration survey if they don’t have access at home. 


    Student Transportation 503.916.6901



    School Counselor
    Welcome to a new school year at Maplewood!  I'll send out a lengthier correspondence in a few weeks but wanted to briefly touch on some important issues here. 
    School Supplies:  Each student will be asked to provide $45 to pay for their school supplies.  If this is a hardship for your family, please contact me, Kendall Cunningham (kcunninghamparm@pps.net or text me at (503) 298-6946 ), school counselor,  to opt out of paying for this and other incidental fees (field trips, etc.) and be given access to vouchers and resources.  The list will be confidential and only shared with the student's teacher and school counselor and social worker.  
    Donations:  As a school we are equipping all teachers with boxes of items to help our students emotionally regulate so they are ready to learn.  If you would like to and are able to donate any of these items to this project, check out my Amazon wishlist HERE.

    As always, I am here to support Maplewood students and families.  Please reach out.

    Kendall Cunningham
    Maplewood Elementary School Counselor
    M-F 7:45-3:30
    Check out my website here for videos, resources, and info on our program at Maplewood!
    Counseling Request Google Form


    Library News
    I am eager to welcome everyone back to the library! The library is organized and books are ready to fly off of the shelves into Maplewood readers' hands.

    Kindergarten adults-at-home -- be warned (in a great way) that your child will be bringing one book home after their first Maplewood library visit! You might keep the book in their backpack after reading it with them so it can easily be returned on or before the next library visit. K students can have two books out at a time. If their books are overdue, I send magazines home (for quality reading) as a reminder for adults to help locate and put books into backpacks! Maplewood students love to read, please help your young reader return books.

    First-Fifth Grade adults-at-home -- for the most part students familiar with Maplewood know the routine; return or renew books within two weeks: two books for first graders, then the same number as their grade level. Fifth graders have the privilege of taking as many books as they need! And, as always, students should ask me for a title they can't locate -- I'll locate it, put a hold on the title, purchase it, or borrow the title from the public library.

    Overdue books... take one last hard look around your homes and cars. There are still some books from last year out there.

    I have the best job at Maplewood watching our students grow over six years, and providing students with high-quality, high-interest books (thanks to the PTA and Ms. Galloway). Here we go!  If you are interested in volunteering in the library, please contact me (kordahl@pps.net).

    Elin Kordahl
    Maplewood Teacher-Librarian & Computer Teacher


    Art at Maplewood

    I’m so excited to be your students’ art teacher this year!  This will be my first year teaching K-5 art and it’s going to be great!  Our art room is located in the main hallway at the end by the kindergarten rooms.  If you are interested in volunteering in the art room during your students’ art special time, please email your teacher for specifics - I’d love to have you if you’re not afraid of fun work and maybe getting messy.
    Ms. Smith ♥  She/Her


    Half time hours M/Tu 7:45-3:30  W 7:45-11:45

    Maplewood, ART Teacher

    email:  ssmith@pps.net

                            "I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework."  -Lily Tomlin



    Nutrition Services
    Due to nationwide waivers expiring, families at Maplewood will return to purchasing meals based on family eligibility.  We encourage families to apply for meal benefits online here, but some paper applications will be provided.  Meal prices and details of how to pay for school meals can be found on the Nutrition Services website.

    To add money to your child's lunch account please visit school cafe: 

    Price for lunches this year are: 

    2022-23 Menu Prices
    Grades    Breakfast  Lunch

    PK-8          $1.60        $3.00
    9-12           $1.60        $3.50
    Adult          $3.00        $5.50

    Milk            $0.50        $0.50
    For all school communications with Ms. Amy, please use the kitchen email (nsmaplewood@pps.net)

    Our lunch lines will be long as students learn how to use their new lunch cards. It may be a good time to pack a lunch for now until we get our lunch routines running smoothly. Please pack a water bottle in your child’s lunch as we now only have a drinking fountain rather than a water dispenser and cups. 


    Hello Maplewood Families.

    I'm Ms. Amy, the Lunch Lady of Maplewood. The start of the new school year brings changes and reminders for meal services.

    The biggest is that meals are NO LONGER free (unless you are free/reduced). The good news is that Oregon has upped the poverty level to 300% so many more folks can benefit.  You can apply for free/reduced here: https://www.pps.net/Page/2464
     Here is the link for how  folks can pay on your child's account: https://www.pps.net/Page/18300
    Here is the link for Schoolcafe: https://www.pps.net/Page/18304. If you are new to Schoolcafe, you have to set up a parent site first then you can add your kid. I still take cash and/or checks made out to Nutrition Services. If you need help navigating any of this, please feel free to let me know.

    If a child has an allergy, Nutrition Services needs a doctor form. You can find all allergy info  here: https://www.pps.net/Page/2481 under ODE forms-Medical Statement to Request Special Meals and/or Accommodations you can print out doctor form. Please return this to me asap. This will generate a pop up on the computer when your child comes through the lunch line showing they have an allergy. I will try to introduce myself to your child so we will know one another.
    If your child has a preference, ex. gluten free, no pork, vegetarian, you can find that form here: https://www.pps.net/Page/2481 under ODE forms meal preference. Please return this to me asap. This will generate a pop up on the computer when your child comes through the lunch line showing they have something different in their diet. I will try to introduce myself to your child so we will know one another.

    We will not start the year with PBJ. We are hoping to get them some time in the near future. That's the bad news. The good news is that we have the Roadrunner pizza (the "good") pizza back!

    The last thing is lunch cards are back. If the child knows their number-AWESOME (they will need it through their whole PPS journey). If they don't they will have a lunch card. K-3 will scan their card and I'm making cards for grades 4-5. They will have to type in their number. Everyone will eventually need to know their number, but for now, we'll use cards.

    Please know that I am here to help. Do not be afraid to contact me with any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. You may reach me at nsmaplewood@pps.net or call me at 503-916-6308 ext. 72463 Cheers to an excellent school year!
    -Lunch Lady Amy






    Site Council

    If you are interested in joining site council, please contact Dr. Kathryn Galloway kgalloway@pps.net

    Meetings will be held once a month after school from 2:30 - 3:30. Dates TBD. For more information on what the Site Council does, click HERE.



    7:45 - 7:50

    • Adult’s will not be on duty to supervise students

    • Students may go to the cafeteria to get breakfast 

    7:50 AM

    • First bell rings and outside supervision begins

    • Kindergarten, First and Second Grade teachers meet their class lines outside

    • Front doors open

    8:00 AM

    • Tardy bell rings and instruction begins. 

    • No parents in the building after 8AM. 

    Drop-off Procedure: 

    Students may be dropped off in the designated drop-off areas ONLY.  To avoid congestion, aim to drop your student off at 7:45. 

    Northbound Drop-Off Area: 

    • The NB drop-off area is accessed from the northbound lane of SW 52nd Ave. It is adjacent to the ball field, just north of the building. Do not pull into the drop-off area from the southbound lane. 

    • Pull all the way forward to let the student out of your vehicle. 

    • Student will walk on the other side of the curb to the school. After the student has left your vehicle, wait for the vehicle in front of you to leave. Follow cautiously out to the northbound lane of SW 52nd Ave only. 

    Southbound Drop-Off Area: 

    • The SB drop-off area is accessed from the southbound lane of SW 52nd Ave. Turn right into West Hills Church parking lot. Do not pull into the church drop-off area from the northbound lane. 

    • There is space in the drop-off area for three cars. Pull all the way forward to the WELCOME flag and let your student out of your vehicle. Student will walk on the sidewalk (passenger side) or the walk on the path adjacent to driveway (drivers side). 

    • After the student has left your vehicle, wait for the vehicle in front of you to leave. Be cautious of cars exiting the church parking spots. Exit the parking lot going north or south on SW 53rd Ave. 

    If you would like to walk a student up to the building:

    • parking is available in the parking lot of the West Hills Friends Church across the street from the school or street parking on SW 53rd and SW 54th. 

    • Do not park on SW 51st

    West Hills Parking - one way driveway 

    • Enter the parking lot from the southbound lane of SW 52nd Ave only

    • No left turn into this lot

    • Use the pedestrian path on the south side of the parking lot only

    • Cross driveway and then SW 52nd when traffic is stopped by the crossing guard. 

    Street parking on SW 53th

    • SW 53rd - use the pedestrian path on the south side of the parking lot (playground). Cross driveway and then SW 52nd when traffic is stopped by the crossing guard. 

    • SW 54th - use the pedestrian path, "Snicket", that runs between SW 54th and SW 53rd. Cross SW 53rd cautiously and continue on the pedestrian path on the south side of the driveway only. 


    For Everyone's Safety: 

    • DO NOT allow a student to exit the vehicle in the driving lanes of the road or anywhere other than the designated drop-off areas or the parking areas. 

    • DO NOT access the NB drop-off area by making a U-turn from the southbound lane of SW 52nd. 

    • DO NOT make a U-turn when leaving the drop-off area. 

    • DO NOT leave the drop-off lane before the vehicle in front of you leaves. DO NOT park in the area south of the bus unloading area or in the bus unloading area.. 

    • DO NOT drop off a student on SW 51st Ave on the east side of the school property. 

    • DO NOT enter the West Hills Friends Church parking lot from SW 53rd Ave. 

    • DO NOT walk through the West Hills Friends Church parking lot. Use pedestrian paths. 

    Safe Routes to School