• Maplewood Memo September 14, 2022


    Hello Maplewood Families, 


    Well, we have successfully launched the 2022-2023 school year and we are off to a great start! We have added a third kindergarten (Phew!) and have hired a fabulous teacher for the role - I will announce shortly after HR confirms. Our grade 5 is departmentalizing for the first time and it is also going well. This means that all students have both teachers; Mr. Kaplan teaches math and Ms. Anderson teaches Language Arts. 


    The other grades are settling in smoothly and I can already see the classroom communities begin to form a bond. I think back to just two years ago when we all had our first day of school online. And last year, we had to be 6 feet apart at the beginning of the year. These were obstacles to creating that community we all longed for. Those experiences help remind me of how lucky we are to be back as “normal.”


    Another great thing we get to do this fall is have our Back to School Night in person again on September 22nd. I have heard stories about this festive event and am looking forward to experiencing it first hand this year. For those who haven’t been to Maplewood’s Back to School Night in the past, it is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your child’s teachers and to connect as a community as well. Please mark your calendar to go to your child’s class for a Back to School Night open house from 5:30 - 6:15 and then join us on the field for a Maplewood picnic from 6:15 - 7:00. Pack a blanket and a picnic dinner and enjoy meeting each other! 


    As our year has gotten underway, I have noticed an increase in parent volunteers. Thank you to those who have helped in the classroom or the cafeteria. Your extra hands and hearts are appreciated. 






    Upcoming Dates:

    • Sept. 22 - Tag information mtg. Library 4:45-5:15pm
    • Sept. 22 - Back to School Night 5:30-6:15 in classrooms
    • Oct. 14 -  No School Inservice Day
    • Oct. 27 -  Picture Day

    Trudy Ludwig, a local author, will be visiting Maplewood on October 3rd. She will present at a K-2 assembly and a 3-5 assembly and she will also present at a parent education night that same day. Please see the flier below for more information. 

    If you are interested in buying her books, here is a link to her page at Annie Bloom's bookstore: https://www.annieblooms.com/trudy-ludwig-maplewood







    Dear families,

    Principal Galloway and Mrs. Caton, our TAG Facilitator, will be co-hosting a Parent information session in the library, about TAG (Talented and Gifted) just before our Open House on Thursday, September 22, at 4:45pm.  We will cover the identification process as well as how teachers meet kids' rate and level of learning.
    If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Mrs. Caton at ccaton@pps.net.


    Student Yearly Verification Updates are Due:

    Please complete your student's yearly verification online through Parent view (PVUE)
    This is due by October 15,2022.
    We want the most accurate and up to date information for your student. 



    • All kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students must be met at the bus stop at the end of the day. These students must wear a yellow bus tag all year long.  The tag must have their bus stop and emergency contact information on one side, and information about who is meeting the child on the other side.  (For example:  Mom and Dad, Grandma Teri, get off with older brother Thomas on the bus, etc.)  Drivers will be watching for yellow tags.  If no one is at the stop to meet the child, they will be returned to school.  If a parent wants to opt out of this requirement, please have the child wear a white tag for the month of September, so the driver will know which stop they get off at.

    • All 1st – 3rd students are required to wear white bus tags for the first three full weeks of school. Tags are printed out of Synergy by the schools.  Please contact our office if you have questions or concerns about bus tags. 


    The Maplewood Reading Friends Program is looking for volunteers to read with students during the 2022-23 school year. The Reading Friends volunteer works with a student once a week individually to help grow their confidence in reading out loud/more fluently.

    The program starts after Thanksgiving and runs until the end of the school year.

    The time obligation will be an orientation of approximately an hour, and then 30 minutes once a week with the student. The session is the same day and time each week.

    Interested in volunteering? Please fill out this registration form at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3FR52BM.

    Any questions? Reach out to Kari and Clémence, our Reading Friends Coordinators, at maplewoodrf@gmail.com


    Please don’t park in the maintenance spot in front of the building because it is the access to the handicap ramp. It is for our custodians and we also don’t want parents backing up where children are walking behind a parked car.


    We are excited to welcome volunteers into the building and classrooms this year. All volunteers must show proof of vaccination, clear a background check (https://www.pps.net/volunteer), and sign-into the Raptor system located at the main office on arrival and sign-out when leaving campus.. We can’t wait to have you in school with us!

    Lunch Volunteers

    1. Lunch coverage: We need 2-3 parents to volunteer for lunch duty, to help keep kiddos on task eating and give our teachers a break. Here are the time slots - message Lauren at 541-968-9140 or Maplewoodvolcoord@gmail.com to sign up!
        Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
      K-1st 11:20-11:45  11:20-11:45 11:20-11:45 11:20-11:45 11:20-11:45
      2nd & 4th 11:50-12:15 11:50-12:15 11:50-12:15 11:50-12:15 11:50-12:15
      3rd & 5th 12:20-12:45 12:20-12:45 12:20-12:45 12:20-12:45 12:20-12:45

    Thank you!

    Site Council

    If you are interested in joining site council, please contact Dr. Kathryn Galloway kgalloway@pps.net

    Meetings will be held once a quarter after school in the evenings. Dates TBD. For more information on what the Site Council does, click HERE.




    Hello Parents/ Guardians,

    A reminder from the health room. Please bring any medications that your child must take during school hours and consent forms to the Health Office, located in the main Office. This is for prescribed medications that must be taken during the school day.

    If your child is in grade three, four or five, you may fill out a form for them to self-prescribe inhalers or cough drops.  Please fill out an appropriate form for permission.  

    You can contact Julie Ries our Student Health Aid (SHA) for more information.   If you have any questions please contact the school, or email our nurse, Cheryl Bell at cbell@mesd.k12.or.us  or Healthy Aid Julie Ries at  jries@mesd.k12.or.us for further information. Thank you.


    Maplewood Foundation:

    This year your Maplewood Foundation (part of the non-profit The Fund for Portland Public Schools) will be working to raise funds for three part-time Educational Assistants or EAs for the 2023-24 school year. EAs are a critical part of our Maplewood team and we need them every year. EAs support students with social-emotional learning and healthy friendships by supervising during lunch and recess and provide a variety of support to students in all classrooms as needed. For more information on how EAs help our students and school community go here.


    To reach this goal we will need the support of our awesome community. That means you! To learn about ways to donate please visit our website. If you would like to get involved, have questions, and/or have feedback, please email maplewoodfoundation@gmail.com, call or text Jeannette Taylor at 503.901.9813. 


    Lastly, we will be sharing information soon about a fun and exciting event for the fall, so stay tuned! Until then, take good care!

    From the Counselor:

    Welcome to a new school year at Maplewood!  I'll send out a lengthier correspondence in a few weeks but wanted to briefly touch on some important issues here. 

    School Supplies:  Each student will be asked to provide $45 to pay for their school supplies.  If this is a hardship for your family, please contact me, Kendall Cunningham (kcunninghamparm@pps.net or text me at (503) 298-6946 ), school counselor,  to opt out of paying for this and other incidental fees (field trips, etc.) and be given access to vouchers and resources.  The list will be confidential and only shared with the student's teacher and school counselor and social worker.  

    Donations:  As a school we are equipping all teachers with boxes of items to help our students emotionally regulate so they are ready to learn.  If you would like to and are able to donate any of these items to this project, check out my Amazon wishlist HERE.


    As always, I am here to support Maplewood students and families.  Please reach out.

    Kendall Cunningham

    Maplewood Elementary School Counselor

    From the Library

    Three Requests from the Maplewood Teacher-Librarian:

    1. Please help your child put their library books in their backpack on or before their library day.

    2. Please help your child put their library books in their backpack on or before their library day.

    3. Please help your child put their library books in their backpack on or before their library day.


    Your child can take home one more book until their checked out books are returned; you will start to see magazines brought home as a reminder after that! If you know you forgot to help with library books on library day, email me: kordahl@pps.net, and we can arrange for your child to take home additional materials.


    Maplewood students love to read, let's keep them well stocked with books!

    Elin Kordahl

    Teacher-Librarian & Computer Teacher 

    From the PE Teacher:

    We are back in action this year and it feels great! We began the year with cooperative games and practicing good sportsmanship. Recess games is our next unit, including four square, jumping rope, hula hooping, and simple basketball practice. Please be sure your child is wearing sneakers on their PE days. Check with your child's teacher if you don't know their specials' schedule.


    From our Art Teacher, Ms. Smith


    The beginning of a school year is so full of fond memories and hope - I love it!  Now that we’ve had a Monday at school, I’ve finally had the opportunity to teach all of our students.  So.  Much.  Fun.  


    Our first artist we studied is Mary Blaire.  She is most famous for her work with Walt Disney, and most recognized for the Disney boat ride in Fantasyland, “It’s a Small World.”  Every student in the school is contributing their part to a giant mural based on her work.  Stay tuned for photos.


    If you are still interested in volunteering during your students' art time, we are still looking for volunteers during Riscol, Anderson, Bennett, Thomas, Chou, and the new third kindergarten art special time.  Please email your teacher for more information.

    Ms. Smith ♥

    Nutrition Services
    Due to nationwide waivers expiring, families at Maplewood will return to purchasing meals based on family eligibility.  We encourage families to apply for meal benefits online here, but some paper applications will be provided.  Meal prices and details of how to pay for school meals can be found on the Nutrition Services website.

    To add money to your child's lunch account please visit school cafe: 

    Price for lunches this year are: 

    2022-23 Menu Prices
    Grades    Breakfast  Lunch

    PK-8          $1.60        $3.00
    9-12           $1.60        $3.50
    Adult          $3.00        $5.50

    Milk            $0.50        $0.50
    For all school communications with Ms. Amy, please use the kitchen email (nsmaplewood@pps.net)

    Our lunch lines will be long as students learn how to use their new lunch cards. It may be a good time to pack a lunch for now until we get our lunch routines running smoothly. Please pack a water bottle in your child’s lunch as we now only have a drinking fountain rather than a water dispenser and cups. 



    PPS is partnering with OHSU again this year to offer free weekly COVID-19 testing for students. Participation in this program is completely optional, but encouraged, and is offered regardless of vaccination status. Participating students will drop off spit samples in pre-labeled tubes at school on Tuesdays each week, whether they have symptoms or not. Schools will begin collecting spit samples starting September 27th-29th.

    What’s new?

    • Registration: Beginning today Parents/Guardians can start enrolling their students through OHSU’s NEW Online Portal. If you are unable to enroll for any reason, please call OHSU support at (503) 418-8500.

    • Test Tubes: New, pre-labeled test tubes with a scannable barcode will be mailed directly to your mailing address and should arrive within a week of enrollment. Test kits from last year cannot be used, so please throw them away.

    • Spit Samples: Spit tests can be collected either the night before or the morning of their school’s testing day.

    • Test Results: When the test results are available, you will receive an email telling you to log into the online portal www.labfinder.com/ohsu to view the results.

    • Additional drop-off locations: If you miss your weekly testing day, OHSU has added 3 drop-off sites around the Portland metro area.

      • Doernbecher Child Development Rehabilitation Center - 707 S Gaines Street, Portland, OR 97239

      • Primary Care Clinic at Gabriel Park - 4411 S Vermont Street, Portland, OR 97219

      • Richmond Family Health Center - 3930 SE Division Street, Portland, OR 97202


    What stays the same?

    • There is no cost to families to participate.

    • OHSU uses highly accurate molecular testing, known as PCR.

    • Students will continue to bring their spit samples to school on the designated testing day.

    • OHSU nurses will call parents of all students who test positive or whose tests are inconclusive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.

    For more information about OHSU's K-12 Screening Program, visit their website at http://www.ohsu.edu/k12testing or contact the OHSU support team at k12covidtesting@ohsu.edu or (503) 418-8500.

    Letisia Ayala Guillen, Health Services Coordinator, layalaguillen@pps.net

    Hello Maplewood Families.

    I'm Ms. Amy, the Lunch Lady of Maplewood. The start of the new school year brings changes and reminders for meal services.

    The biggest is that meals are NO LONGER free (unless you are free/reduced). The good news is that Oregon has upped the poverty level to 300% so many more folks can benefit.  You can apply for free/reduced here: https://www.pps.net/Page/2464
     Here is the link for how  folks can pay on your child's account: https://www.pps.net/Page/18300
    Here is the link for Schoolcafe: https://www.pps.net/Page/18304. If you are new to Schoolcafe, you have to set up a parent site first then you can add your kid. I still take cash and/or checks made out to Nutrition Services. If you need help navigating any of this, please feel free to let me know.

    If a child has an allergy, Nutrition Services needs a doctor form. You can find all allergy info  here: https://www.pps.net/Page/2481 under ODE forms-Medical Statement to Request Special Meals and/or Accommodations you can print out doctor form. Please return this to me asap. This will generate a pop up on the computer when your child comes through the lunch line showing they have an allergy. I will try to introduce myself to your child so we will know one another.
    If your child has a preference, ex. gluten free, no pork, vegetarian, you can find that form here: https://www.pps.net/Page/2481 under ODE forms meal preference. Please return this to me asap. This will generate a pop up on the computer when your child comes through the lunch line showing they have something different in their diet. I will try to introduce myself to your child so we will know one another.

    We will not start the year with PBJ. We are hoping to get them some time in the near future. That's the bad news. The good news is that we have the Roadrunner pizza (the "good") pizza back!

    The last thing is lunch cards are back. If the child knows their number-AWESOME (they will need it through their whole PPS journey). If they don't they will have a lunch card. K-3 will scan their card and I'm making cards for grades 4-5. They will have to type in their number. Everyone will eventually need to know their number, but for now, we'll use cards.

    Please know that I am here to help. Do not be afraid to contact me with any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. You may reach me at nsmaplewood@pps.net or call me at 503-916-6308 ext. 72463 Cheers to an excellent school year!
    -Lunch Lady Amy





    Maplewood Swag:

    The annual Maplewood PTA spirit wear fundraiser sale will be coming soon!  The online store will be open for orders October 1st - 15th.   Please keep a look out for the store link in a few weeks as this will be the only time of the year Maplewood swag can be purchased!





    Maplewood PTA

    The Maplewood PTA strives to serve our school’s community of teachers, staff, parents, and students. We have lots of  amazing things planned this year to support our school!

    Stay up to date on events and more

    PTA Meetings
    Join us at the PTA meeting every month to learn about upcoming projects, events, priorities, and to share your thoughts! PTA Meetings occur the third Tuesday of every month from 6:30 - 7:30 pm.

    Become an Oregon PTA Member; this supports our school and allows you to vote during meetings. (You don't have to be a member to attend meetings, just to vote.) https://www.oregonpta.org/membership 

    Next Meeting: Tuesday September 20, 6:30 - 7:30 pm
    Volunteer at Maplewood
    One way to support our school is to donate your time. We are currently looking for volunteers for: 
    • Lunch helpers (more slots added for K-1st lunch)
    • Reading buddies program
    • Yearbook committee (2-3 volunteers needed to plan the 2022-2023 yearbook)
    • Swag committee (1 volunteer needed to help our existing committee of 2 amazing parents)
    • Eco school network (free training about how to make Maplewood greener)
    Full details and signups are on the Maplewood PTA Volunteer page (http://maplewoodpta.com/volunteer/), or email maplewoodvolcoord@gmail.com 

    Fundraising to Support Maplewood
    Take this brief survey to let us know your preferences about which fundraisers you love (or don't) to help us plan out the 2022-2023 school year!

    Amazon Smile
    Make sure you've selected "Maplewood Elem PTA" as  your Amazon Smile donation recipient. Link: https://smile.amazon.com/charity/select/search?orig=&category=all&query=maplewood+elem+pta

    Once selected, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to Maplewood at no cost to you! Make sure you shop using smile.amazon.com. More information here: http://maplewoodpta.com/donate/

    Kona Ice at Back to School Night - Maplewood Fundraiser!
    Click to add to calendar (mobile): https://bit.ly/3S374dx

    Asian Legend Dineout - Maplewood Fundraiser!
    Click to add to calendar (mobile): https://bit.ly/3QZkuGR

    After School Activities at Maplewood

    Check out these activities happening at Maplewood after school!




    7:45 - 7:50

    • Adults will not be on duty to supervise students