• Counselor Message

    During our well-being lessons this month we will be talking about the difference between mood and mindset, perspective taking and mindful movement. Each of these topics explores the way we see and feelthings and the choices we can make to change that view, when/if we want to. When we realize we(students and adults!) have the power to shift our thinking and we learn how to do this, we often feel agreater sense of control and freedom in our lives - a feeling that may seem harder to find these days. To be successful at shifting our mindset or perspective, it’s important to first be able to identify how we arefeeling. Naming our emotions is something we practice at Marysville all the time! For a refresher on oneway to recognize and accept how you are feeling in the moment, try RAIN - a mindfulness practice forwelcoming your emotions.

    For more information on these practices, click on the links above. And as always, if you have any questions or you are curious about additional emotional supports for your children please reach out. I’m happy tochat, brainstorm, offer suggestions or just listen.

    Sara Fuller, Marysville School Counselor, she/her/hers
    Remind, (971)378-0428, K5 Counseling Website