• Community Letter on Anti-racism

    Dear Marysville Community,

    This last week horrific events have rocked our nation and our communities beginning with the weaponization of white privilege by Amy Cooper and followed by the murder of George Floyd by white police officers.  While these events are front and center for us as a nation right now, they are just the latest in a centuries old system rooted in racial injustice and white supremacy.  As white, anti-racist allies in positions of leadership - and as mothers, sisters, daughters and as human beings, we feel compelled to speak out against racism and to play an active role in dismantling it from within our educational system.  

    We believe we have a responsibility to:

    1. Listen to and believe people of color when they share their lived experience.  
    2. Examine where systems of oppression are embedded into our practices and interrupt them.  
    3. Incorporate restorative practices into our everyday way of being.  
    4. Create the opportunities for students to learn how to be anti-racist leaders by developing agency
    and advocacy skills to challenge injustice and change oppressive systems in their communities.  

    As your school administration at Marysville, we are committed to anti-racist action, engaging our Mindfulness practices to develop an anti-racist mindset that requires reflection on the role of whiteness in racial injustice, highlights the value and humanity of Black people and provides presence in open dialogue.  Beginning in the fall we will be incorporating an anti-racist curriculum in all grade levels with the intention of supporting our students and staff as they learn to talk about race beginning in kindergarten.  

    We would like to acknowledge the courage, resiliency, and strength of the Black community.  We are on this journey with you and are honored to be doing this work beside you.  We acknowledge that this is just a start, that we have a lot of listening to do, and that as white allies we will constantly be evolving and learning in this process.  In the days to come we will be compiling a list of resources on our website for families who wish to deepen their learning around anti-racist practices.  

    With Respect,

    Cathy Murray, Principal Marysville K-8

    Serene Bertram, Assistant Principal Marysville K-8