• Marysville Successful Schools Survey

    For Families 

    It’s been a year unlike any we have experienced before and from the beginning we have been grateful to be in it together with you, our amazing Marysville families.  Understanding how you and your students are doing at school is an important part of us being able to do our job well.  Each year we look forward to the chance to hear from you about your experiences through the Successful Schools Survey.  

    What is the survey? 

    The Successful Schools Survey is offered to all families, students and staff as a way to measure how each school is working for different members of it’s community.  Families will have the opportunity to give feedback about issues like school fit, school climate, barriers to engagement and school safety.  The survey results are completely anonymous.  

    When do I take the survey? 

    Families can take the survey between  February 8th and March 12th.  

    How do I take the survey?  

    • Go to: surveys.panoramaed.com/portlandor/ppsfamily
    • Select Marysville from the drop down menu of schools
    • Complete the survey
    • Hit the blue submit button to enter the survey 
    • Let us know you submitted your survey by adding your name here.  Each week we will enter all participants into a drawing to win a gift card.     

    Please let us know if you have any questions or need support accessing the survey.