• 2/8/2021

    A message from Portland Public Schools

    February 8, 2021

    From the Principal

    During the month of February, we celebrate Black History Month. Last week, I posted the first in a series of video announcements for our students sharing our focus for this year’s Black History celebration: Black Excellence. As a staff, we are balancing our study of Black Americans; focusing not just on civil rights heroes, but also on liberation, civic engagement, creativity, and the intersecting identities of Black people.  Of course, our study of the contributions of Black Americans cannot be limited to just one month of the school year, but should instead be integrated into our units throughout the entire school year. I invite you to explore ways to celebrate the many contributions of Black American with your children at home to compliment their study at school. 

    Have a great week, 

    From the School

    Survey Series Sharing & Supports
    TODAY's the launch date for the district's annual PPS Successful Schools Climate Survey (flyer with QR Code & Link), which will be open to Parent/Guardians for four weeks, but why not Take the survey today! You can complete the survey from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It should only take 15-20 minutes of your time. Select Richmond at the start screen to answer questions about us. If you have children at more than one PPS school, please complete one survey for each school your children attend. If you need a paper copy, we will have more info for you next week. We do hope that ALL of our Richmond families will participate & share their perspectives! 

    We're also announcing the creation of the promised Answer Doc for our new and ongoing Family Q&A Form, so please keep the questions coming! Some of the questions that arose in our Fall CDL Survey were about different PPS Learning Apps we're using this year, and we wanted to share a few resources and tips for families that are interested in more information on these tools. Here is Lexia Core5's family facing info. Lexia is a literacy learning tool, and we want our kiddos to be completing two arcs on the circle at the bottom center of their screen about every 10 minutes they use it. Dreambox is a math learning app that offers access to a family dashboard connected to your child's account. Signing up for it will also result in detailed emails reporting on what your child has specifically been learning. And of course, there's Seesaw. Some families have found the Seesaw Family app to be helpful to them, but more have said that looking at Seesaw through their child's Class Seesaw is better for them because the Family app only shows what has been completed and not what all has been assigned in all of the classes. Pro-tip: have your kiddo show you all the ways they navigate Seesaw! More Qs than As? Feel free to use our Family Q&A Form and we'll share back Answers each week, and as always, you can reach out to any of us if you want more support!

    Southeast Guiding Coalition Phase 2 Seeking Richmond Family Volunteer
    Last fall, the District began a system-wide process to address issues related to the physical use of school facilities, in support of the PPS ReImaged vision for student success.  Additional goals include resolving overcrowding across all grade levels, expanding access to comprehensive middle school programming, reducing the use of portable classrooms, and addressing issues that arise when specialized programs share buildings with neighborhood schools.

    A Guiding Coalition of stakeholders from across the Southeast assembled to review draft proposals and consider community input using racial equity and social justice lens.  In December 2020 the coalition recommended an attendance area and program plan for the newly modernized Kellogg Middle School, most of which was adopted by the School Board last month.  As a result, five K-8 schools and the Spanish Immersion program will convert to K-5/middle school structures, and more than 700 students will gain access to comprehensive middle schools at the start of the 2021-22 school year.

    Now the district is expanding the guiding coalition in order to take on a broader set of enrollment imbalances and opportunities across Southeast schools, including the conversion of Harrison Park K-8 into a comprehensive middle school in the 2022-23 school year.  We are seeking to add Guiding Coalition members that represent diverse perspectives and a cross-section of Southeast schools.  Applicants should be both knowledgeable about their school community and able to maintain an objective, consensus-minded, district-wide perspective.  

    If you are interested, please complete the application linked here

    Applications are open through February 22nd, 2021, and applicants will be notified of committee membership by February 25th at the latest. The first Guiding Coalition meeting will be on March 4, 2021, from 6 pm-9 pm.

    From the Library
    Let’s Get Reading! The Richmond library team is looking out for you! We follow ODE's Ready Schools, Safe Learners guidance to ensure library books are quarantined and reorganized before redistribution for everyone's safety. We love seeing you on Mondays/Thursdays and can’t wait to get more books into your hands! Pick ups/returns are from 11am-3pm at the Richmond cafeteria/parking lot. Don’t forget to drop off your previously borrowed library books at the same time. Stop by and grab a bag of library books to go!

    February Schedule:
    (2/8, 2/11): Everyone welcome!
    (2/16*, 2/18): Everyone welcome!
    (2/22, 2/25): Everyone welcome!
       *Tuesday due to school closure

    From Our Counselors
    Dear Richmond families,

    Here are a couple tutoring resources that you might be interested in. One comes from the Multnomah County Library and the other from Western Oregon University. 

    Multnomah County Library does require a library card number. Click here to learn more about it. 

    Western Oregon University is offering tutoring for math and writing. Click here to learn more about it. Here is a link to the Spanish version. 

    Free tax preparation and filing through Metropolitan Family Services and CASH Oregon! Household income must be below $52,000 a year. See the website for scheduling and other qualifications. https://cashoregon.org/get-tax-help/mfs-cash-oregon-vita-site/

    From the Community

    Richmond Foundation リッチモンドファウンデーション

    A special thanks to Foundation Members, Shaun Davidson, our tech guru who created the new website, and Hidemi Mousavi for doing the Japanese translation. We couldn’t have done this without your expertise.



    Japanese Community Cooking Event coming soon! (FREE)
    **Check back here next week, 2/15, for a sign up form to reserve your free packet**

    PTA is excited to announce that we will be hosting a Virtual Make-at-Home Japanese Cooking Event. This event is meant to foster family engagement, community spirit, healthy foods and accessibility while offering a culturally enriching educational experience to our students. We will set a date for the event in late March/early April but the meal can also be made anytime that works best for your family. 

    You will need to sign up to receive a packet, it will include:
    -Japanese curry sauce, enough for families of all sizes
    -Bilingual instructions and recipes 
    -Grade-leveled bilingual activity sheets 
    -And additional goodies for an authentic Japanese meal!
    -Families will provide their own protein and vegetables to complete the meal
    More information and the sign-up form to come next Monday 2/15!

    PTA Read 4 Richmond
    Wow! Congratulations, Richmond readers!! 254 students registered and collectively logged over 78,000 minutes and raised over $13,000! A huge “thank you” for all the excitement and support for Read4Richmond. Your children and this community are amazing! We are so grateful that this money will be directly used to help support our students’ educational recovery after this challenging past year. Thank you.

    In addition, the second grade classrooms of Mogi-Sensei and Mrs. Fleischman deserve an extra shout-out for both raising the most donations and logging the most minutes! For their hard work they will get to pick the color Principal Young dyes his new haircut -- more information to come!  Thank you ALL and congratulations!  

    PTA Read 4 Richmondに関して 


    PTA General Meeting 2/19 at 8:15am
    Please join us for our second General Meeting of the year. We will provide updates on PTA’s activities thus far, and insight into what’s to come. State Representative Rob Nosse will also be joining us for an informative discussion of his priorities for 2021 and answer any questions you may have. Check back here or on Konstella for the Zoom link to come.

    Thank you for joining us for the 2021 New Year’s Festival
    It was wonderful to see so many smiles. If you missed it, you can watch the recording below.

    Also special guest Yumi Torimaru’s music was amazing!!!!! You must see this!
    <Princess Mononoke - Shinobue Virtual Kids’ LIVE>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19rhW-Y1UJ4
    She made this video for us from the festival.
    Yumi, Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful music with us!
    From PTA Cultural Committee


    <Princess Mononoke - Shinobue Virtual Kids’ LIVE>「もののけ姫」篠笛演奏https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19rhW-Y1UJ4

    Richmond PTA focuses on Equity
    In this section the Equity Committee will share and introduce language related to our equity work both in English and Japanese. This will allow us to learn, use common language and create an opportunity to discuss equity related topics, allowing us to collectively grow as a school community.


    Implicit bias: Also known as unconscious or hidden bias, implicit bias means negative associations that people unknowingly hold. They are expressed automatically, without conscious awareness. Implicit biases affect individuals’ attitudes and actions, creating real-world implications, even though individuals may not even be aware that those biases exist within themselves. Notably, implicit biases have been shown to overshadow individuals’ stated commitments to equality and fairness, thereby producing behavior that diverges from the explicit attitudes that many people profess. Source: Racial Equity Tools, with editing for brevity by Richmond PTA

    Japanese:暗黙のバイアス:暗黙のバイアスは、無意識または隠されたバイアスとしても知られており、人々が無意識のうちに抱いている否定的な関連づけを意味する。それらは意識することなく自動的におもてに現れる。 暗黙のバイアスは、個人の態度や行動に影響を与え、個人がそれらのバイアスが自分の中に存在することに気づいていない場合でも、現実世界の影響を与える。特に、暗黙のバイアスは、平等と公平性に対して個人が表明したコミットメントに影を落とし多くの人々が公言する明示的な態度とは異なる行動を生み出すことが示されている。出典:Racial Equity Tools、リッチモンドPTAによる編集あり (Translation:Mami Kikuchi)

    Free PTA membership!
    We are now offering one complimentary membership to every household, including teachers and staff. You must sign up to become a member. To activate your free membership and its benefits please follow this link: https://forms.gle/xPSeWc7cquihj1Wt5

    Konstella tip of the week!  Not signed up for Konstella yet?  Click here to get registered to receive communication from classroom representatives and your Richmond PTA today!

    Oya No Kai おやのかい

    ONK General Meeting on Wednesday 
    Please join the Oya No Kai Board on Zoom at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 10, for virtual updates on these topics and more: 

    • Honoring Yoko Niki-Breyfogle
    • Financial Update
    • Virtual Auction 
    • PPS Enrollment & Program Balancing 
    • Japanese Conversation Partners 
    • Programs: Trips, Interns & Kurabu
    • Fundraising 

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 837 8992 4201 Passcode: 045221