• 4/12/21

    A message from Portland Public Schools

    April 12, 2021

    From the Principal

    This week, I’d like to share an update regarding our district’s practice to provide COVID-19 testing onsite during the school day. 

    On March 30, PPS shared a message regarding a Health and Safety Reminder - Consent Form. As we shared, PPS is requesting consent from student’s families to test symptomatic students for COVID-19 onsite, during the school day. Your consent is optional. 

    Here are a few options to turn in a signed COVID-19 Testing Consent Form: 

    • Install the Adobe software to enter your certified signature. The consent form can be signed with DocuSign. You can email them to the school secretary.
    • You can print this form at home, sign it and return the form to your school.
    • Schools can send a printed copy to parents/guardians upon request. Families can fill it out and return it with their students. Please reach out to Kirstin Yamakawa (kyamakawa@pps.net) for this option. 

    Tests will only be given to test students who have a consent form on file or to staff who agree to the test.  You can find the forms by clicking in the links below:

    1. English
    2. Spanish
    3. Vietnamese
    4. Chinese
    5. Somali
    6. Russian

    The Student Success & Health Department in partnership with Multnomah Educational Service District (MESD) will oversee the implementation of the program following the COVID-19 Testing in Oregon’s K-12 Schools guidance provided by OHA and DHS. 

    The COVID-19 Testing in Oregon Schools FAQ is linked here.

    Have a great week,

    From the School

    From the School - Updates & Reminders:
    --To support a trauma-informed approach, we are letting our families know that we'll be having a mandated morning and afternoon Earthquake & FireEvac drill on Friday 4/16 so that all on-site students experience this important safety practice. Online synchronous sessions that may be happening for students in CDL during this ~10 mins will only be impacted IF the teacher is teaching the class from inside the building (because they would also need to evacuate). Teachers in that situation have been asked to let their families know about any adjustment to their Friday schedule.
    --We'll continue to add Q&As to the top of our Family Answer Doc and respond weekly to the Q's we get through our Family Q&A Form for as long as it is helpful to the community. We did not receive any new questions last week.

    From Our Counselors and Social Worker
    Due to the addition of hybrid, the counseling team has made some changes to our schedules, such as office hours, recess, and QSA. Click here to see the new schedule. 

    Childcare during hybrid and CDL. Click here for a list of schools hosting child care programs. Also, check here for more outside of school resources. 

    Now, more than ever, safe community gathering spaces are important. To meet the need for this, several Richmond parents and alumni have come together to create a Richmond BIPOC affinity group. The group is meeting every other Wednesday with the next meeting on April 14 from 7-8 PM. Please see the flier for more details or email RichmondBIPOCcommunity@gmail.com

    From the Library
    Let’s Get Reading!  We have changed location and distribution days during hybrid in-person instruction. Book bags are available on Wednesdays from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. We are supplying books from the stairwell door on the south side of Richmond. Enter from the gate located south of the main entrance by the field and grab a bag of library books to go! Invariably, we will continue to follow ODE’s Ready Schools, Safe Learners guidance to ensure library books are quarantined and reorganized before redistribution for everyone’s safety. For additional reading options (eBooks/audiobooks & more), check out the Richmond Library Website. See you Wednesdays! 

    211info Child Care provides free, customized referrals to child care providers and strategies for finding quality child care in Oregon.

    For information and resources on finding quality child care, click here.

    To speak with a Parent Educator about child care resources:

    CALL 211 or 1-866-698-6155 
    TEXT keyword "children" or "ninos" to 898211 (TXT211)
    EMAIL children@211info.org
    HOURS Monday-Friday 7am-11pm; Saturday-Sunday 8am-8pm

    To search for child care providers online, click here. Materials can also be downloaded here. Bilingual staff and interpreters are available to serve families in all languages.

    From the Community

    Richmond Foundation リッチモンドファウンデーション

    Greetings Richmond Community,
    We are looking for community members who would like to volunteer their time to help support Foundation goals through serving on the Foundation board. The Foundation has members that are graduating with their child and therefore need some new folks to join the team. If you’d like more information, please reach out at rsf.pdx@gmail.com or check out our new website https://www.richmondschoolfoundation.org/.


    Japanese Cooking Event!
    There are several ways to participate:

    1. Gather ingredients
    2. Join one of the informational Zoom meetings
    3. Cook
    4. Share!

    Over 200 families signed up for curry packages provided by PTA. Don’t worry if you do not have a kit, you can still get cooking with your own ingredients! You can join one of the zoom events on Friday 4/16 or Saturday 4/17, and then cook that weekend or any day that works for your family. Snap a photo and share on social media with our community.

    This project was made possible by a grant from National PTA to help provide support to families during the pandemic. Richmond PTA has tried to create something that bolsters community spirit, sparks joy for families, and brings everyone together, at least virtually, to enjoy Japanese culture, food and fun. 

    Below are details for:
    - Online 'learn about curry' Zoom events
    - Kit contents and online resources

    Join us online to learn about curry!
    See Zoom meeting times below.
    The fun will include curry quizzes, songs, origami and more! We won’t be making curry together, just learning about it and practicing our Japanese!

    We’ll be hosting two Zoom meetings. Both cover the same content and activities, so choose the best one for your schedule. We hope to see you there!

    4/16 Fri. 4:00–4:45pm
    Meeting ID: 845 2644 6538 Passcode: 928948

    4/17 Sat. 10:00–10:45am
    Meeting ID: 824 8322 9374 Passcode: 898622

    Here are the contents of the kits PTA put together, you can purchase some or all of these items if you did not sign up for a kit.
    *curry sauce box    
    *rice packet   
    *origami paper      
    *activity placemats/ sheets

    We recommend that you look through the contents of the kit and spend some time enjoying the activities and making the dinner together as a family. Many resources including the curry recipe, a cooking demo, origami instructions, Japanese Bingo and more can be found on this Padlet: https://padlet.com/jmprich2032/srgoklb10e0fkgfh Password: jpcurry

    We encourage families who are members of the Richmond JDLI Community Facebook page to share photos of your family enjoying the activities on the PTA Japanese Curry Cooking event page. Let’s create some excitement and memories with our kids!



    このキットには、ゴールデンカレー一箱(甘口)、お米(2合)、折り紙、シール、ランチョンマット/ アクティビティシートが含まれています。


    https://padlet.com/jmprich2032/srgoklb10e0fkgfh  Password: jpcurry

    FacebookのRichmond JDLI CommunityグループにPTA Japanese Curry Cooking Eventという投稿がありますので、ご家族でアクティビティをしている所や、カレーを作ったり食べたりしている写真などを是非投稿して下さい。子供達と一緒にワクワクとした思い出を作りましょう!





    下のpadletのリンクを見ていただくと、お子さんと一緒に楽しめるアクティビティやレシピ等があります。ぜひチェックしてください!https://padlet.com/jmprich2032/srgoklb10e0fkgfh  Password: jpcurry



    New Family Tea April 19th at 8:30am!
    Families New to Richmond! Please join Richmond PTA for our second New Family Welcome event of the year. Grab your favorite beverage and join fellow parents, administration, and parent organizations for this virtual event. After many months of this most unique school year, we want to check-in, connect you with your community, offer advice and tips and answer any questions you may have. 

    When: Monday, April 19th at 8:30am
    Where: Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85385655087?pwd=NWE4cGFtT2xnRTJzQ1E4UTFFVllqUT09
    Meeting ID: 853 8565 5087 Passcode: 219417

    Bulldog Gear
    Keep an eye out in next week’s Bulldog Bulletin for an opportunity to place an order for clothing, bags, and facemasks emblazoned with the Richmond Bulldog logo. Orders can be placed beginning April 19th until May 3rd, with mail or pickup options. 

    Richmond PTA focuses on Equity
    In this section the Equity Committee will share and introduce language related to our equity work both in English and Japanese. This will allow us to learn, use common language and create an opportunity to discuss equity related topics, allowing us to collectively grow as a school community.

    Race: Race is a made-up social construct, and not an actual biological fact. Race designations have changed over time. Some groups that are considered “white” in the United States today were considered “non-white” in previous eras (for example, Irish, Italian, and Jewish people).
    The way in which racial categorizations are enforced (the shape of racism) has also changed over time. For example, the racial designation of Asian American and Pacific Islander changed four times in the 19th century. That is, they were defined at times as white and at other times as not white. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, as designated groups, have been used by whites at different times in history to compete with African American labor. Source: https://www.racialequitytools.org/glossary 

    また、人種的区分(人種差別の様式)も時代によって変化します。例えば、アジア系アメリカ人や太平洋諸島人の人種呼称は、19世紀に4回も変更されています。つまり、ある時は白人と定義され、またある時は非白人と定義されたのです。アジア系アメリカ人と太平洋諸島人と呼ばれる人々は、アフリカ系アメリカ人の労働力と競争させるために、歴史上のさまざまな時期に白人に利用されました。出典:Racial Equity Tools、 (Translation:Mami Kikuchi)

    Learn more:
    Read this article and watched the video from Robin DiAngelo, “How has your life been shaped by your race?”
    Listen to this podcast about How Race was Made on the series ‘Seeing Whiteness’ from Scene on Radio.
    Listen and read why the CDC just declared Racism a Public Health Threat 

    Free PTA membership!
    We are now offering one complimentary membership to every household, including teachers and staff. You must sign up to become a member. To activate your free membership and its benefits please follow this link: https://forms.gle/xPSeWc7cquihj1Wt5

    Konstella tip of the week!  Not signed up for Konstella yet?  Click here to get registered to receive communication from classroom representatives and your Richmond PTA today!

    Oya No Kai おやのかい

    Virtual ONK Auction Raises $45,000!
    Thank you to all those who joined us at Oya No Kai’s first virtual auction! Our generous donors and enthusiastic online bidders helped us raise $45,000 for our intern program, trip scholarships, and supplemental Japanese education opportunities. We are so grateful for your support.

    Special thanks to Sean Egusa, our emcee, and Andre Salcido, our auctioneer, for another fun and successful evening. Big thanks also to Yumi Wong, Courtney Knudson, Tricia Waineo and everyone who volunteered behind the scenes to deliver meals, edit videos, and provide technical and moral support. We couldn’t have done it without you!

    If you missed out on the auction, there's still an opportunity to join some fun sign-up parties: https://onk.tofinoauctions.com/auction2021/catalog. The online catalog closes April 30. 

    Thank you very much!  ありがとうございました!