• 4/19/2021

    A message from Portland Public Schools

    April 19, 2021

    From the Principal

    Thank you for making our transition to continued distance learning and new in-person instruction such a success over the last few weeks. Things have been running relatively smoothly and we’re thankful for the continued community support and ongoing problem solving. Here are just a few important bits of information that I’d like to highlight this week: 

    • For families participating in in-person learning: Our arrivals and dismissals are working well and we’re noticing that we have more time than we need for our health and safety screenings. Therefore, beginning Thursday, April 22 and for the remainder of the year, our staff will begin arrival duty at the regular times (7 minutes before the start of the school day). For the AM cohort, this means school staff will be outside to greet students at 7:53 am (rather than 7:45 am) and for the PM cohort we’ll be outside to greet students at 12:08 pm (rather than 12:00 pm). We hope these few extra minutes help all members of our community with getting safely to Richmond and as the weather returns to more seasonal temperatures, it will reduce the amount of time that students are waiting outside. 
    • For families of students in 3rd-5th grades: Last week you should have received district communication about your students’ participation in the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessments. The data gathered from this assessment is in no way designed for high-stakes decisions on individual students or to pass judgment on teachers. Instead, the district will use this data to design learning recovery programming for students across schools and the district. 
    • For all families: 3rd Quarter Report Cards should be complete by the end of this week. Students who are participating in in-person instruction will receive a printed copy of the report from their teacher on Friday. Students who are participating in continued distance learning will receive a printed copy of the report through USPS. 

    I hope you find this information helpful and I hope you enjoy this week and warm weather and sun that we’ll have (at least for the first few days), 


    From the School

    From the School - Updates & Reminders:
    - No Oregon State Testing this year for our students per the PPS School Board vote last week.
    - If your child was at school on Friday, please thank them for great Earthquake & FireEvac drill practice. We ended up doing more than we had planned; apologies for any stress this surprise extra may have caused. The good news is that all the campus emergency system upgrades are working well & our community knows what to do! We have a few PDX Neighborhood NET Team tips to share with families related to personal Earthquake preparation. 
    -- Helpful Tips on what to do in the 1st 5 min after an Earthquake
    -- Out of state emergency contacts. You know you need at least one. Be sure they know they are yours! How to have them identified in your phone: 
    --- On iPhones: Any contact who has been "favorited" can also be added as an emergency contact. When looking at the contact info, scroll to the bottom and click "Add to emergency contacts". This person will now have a * after their name and is on your emergency list. 
    ---On Androids: Go to Settings/About Phone/Emergency Information. Enter the info you want to share by tapping on the category and following the prompts.  

    From Our Counselors and Social Worker
    Dear Richmond Families,
    There is a free book download from A Kids Book About group. This book is called "A Kids Book About Anti-Asian Hate" by Kim Pham. Click here to download it. There will be options on where to download, such as to your computer or reading device. 

    Ride Connection is providing free rides to people who need to get vaccinated at the age of 60+ and/or have disabilities. Learn more here

    District wide supports and crisis recovery for Black students, click here. For more information please contact one of the facilitators: Maurice Phillips mphilli1@pps.net or Jonicia Shelton jshelton@pps.net.

    From the Library
    Students & Families!  
    It’s Spring Cleaning time at your School Library! 
    Do you have library and textbooks materials at home you are not using? 
    Please check your shelves, under the bed, behind the couch, everywhere! for books to return to the library.  Bring them to the book bag exchange on Wednesdays from 11-3 PM or return them to your classrooms for pick up.  Contact hwaters@pps.net or mgeorge@pps.net if you have any questions.  Help us keep our library and textbook materials available for all to use and enjoy. 

    Let’s Get Reading!  We have changed location and distribution days during hybrid in-person instruction. Book bags are available on Wednesdays from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. We are supplying books from the stairwell door on the south side of Richmond. CDL students may also pick up books placed on HOLD during this time. Invariably, we will continue to follow ODE’s Ready Schools, Safe Learners guidance to ensure library books are quarantined and reorganized before redistribution for everyone’s safety. See you Wednesdays! 

    Dismissal Plan
    For families with students attending in-person: If you haven’t already, be sure to submit a Dismissal/Bus Plan (formerly After School Plan) response to our new GForm asap. You may use this same form to submit same day and/or permanent changes to your student’s dismissal plan.

    Continuing at Richmond Next Year? 
    Attention KG - 4th Grade Families: If you do not plan to return to Richmond for the 2021/2022 school year, please let us know by emailing Kirstin at kyamakawa@pps.net. Thank you!

    From the Community


    Breakfast in the Garden is back!
    In honor of Earth Day, please join the Super Green Team for Breakfast in the Garden BYO style, and help us beautify the school grounds. 

    When: Saturday April 24, 9a-noon
    Where: Richmond Elementary - meet in the school parking area at the circle of benches in the Nature Path. 
    What: Breakfast in the Garden is our monthly work party where we maintain the school garden and natural areas. We remove weeds and clean up the garden beds, turn over the compost in the learning garden, and prune as needed. Bring your gloves, garden tools, and enthusiasm! Children welcome! We will follow the CDC’s Covid guidelines, masking and maintaining distance from those not in our households. We will not provide breakfast treats due to Covid, but we can enjoy conversation and make our grounds more beautiful together. 
    Special request - persimmon trees need pruning, if you know how, please stop by!  

    Plant Sale Pick Up
    Thank you to everyone who ordered vegetable starts and flowers from the PTA plant sale. Please sign up here and choose a time to pick up your order on Friday May 7, between 2-5pm at Bleeding Hearts Kettlebell Club, 2043 SE 50th Ave. You will drive up and volunteers will load your order into your vehicle. Any questions/concerns please reach out to Kristina at greenteamrichmond@gmail.com   

    Bulldog Gear
    Bulldog Gear is coming back! Show off your school spirit with the Richmond Bulldog logo proudly emblazoned upon clothing in youth & adult sizes, bags, facemasks, and other great items. We’ll have a website link going live for two weeks starting Wednesday 4/21. All orders must be placed online by May 5th, and can either be shipped directly to your home with a small shipping fee, or picked up at Richmond on May 26th. Keep an eye out in the next couple days for the link to order from on Facebook and Konstella.

    3rd-5th grade families: It’s Time for Books Do Battle - This Year’s OBOB Celebration
    Many Richmond students have been waiting for their chance to do Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB). Maybe your family already has the books, and your kids have been reading and enjoying them. And maybe they haven’t started yet. It’s all good - it’s not too late to celebrate! The COVID pandemic has required us to get creative about OBOB, but we are still here to celebrate books, the love of reading, and *especially* the places reading can take us in a year constrained by COVID.

    This year’s OBOB celebration runs from April 26 to May 24 - but reading can start anytime! Learn more about OBOB and register here.

    Richmond PTA focuses on Equity
    In this section the Equity Committee will share and introduce language related to our equity work both in English and Japanese. This will allow us to learn, use common language and create an opportunity to discuss equity related topics, allowing us to collectively grow as a school community.

    Whiteness: The term white, referring to people, was created by Virginia slave owners and colonial rules in the 17th century. It replaced terms like Christian and Englishman to distinguish European colonists from Africans and indigenous peoples. European colonial powers established whiteness as a legal concept after Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676, during which indentured servants of European and African descent had united against the colonial elite. The legal distinction of white separated the servant class on the basis of skin color and continental origin. The creation of ‘whiteness’ meant giving privileges to some, while denying them to others with the justification of biological and social inferiority. Source: https://www.racialequitytools.org/glossary

    ホワイトネス(白人性):17世紀のバージニア州の奴隷所有者と植民地規則によって、「ホワイト(白人)」という用語が特定の人々を示す語として作り出され、クリスチャンやイギリス本国人といった呼称の代わりに、ヨーロッパ系入植者とアフリカ人や先住民を区別するために使われました。1676年にヨーロッパ系とアフリカ系の年季奉公人が結束して植民地の上流階級に反抗した「ベイコンの反乱」後、ヨーロッパの植民地権力者は、ホワイトネスを法的な概念として確立し、白人という法律区分によって、肌の色と大陸の出自に基づいて使用人階級を分断しました。「ホワイトネス」が作り出され、生物学的・社会的に劣っているとの主張を正当化することで、特定の人々にだけ特権を与えられることになりました。出典:Racial Equity Tools、 (Translation:Mami Kikuchi)  

    Would you be interested in joining an affinity space at Richmond? Please fill out the short anonymous form to let the Equity committee know what type of affinity space would best meet your needs. Link to form.
    どのような活動をご希望か簡単な匿名アンケートにお答え下さい。Link to form

    Learn more:
    Watch this 10 minute PBS video explaining The Origin of Race in the USA.
    Read this article about Dismantling White Supremacy in Your Everyday Life.
    Listen or read this NPR article about how being ‘Not Racist’ is not enough: Putting in the Work to be Anti-Racist.