• Update

    Dear Rieke rocket community,

    I hope everyone is healthy and at least finding some ways to enjoy the beautiful weather. As an educator in my 29th year I can honestly, and obviously, say I have never faced such a challenge. I continue to try and stay calm and adapt and I hope somehow you all can too. I want everyone to know that the entire staff, Team Rieke, misses your children and deeply cares for their well-being and success. I am planning to continue the video news soon with updates and some musical interludes at www.pps.net/rieke.

    For the time being Rieke will be used for childcare for OHSU first responders and their family needs. The custodial staff is busy deep cleaning and the teachers have come and cleaned up their rooms. Thank you in advance for supporting this endeavor.

    We are waiting for a district level plan regarding any plan for instruction and curriculum resources. As details emerge I expect PPS to notify families and then we will message how that plan may look like from Rieke. But at this point, we ask for your patience. There are curriculum materials available at the PPS meal sites. On the west side this is at Markham Elementary.

    Please continue to follow PPS communications and stay safe. Please follow the Oregon governor’s guidelines around exposure and personal/community safety. We are all in this together even if we are doing it from a distance.



    Jon Jeans-Principal