• Welcome back to the new world 3/30

    Dear Rieke rocket community,

    I miss you all! I hope everyone is healthy and somehow finding some silver linings daily during this crisis. I empathize with the challenges of parenting at this time! Children run through a wide array of emotions throughout each day and week, as do we. Luckily, I have found many magical moments with my children (grades 2 and 4) and family as we experience life daily. I hope you are as well!

    The Rieke auction committee has decided to move our annual auction to an online auction. They will be sending out information at the end of this week. While we will miss the energy of the party we hope everyone can participate, have fun, and help Rieke continue to raise the money we need to hire support staff.

    A PPS email was sent to you on Friday outlining the plan PPS has developed for home-based learning while our schools are closed in Oregon. The email had a lot of information in it, so I thought it might be helpful to highlight some key elements that will directly impact Rieke students and staff.

    There is a district-wide plan for home-based learning. Over the last two weeks, paper copies of language arts and math materials have been provided to students who have gone to the schools providing breakfast and lunch. This continues, on the west side that site in Markham. In addition to these paper materials, our teachers will begin providing students and families with more clear online learning opportunities starting the week of 4/6. Some of the work students are given will be done independently and there will also be times when students can connect to their teachers and classmates virtually or by phone. While many of our students and teachers are already familiar with the online programs being used for this, some of the platforms are new to them. To give teachers time to learn how to best provide online learning opportunities and become familiar with these new resources, teachers and I will be engaged in professional development this week. Instructional curriculum, focused on reading, writing and math, then should begin next week. Thank you for continued patience!

    We are all facing unprecedented challenges because of the devastating impact of COVID-19. While we recognize that these online learning opportunities will not replace being in a classroom each day with a caring, competent educator, we know that social isolation can have an array of effects such as depression, anxiety, and loneliness especially on young children. To combat these issues, we are working hard to keep our children connected to their teacher and classmates through these difficult times by using online programs. While we believe that keeping the valuable connections students and teachers have made will help provide some stability to our children’s worlds, we also recognize that school may not be your primary focus at this time, and that is okay! We hope that you will do what you can to encourage your child to participate in some of the opportunities being provided and understand if they cannot do it all.

    If your child needs technology or Wi-Fi access to participate in online learning, please let me know as soon as possible, jjeans@pps.net. The district was overwhelmed by the response and is working hard to distribute requested devices this week to grade 4-12 students. They are working on the next stage of this technology roll out for younger students and those who requested but have been told they must submit again later.

    For more information about the district’s response to the coronavirus, please visit pps.net/coronavirus.

    Please check our website www.pps.rieke for video updates and information. Cheers?

    Jon Jeans-Principal