• School Schedule

    20-21 RP Master ScheduleK-1 Schedule


    Dear Rosa Parks Students and Families,Thank you all for a great “soft” start to our school year. I have seen many of you meeting withyour teachers and commented on some of the incredible student work in your See-Sawclassrooms. I am very grateful for your engagement and flexibility as we navigate the start ofwhat I am sure will be a school year filled with great opportunities for nurturing a growthmindset.

    In order to create some consistency for families and students we have created a studentschedule with consistent times for you to know when your child will be participating in “alltogether” (synchronous) online instruction and when they will participate in “on your own”(asynchronous) online activities. The schedule provided below will begin on Monday,September 14​th​, 2020. I appreciate all your partnership in this new distance learning model.

    Every day Monday - Friday your child’s teacher will begin ​“all together learning”​, live virtualinstruction at 10:00am​. This will involve a lesson for the day and small group instruction.Depending on the day students will work on either Math or Language Arts integrated with SocialStudies. This instruction will last until 12:15pm when students will have lunch and a recessbreak. ​All together instruction will pick back up at 1:00pm and run until 2:00pm​. These blocks oftime are colored in green on our student schedule.

    Students will also have opportunities to participate in ​“on your own”​ learning without the directinstruction of a teacher. These may involve a variety of learning applications focused ondifferent content areas. These blocks of time are colored in purple on our student schedule.

    Specials like P.E., Music and some SEL meetings (social emotional learning) will be delivered in a hybrid model meaning that some classes will be all together and some will be recorded andposted in See-Saw for students to access when they are able. These blocks of time are coloredin teal on our student schedule.We have worked very hard and will continue to work hard to ensure we are doing everything wecan to support your child’s learning while we remain in distance learning. Please reach out toyour child’s teacher or the front office if you have questions or we can help in any way. Thankyou all for your flexibility and partnership as we embark on a new and very different school year.

    Your Principal,
    Dr. Kevin Walker