• Roseway Information

    Dear Families:

    Our current world situation is unprecedented in our lifetimes. As a school community we have been working at operating as “usual” while addressing the unusual circumstances that accompany COVID-19. In the past few days, I have seen staff and students come together as we prepare to close school early for spring break. We know school closures may add stress to this already difficult situation. In this newsletter, you will find links for students to be able to work online and the school has allowed students to check out books. We wish you all the best and hope you will be able to enjoy this time with your family.

    Scholastic Learn at Home
    Scholastic has developed Scholastic Learn at Home online resources, designed to meet the needs of all of our K-12 students who are now prevented from attending their school campus environments for an indefinite period of time. This free resource provides all students 20* days’ worth of learning journeys that span the content areas so you can keep your students academically active while your buildings are closed. The Scholastic Learn at Home website does not require a username or password and is open freely to all, on any device. www.scholastic.com/learnathome

    At Home Use Tech Letters
    Students can continue to learn at home on the software that PPS provides, including STMath & Dreambox, Lexia Core 5 and MyON is a digital library. The At Home Use Tech letters is attached with log-in information. If you are not sure of your student’s ID number, you can look on ParentVue.

    Building Closed for Cleaning
    All PPS schools will be closed for cleaning for the next two weeks. No staff will be available at that time, which means that email and messages may not be returned. We will be back in contact when schools are permitted to open again.

    Punctuality Promoters
    Roseway Heights has been working to decrease tardiness to class. Arriving on time is an important skill in life and school. The challenge ends today with a special recess for the students that were eligible. We are pleased to report that over 500 students met the punctuality challenge!

    8th Grade Points
    Because middle school matters and eight graders start getting ready to transition to high school during the spring, the eighth grade teachers are starting a challenge for all eight graders. In this challenge, they will earn an activity at the end of the period. The period started today and it will end April 10th. The reward activity will be Friday, April 17th. Students will be held accountable for their timeliness to class, their preparedness, their engagement with the work and their respectful behavior. This will be tracked using a point system. Every student will start with 500 points. Students that do not meet expectations will have points deducted. This will be tracked by teachers and students can talk with the teacher if they lost points and want to make it up. The administrator supporting the eighth grade teachers with this system is Mrs. Santiago. Feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns. I have attached the link to look at the presentation that 8th grade was given today regarding this point system. Thank you for your support!

    Lockers Update
    Assistant Principal Breaker and I met several times with staff from the district regarding locker repairs. While contractors have been on site, many lockers are still not fixed. We have list of the lockers that still do not function properly and the district is working on long-term fix over the next two weeks. We apologize for the problems the locker situation as caused. We are doing locker cleanout today, so expect your child to bring things home.

    I look forward to seeing everyone in April.