• Skyline K-8 Things to Know

    Skyline K-8 is an IB School.  What does that mean?

     Skyline’s International Baccalaureate program consists of our Middle Years Program (MYP), 6th through 8th grade, and our Primary Years Program (PYP), kindergarten through 5th grade. The MYP and PYP are curriculum frameworks that align with state standards and provide students with levels of academic challenge and relevant real-world connections. Our IB program also provides the support and guidance for our students as  global learners. Every year we examine our teaching and learning practices, increase inquiry based assignments and assessments, help students see the connections of concepts across content areas, and build the structures as an official PYP/MYP School. Throughout this year we will be highlighting the work at the building level through our newsletters, school events, website and Twitter accounts. Mrs. Dunn, our IB Coordinator, has a Skyline K-8 IB Twitter account for you to follow Skyline K -8 IB @skyline_ib.  


    The best way to communicate with staff (teachers or admin) is to email us. We will do our very best to respond within 24-48 hours, even if simply to say we will get back to you with more information when we have it. Of course, if you do not have email, contacting staff by phone is certainly acceptable.

    Student Absences

    Please call the attendance line at 503-916-5212 or email Carol Reifsteck at skylineoffice@pps.net when your student will more than 15 minutes late or absent.  We are in the process of trying to get a separate phone line for absences so this number could change.

    Drop Off and Pick up

    We will be sending out our preferred dismissal plan to all families next week.  Please complete and return before school starts. Bus tags will be made and delivered to students in grades K-3  on their first day of school.

    Students are to arrive no earlier than 8:30 a.m. as we are unable to provide supervision until 8:30 a.m.  All students in grades K-8 will report to the gym and wait there until dismissed unless they have a scheduled appointment with a teacher.  K-5 classes will line up in the gymnasium and be dismissed by class. Middle school students will be dismissed to first period.

    At dismissal K-5 teachers will walk their classes out, dropping bus riders at their buses first and then releasing to parents who are at school for pick up and Kidsplace.  We ask that all parents wait in the parking lot behind the chain so that teachers can ensure all of their students are released safely and appropriately.

    At the end of the day, if you have the occasional change in plans, please contact the office before 1:00pm. We understand there is the occasional emergency. That said, it is disruptive, not only to your child, but to the learning environment of the entire class when several going home plan changes come in at the end of each school day.

    May I walk my student to class on the first day of school?

    Parents are welcome to escort their students to class on the first day of school. After the first day, any parent that enters the building must sign in at the office. To build independence we ask that parents say good-bye at the entrance of the school. We are instilling a sense of independence and confidence in children and also want to encourage timeliness.

    New Visitor/Volunteer Sign-In/Out

    Portland Public Schools is implementing a new procedure for visitor/volunteer sign-in/out at all PPS schools, utilizing new software and equipment, called Raptor. Part of keeping students and staff safe is knowing who is in our buildings at all times, and the Raptor system will allow us to do that. If you are going beyond the front office, please be prepared to present a government-issued ID. The front office will scan the ID and issue a name badge. Volunteers should visit www.pps.net/volunteer to view a Mandatory Volunteer Training and to access the online volunteer application. 


    Please consider volunteering this year! There are many areas where we can use your help, and parents/guardians are always welcome. Our students can greatly benefit from your involvement and contributions to the school’s program and its operations.  We seek volunteers to help us with the following activities: 

    1.  Teacher-led instructional support, usually in the classroom or helping prep materials

    2.  Lunch Help

    3. Library (Shelving, Book Fair, etc.)

    4.  School-wide events, field trips