• Kidsplace Security Changes

    Hello Kidsplace Families-
    We got to talk to a lot of you today about the changes coming up at Skyline School and how it will affect Kidsplace. Starting on Thursday, January 30th the school is going to be locked all day and throughout the evening. We have figured out a way that should be pretty convenient for everyone and hopefully become a new easy routine.
    In the mornings the front main entrance door will be locked until Deb the secretary starts work at 7:30 am. Once she has started she will let you in after you buzz the main front door. Many of you arrive before 7:30 and we're asking that you call Kidsplace at 503.535.3612 and we will know you're coming. The entrance we will be using goes into the Kitchen next to the cafeteria. You can drive around the school to the back and park and walk down a small flight of stairs where the kitchen door is and we will let you in. So from 7 until 7:30 please call and use the kitchen entrance to enter. 
    In the evenings Deb will be in the office until 4 o'clock and will buzz you in the front main entrance. After 4:00 o'clock  please call  and drive around the school to the back and park and walk down to the kitchen door where we will meet you and let you in.
    Because of these hours we should miss any bus traffic and once we get used to it I think it will actually be easier for you.
    At this time there is still no texting on our Kidsplace phone. The tech person at PJA is looking into getting that up and running but for now please call. If you have any concerns or questions please let us know. There will be the same changes for all after school activities and everyone is going to have to be flexible and do a little planning for the security of the kids. Tomorrow is Wednesday and we will start this new plan on Thursday, January 30th.
    Thanks for your help and understanding, if there are wrinkles we will smooth them out as soon as possible.
    Jolene and Amanda

    Jolene Williams
    Site Director of Kidsplace 
    Afterschool Program