• SES Messenger for October 25 2019

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    • School News to Know
    • Upcoming Dates
    • Websites to Know
    • Middle School Dance (NEW)
    • Anti-Racist Reading and Resources 
    • Lockdown Drill 
    • News from SESPTSA (NEW)
    School News to Know
    What a big day at Sunnyside! 
    This morning, your students are participating in the annual SES Run/Walk/Move. Music is blaring, bodies are sweaty, big kids are cheering on the little kids, and ear-to-ear smiles are on a lot of faces around here. This PTSA fundraiser is an annual tradition, one that can raise $10K-15K to support a variety of programs here at school. Thank you to all of the adults--staff and volunteers--who help make this event a success. Some of you are here clapping and encouraging students directly, tallying laps and dances, or handing out water and snacks. Whether you’re physically here or not, the school feels support from each and every family through your trust, care and partnership. As always, THANK YOU for donating your time, money and energy in generous support of SES.
    In addition to the Run/Walk/Move we are also planning for tomorrow’s Harvest Fair, a curriculum showcase and community event from 4 pm-7 pm. Harvest Fair is also a long standing Sunnyside tradition, one where we are together as a community to celebrate our school and our students. Tomorrow’s event features a 1st-2nd grade curriculum showcase, a magical cookie palace, a carnival with games run by our middle school students, Makerspace crafts, a dunk tank, a baked goods boogie, an old-fashioned cider press, and an array of delicious food. This is truly a community event, and it would not be possible without the collaborative hard work of the community coming together in preparation and also coming together in celebration. Thank you.
    I would like to share one logistical piece of information for tomorrow’s festival. As a community event, the Harvest Fair is open to the public. Extended family, neighbors, community members and folks from other schools do attend this event. Most external doors are open and unlocked, and visitors and guests do not sign in. They also do not complete the standard background check form that would be required if this were a typical school day. I share this with you simply to provide context, and also in the hopes that families can talk together to increase personal awareness and student safety during the festival. Students are not supervised by school staff at Harvest Fair. Students are supervised by their home adults at this event. If you choose to allow your child to roam independently without an adult close by, please remind them that even though they are inside their school the protocols for visitors are not the same as a regular school day. During tomorrow’s event the campus is open to the neighborhood. Please let your child know that they can expect for unknown adults to be on campus with them. Staff will be present with walkie talkies, and students will likely be able to find an adult quickly if they need assistance. 
    Thank you again for your support within our school community. On this busy Friday, the school feels celebratory and happy, and it warms my heart to be surrounded by this positive energy. I hope to see you all tomorrow! 
    —Amy and Alix
    Upcoming Dates 
    Check the district online calendar here

    Saturday, October 26

    Harvest Fair, 4:00 - 7:00

    Tuesday, October 29

    School Photo Make Up Day

    Friday, November 1

    End of Quarter 1 Planning Day (no school)

    Friday, November 8

    Middle School Dance, 6:30-8:30

    Monday, November 10

    Veterans Day (no school)

    Wednesday, November 20

    PTSA Board Meeting

    Websites to Know
    Middle School Dance 11/8/19 - Chaperones Needed (NEW)
    Our second middle school dance is coming up on Friday, November 8 from 6:30-8:30 pm. For the dance to happen, we will need chaperones! Sign up here to chaperone or bring snacks. Chaperones should register in the new Volunteer & Visitor sign-in system (Raptor) and complete a background screen (state issued photo ID required) in the SES office if you have not already done so.
    The dance starts promptly at 6:30 and ends at 8:30—please make sure students have plans to arrive and leave at these precise times. Permission slips will come home a few days before the event. We request a $5 donation to cover the cost of the dance, but no child will be turned away for lack of funds.
    Anti-Racist Reading and Resources
    Here is an opinion piece published in the New York Times last week, urging parents to “understand how white supremacists prey on teen boys, so they can intervene.” If you have questions about how this is connected to our work at Sunnyside, please email akleiner@pps.net.
    Lockdown Drill
    PPS safety protocols require us to practice monthly safety drills. We’ve already practiced two fire drills and one earthquake drill. On October 30, we will practice our first lockdown drill which requires students and staff to follow the prompt: “Locks, Lights, Out of Sight”. This means that staff and students remain behind locked doors, turn off lights and gather in a corner, quietly.
    While our staff does a phenomenal job describing the reasons for the drill for their specific grade level, this may bring up feelings for some students.
    News from SESPTSA (NEW)
    And check back often for updates!
    • SES's Annual Harvest Fair Needs You! 
      Harvest Fair is TOMORROW! Volunteer spots are available and PTSA could really use YOUR help with many fun shifts tomorrow, Saturday, October 26. Please also consider delivering cookies or a baked good (allergy-friendly options welcome) for the boogie (bring them Saturday afternoon), and/or small, unused toys for our hay bales of mystery (drop off in the main office anytime). CLAIM YOUR VOLUNTEER SHIFTS HERE: bit.ly/SES-HF19-Volunteer

      Thank you very much! Contact Steph Barnhart at stephbarnhart1@gmail.com with questions / ideas.

    • PIES for the Holidays fundraiser for the GO Fund!
      Order holiday pies through the PTSA--33% goes to the GO Fund. This is similar to the gift card program, pies are the same price as they are at New Seasons and Whole Foods but a large portion gets donated back to SES--no extra cost to you. Keep your eye out for an order form from your student. There will also be order forms available at Harvest Fair on Saturday. Yay Pies!

    • After School Classes at SES
      A volunteer has put together a list of all the after-school class currently offered at Sunnyside---you can see the list on the SES PTSA website under the Monthly Info sub menu called After School Activities or with a direct link to the list here. The list will be updates in December with classes starting in January. If you know of a class that should be on the list, please email her at kristing@gmail.com.

    • How to Communicate To the School via the PTSA
      We have three types of information that are sent out to parents and students at SES: 1) School related matters; 2) PTSA events, meetings, call for volunteers; and 3) community events.

      This year, we’ve had a change in how messages are being sent out. The school’s office is sending out a weekly message that will primarily have information about the school. This newsletter will also have some information about PTSA events with a link to the PTSA website. This is not a newsletter for community events.

      For PTSA volunteers who want to get messages out and for others who are requesting community events, please follow these steps to request a message to be posted:

    1. Go to the PTSA website here: https://www.sesptsa.org/communications/contact-the-ses-ptsa/
    2. On that page, fill out the form.
    3. On the drop down menu entitled: "Who would you like to receive your message?" select Website/communications.
    4. Your request will then be forwarded to the communications team who will post the message on the SES PTSA website and social media, and forward to room parents.

      The office might choose to post a PTSA event in the weekly email, but not all. We need to encourage people to go to the PTSA website at www.sesptsa.org for the most up-to-date information. You can also post a message on the PTSA Facebook page yourself.