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    School News (NEW)

    Hello SES Community,

    What a week it’s been. There is so much going on, both nationally and locally--for this week’s newsletter we wanted to share some information about our school park as we are getting several questions from neighbors and families. 

    --A handful of PPS sites are part of a shared use agreement with Portland Parks and Rec (PPR), and Sunnyside Park is part of this legally binding agreement. This means that when students are physically in school, we use the park as our playground during certain hours of the week day, but otherwise it is classified as a city park and is under the supervision of PPR. 

    --This means that our school staff has limited involvement in regard to the current community of campers in the park. Below is some recent language from Tim Carman, our contact at the district in the facilities department:

    “Portland Public Schools holds no authority over how the park is used. I would like to point out that the same is true to how the sidewalk surrounding the entire block and all other public easements adjacent to the school are governed.   

    The area that is owned by the School District is not open to formal use by large groups. We are not granting permits to use the school grounds for organized events. however we are no longer enforcing the total closure of grounds. This means that the grounds are open for unsupervised general use by the public. 

    We have a security contractor that makes periodic rounds of our sites to ensure that prohibited activities are not taking place and to help prevent graffiti and vandalism. Sunnyside is receiving increased daily site checks because of the activities in the general area.”

    That said, the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association (SNA) is working hard with a group of community members to care for the park area, as well as the folks who are temporarily camped there. Please see the attached links with contact information for folks in the SNA, as well as a recent article that was published in Street Roots newspaper regarding a Restorative Justice circle that took place in the park over break. 



    Hopefully the resources above help provide both clarity as well as contact information for folks who would like to become involved in this SNA community project. 

    Thank you,
    Amy and Alix

    Upcoming Dates (NEW)

    Monday, January 18 NO SCHOOL (Dr. MLK Jr Day)
    Wednesday, Jan 20, 6:30-8:00 SES PTSA General Meeting (open to all)
    Thu-Fri, Jan 21-22, 10:00-11:00 Middle School Mini-Classes
    Thursday, January 28 End of Quarter 2
    Friday, January 29 NO SCHOOL (teacher planning day)

    Websites to Know
    District COVID Resources & Info
    PPS Family Resources Page
    Sunnyside School Page
    SES PTSA website
    SES COVID Fund on Venmo

    Talking to Students about Events at the Capitol - Family Resources (NEW)
    As a K-8 school with nine grades, Sunnyside is on a unique child development spectrum. As a result, the conversations that took place this week differed depending upon the grade, the class, and the feelings within those groups. Teachers shared resources with one another in order to prepare for conversations with students about Wednesday’s events and classes talked as whole groups, in small meetings, as well as in one-on-ones. We combed through these shared resources for information that would be helpful for families. If you are looking for ways to talk to your children, here are a few items we hope will help:

    Connect with Caitlin Quinn (drama, art, classes, etc) (NEW)
    Want to reconnect with Caitlin Quinn? Caitlin, Sunnyside’s former art teacher, artist in residence, and summer camp instructor, is sending out a weekly newsletter and has some great, new offerings for kiddos and families. You can find out more at her ReFrame Collective site HERE.

    Volunteers Wanted: Teach a MS Mini-Class (NEW)
    For many years it has been a tradition in the SES middle school to invite parents, guardians, and community members to teach mini-classes. This is a time when we draw on the expertise and interests of our school community to teach an enrichment course to our middle school students who are excited and passionate about the topic. We've had parents from all grade levels offer to teach courses. Some examples of past classes are: woodworking, sewing, computer programming, trail running, history of radio, purse/wallet making, poetry, watercolor, yoga, chess and card games, and movie making.

    This year our mini-classes will of course be virtual and will of course look a little different. Mini-classes will take place on Thursday and Friday, January 21 and 22, from 10-11am (with optional extension to 12pm) on each day.

    We look forward to providing our students with a range of offerings to choose from. If you are available, but undecided on what class to teach, we can help. If you have a class in mind, we look forward to learning what your class will be.  We are happy to welcome you in whatever capacity your busy life allows.

    If you will be joining us during our mini-classes, please complete this form or email Kieran Cannistra at kcannistra@pps.net.

    Thank you so much for helping us provide a rich and engaging curriculum.

    Join Team Chicken! (NEW)
    We are always looking for families to help out with chicken care for our Sunnyside hens. This is a great way to volunteer a little bit of time while getting the kids outside, with grateful chicken clucks and fresh eggs as a bonus. Chicken volunteers sign up for a week of care at a time, and are asked to come around 4-5 days out of that 7 day week.  No experience necessary - you'll get all the directions you need. Contact Sunnyside Garden Coordinator Steph (sunnysidesustainability@gmail.com) to join the list. 

    Multilingual Special Education Family Toolkit
    This toolkit from Portland Public Schools is the result of a collaboration between the Communications, Language Access Services, and Special Education Departments.
    These visuals are intended to support families in Portland Public Schools navigating the challenges of having a student who needs special education services, and to ensure more meaningful participation and increase inclusive, authentic family engagement across cultures, languages, and experiences.
    The materials are available on the Special Education website and the Language Access website for interpreters to have easy access to them at each appointment. 

    You can find the full overview in this link. Watch this video: https://youtu.be/zWP5N7x80gA

    Student Created Youth & Families Resources 
    From student Emma Kogut: “I am a senior at Cleveland High School. I am a part of a group out of the Multnomah County Emergency Operations Center, alongside Klara Kjome Fischer, a fellow Cleveland student, that has put together a COVID-19 toolkit for youth and families focused on taking care of ourselves and others. The guide is available in both English and Spanish at this time, and is accessible and continually updated on the Multnomah County webpage. The toolkit can be found at this link: multco.us/covidyouthandfamilies 

    This guide is unique because it was put together by both youth and county officials which allows the guide to highlight the needs of youth during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this guide, there are;

    • Basics about COVID-19 and how it spreads

    • Where to get tested, resources for staying home, and tips on caring for someone with COVID-19

    • General prevention guidelines along with strategies for safer socializing, what to do if a family member isn’t taking precautions, and dealing with peer pressure

    • Maintaining mental and physical health and coping with loss and grief

    • Resources to stay informed, access health care, mental health resources, culturally-specific support, LGBTQ+ and Gender resources and ways to get involved”

    Anti-Racist Reading and Resources (NEW)
    White Picket Fence is a podcast about the fractured politics of white women. Host Julie Kohler unpacks how white womanhood in America has been constructed, how it's evolved, and how it affects our politics. 

    SES PTSA News (NEW)

    Save the Date
    SES PTSA General Meeting: Wednesday, January 20, 6:30-8pm

    Sunnyside Neighborhood Tree Recycling Fundraiser Results
    The organizers of this year’s neighborhood tree recycling fundraiser pass on their thanks: To all 2021 volunteers, tree owners and building partners.

    “After a rousing two days of tree pickups and dropoffs (January 2: rain and wind; January 3: perfect weather!), we deposited two full truckloads of mulch to the Sunnyside School grounds and park, and raised just over $6000 for the school. Win/win for all!”

    The tree recycling team extends special thanks to Jeremy at URBAN TIMBER, their professional arborist partner; to Pete (Vin), their poster artist; and to the sixteen building managers who worked with them to coordinate pickups for their tenants.

    “And double special thanks to ALL of the volunteers who showed up both days through rain, wind, and sun—we couldn't do it without you.”