• SES Messenger for 1/27/2022

    01/27/22 School Messenger [WITH CALENDAR CORRECTION]

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    • Read-a-thon is returning to the halls of SES
    • FOUND: Pair of eyeglasses
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    School News (NEW)
    Dear Sunnyside Community,
    As we finish the first semester and enter into the second, I want to take a moment to appreciate how far we have all come together. I know that we all started the school year with trepidation and uncertainty about what school would look like and be like. I know that for all of us, it has not been easy, but it has been full of absolute joy and learning throughout. The beginning of the year was filled with warm days, polka dots on the playground for school picnic (lunch outside), and kids getting to know each other again and learning how to talk and be heard through their masks and some pandemic shyness.
    The summer turned into fall and students took walks to Laurelhurst park to collect leaves, worked in our gardens with Steph, and grew into community members in their classrooms. And now as we turn the corner out of our long dark winters and the days will slowly start to get lighter and longer, I hope to embrace the lightness and have a focus on our student learning and social emotional development. As the principal of Sunnyside, I want to celebrate and embrace the mission of Sunnyside:

    Sunnyside Environmental School is a group of students, educators, parents, and community partners working together to create a rich learning environment for all students through pedagogy and beliefs that are rooted in environmental education, environmental justice, culturally responsive teaching, place-based education and service learning.
    I know that the pandemic and COVID protocols have taken up a large degree of our time and that for the first few weeks after the winter break, our time was taken up with COVID notifications, contact tracing, and quarantining. As we move into the next stage with COVID, I want to let you know that as a leader, I will continue to reinforce safe distancing, masks wearing, and the opportunity for outdoor lunch. After the district decision to not contact trace, I will be providing notices from here on out if there is a COVID case in our school and I ask as a community that you refer to the PPS Website for the up to date information about PPS COVID Response. As principal of Sunnyside, my goal is to focus on Sunnyside specific student learning and growth and supporting families, staff, and students in that. Please refer to the above website for COVID specific questions.
    In the words of the acclaimed poet Ocean Vuong:
    How else do we return to ourselves but to fold
    The page so it points to the good part

    The good part of schools is the learning and the growth of our students. The good part is walking down the halls of Sunnyside and hearing the chatter of third graders as they rave about saving the Salmon. The good part is our 8th grade leadership advocating for and earning the right for 8th grade open campus. The good part is why we all get up and do it again day after day.
    Before we turn to the new semester I want to send an extended thank you out to this Sunnyside staff and teachers. Without the tireless work of Michelle in the front office to find us subs and support the teachers while they cared for themselves and families, we would not have made it through the last few weeks. Without the positivity, humor, and absolute dedication to Sunnyside students and staff that Alix holds sacred, and the hard work of our counseling team and support team, we would be lost. And finally, our teachers. This amazing group of talented, caring, dedicated professionals inspires me every day. They have carried this year with grace and determination and every single day work so hard to show up for your kids. 
    Here's to a new semester and the joy of learning evermore!


    Upcoming Dates (CORRECTED)
    View the full SES calendar here.

    Fri, January 28   NO SCHOOL (Teacher Professional Development)
    Mon, January 31   NO SCHOOL (Staff Collaboration and Planning Day)
    Wed, February 16, 6:30-8pm   SES PTSA Board meeting (open to all)
    Fri, February 18   NO SCHOOL (SES only)  There IS school for SES on Feb 18
    Mon, February 21   NO SCHOOL (Presidents' Day)


    Websites to Know


    To help keep things working smoothly, here are some gentle reminders from the front office:

    • Have your students wear coats and bring an extra change of clothes.

    • Do not park in no-parking zones or crosswalks.

    • Walk or carry anything wheeled while on school grounds.

    • Volunteer during lunch to help keep kids distanced.

    • Do not idle your car engine while waiting to pick up students.

    • Come to the front door and buzz if your student arrives late or leaves early.


    Safety Patrol Volunteers Needed (NEW)
    We are so excited to have our Safety Patrol in full swing, an important and traditional part of Sunnyside’s service learning curriculum for the 5th grade class. Students are showing up, taking care of equipment, and ensuring the safe crossings of hundreds of students and families each day. Their commitment and growth in responsibility is such an invaluable experience. The participating students will also be rewarded with a picnic or party of some kind at the end of the year…woohoo!

    We do need up to 3 adult volunteers per shift to help monitor the three intersections we serve. The shifts are mornings from 8:20-8:45am and afternoons from 2:50-3:15pm. Responsibilities include ensuring students sign in, are placed at intersections safely (may need to shuffle if absences), and that cars aren’t blocking crosswalks. You will need to complete the standard PPS Background Check (if you haven’t already). Please sign up here

    Thanks so much for considering helping out these amazing 5th graders who are working so diligently!


    Grades 3-5 Report Card Update (NEW)
    This year, term report cards for students in grades 3-5 will not include grades for all subject areas. (Some will be graded and some will not.) If you have a question about the report card process, please contact your student’s teachers.


    Read-a-thon is returning to the halls of SES
    Read-a-thon is returning to Sunnyside Feb 22 - March 11 and we need volunteers!

    Jobs include, but are not limited to:

    • Creating decorations for the hallways. I have many ideas or you can come up with your own based on our theme. This can be done at home.
    • Be in the school to assist with one or more "events" (help set up in classrooms for virtual speakers, hand out "prizes" for kids dressed up for dress up days, etc)
    • Call/email local businesses to ask for donations for prizes, gift cards, books (for our book bundle prizes) etc. This can be done at home.
    • Show up to decorate the school with signs/decorations people made on 17th, 18th or 21st (not sure yet which one will work best)

    This is coming up fast so please sign up to help TODAY. Go to: https://forms.gle/BCyxN43pUrHktykS8 to sign up for a job (or email me leslieliothamer@gmail.com) and I'll email you back with specifics ASAP.

    Thanks a million,
    Leslie Lothamer
    (Violet 6th grade & Miles 4th grade)


    FOUND: Pair of eyeglasses
    If you’re having trouble reading this, maybe you lost your glasses? Check the office, where we are holding a pair we found this week.


    PPS-Approved Flyer
    The following flyer has been approved by PPS to share:


    From Garden to Kitchen
    Steph will be teaching cooking classes this winter in our "community kitchen" while the cold winds blow outside. Can you please help for two hours on any of these winter weekdays? There is a SIGN-UP where you will see which classes are attending, but it need not be your child's class. Volunteers do not need prior experience, only the standard PPS background check and proof of vaccination. Volunteers are critical to monitor safety at stoves and with knives, assist students with their questions and to assist kids in cleaning up. You also get to sample creations :) Please email Steph with questions: sunnysidesustainability@gmail.com.


    SES PTSA News
    Please check here for any new information from our incredibly supportive PTSA.

    • WANTED: SES PTSA Volunteers
      Hello SES Community!

      The SESPTSA has many positions opening up next year and we need YOU! The PTSA is a great way to get involved with the nuts and bolts of SES. While the main function of the PTSA is fundraising, the meetings are often discussions about how to support the school, staff and students, I personally have learned so much during my years on the board and encourage family members to get involved!

      Virtual meetings are the third Wednesday of the month 6:30-8pm. We would love to welcome you!