• SES Messenger for 2/11/2022

    02/11/22 School Messenger

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    • SES Read-A-Thon ... coming (VERY) soon! (NEW)
    • Join SES families at Westwind Family Camp Weekend of April 8-10 (NEW)
    • Sunday, February 20, 9am-12pm: Electronic Recycling Event
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    • Read-a-thon is returning to the halls of SES
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    School News (NEW)
    Good afternoon, Sunnyside Community,
    This semester sees us s-l-o-w-l-y incorporating Sunnyside traditions back into our days. This morning, the amazing Sarah Wagner hosted our first in-person Morning Meeting in almost 2 years! It was a delight to congregate with half of our middle schoolers, and we look forward to hosting the other half next week. Buddies are in full swing, Art Club meets Wednesdays, and Read-a-Thon is around the corner.

    Thank you for hanging in there with us as we safely and deliberately (and enthusiastically!) make our way back to the way many things “used to be.”

    The sun and longer days bring us hope for more joy ahead.

    Alix and Eryn


    Upcoming Dates (NEW)
    View the full SES calendar here.

    Fri, February 11   SES restaurant fundraiser at Straight From New York Pizza on Belmont
    Wed, February 16, 6:30-8pm   SES PTSA Board meeting (open to all)
    Sun, February 20, 8am-12pm   Electronic recycling event
    Mon, February 21   NO SCHOOL (Presidents' Day)
    Tue, February 22-March 11   Sunnyside Read-A-Thon fundraiser
    Wed, February 23   SES restaurant fundraiser at Screen Door’s Burnside location

    Websites to Know


    To help keep things working smoothly, here are some gentle reminders from the front office:

    • Have your students wear coats and bring an extra change of clothes.

    • Do not park in no-parking zones or crosswalks.

    • Walk or carry anything wheeled while on school grounds.

    • Volunteer during lunch to help keep kids distanced.

    • Do not idle your car engine while waiting to pick up students.

    • Come to the front door and buzz if your student arrives late or leaves early.


    Spring Garden needs (NEW)
    These sunny afternoons are a gift to my mental health at this time of year! Are you, like me, excited about gardening starting up again for the kids at Sunnyside and perhaps with your own family? If you are able to help in any of the following ways, please let me know. (My contact information is at the end of this message.)

    • Seeds
      If you can pick up an extra seed packet or two (of anything fun, easy to grow or beautiful or delicious), please have your student bring it to class or to the office to donate for our gardens! I will make sure they get planted by some hopeful youth, either in our schoolyard or in a little take-home container.
    • Veterinarian
      Do we have a vet in our community? We have a chicken who is having multiple serious issues that need attention. If you are not a vet, you may still be able to help if you have a place to house the chicken temporarily in quarantine. Please contact Steph ASAP.
    • Builder/Woodworker
      We have a disintegrating bench that needs repair. We are seeking people in this community who have skills or tools to assist with improving the schoolyard landscapes in general. Can you help with either consulting, or hands-on building/fixing? Sometimes, I just need an expert opinion!

      Some old garden elements like beds, retaining walls and benches need repairs or replacing. Sunnyside only has these unique garden grounds because of individuals who could find a bit of time to volunteer. We have some budget for materials and possibly stipends for contractors.

      Specifically, we are looking for people who can help with any of the following: Weld, mortar tile, create with concrete, basic carpentry, paint, a truck or trailer to move supplies, cob, natural exterior plaster, and graphic design. Let's have some creative fun and make SES function and look amazing!

    I hope you all have refreshing outdoor moments together. If you’re able to help in any of the above ways, please contact me, Steph Rooney, School Garden Coordinator at: sunnysidesustainability@gmail.com or cell: (504) 919-0660


    SES Read-A-Thon ... coming (VERY) soon! (NEW)
    Read-a-thon begins in a little over a week. The theme is "Reading opens up Oceans of Possibilities!" We will have a dress up day each Friday, FOUR virtual author talks, lots of cozy read-ins, and more.

    Students will get their packets of information and bookmarks on February 22. The event will run through March 11. This is the ONLY major fundraiser that has been done this far so we'd really appreciate your support and enthusiasm.

    Last year we raised $20,308 for our beloved Sunnyside programs!!! Let's beat it this year!

    Pledging this year will be online again. Starting next Friday you will be able to get online and set up a Booster account for your student. You'll be able to post it to social media and send it out to friends and family once you set it up with just a link. (You can still collect physical pledges as well).

    Stay tuned for lots more info next Friday! Please reach out to me with any questions.

    (Mom of Miles, 4th grade and Violet, 6th grade)


    Join SES families at Westwind Family Camp Weekend of April 8-10 (NEW)
    Want to spend a fun weekend at SES Family Camp on the coast? Sunnyside at Camp Westwind is a beloved Sunnyside family outing which ran for about 20 years prior to COVID-19. We would like to bring it back in 2022! We have booked the camp for April 8 - 10, 2022, which coincides with a no-school Friday.

    The camp has made adjustments to its weekend offerings to make the experience more COVID safe - which mostly amount to more time to relax and play. The cost per person is $110 includes lodging and 5 meals; food allergies / restrictions can be accommodated! Lodging at Westwind is in heated / lit cabins. Most accommodate 9 people. If you want to bring people you are "bubbled" with who aren't technically SES families, that's fine.

    To make this trip work, we'll need some commitments to come. Contact gwen@parachutestrategies.com and let us know if you are in.

    Loved this trip before and want to help? We could use some help getting the word out and with planning. Never been but are curious? Questions can be directed to gwen@parachutestrategies.com or 503-475-8529. Please note this event is not officially hosted by the SES PTSA.


    Sunday, February 20, 9am-12pm: Electronic Recycling Event
    Cecilia Haas and Clayton Williams with Inhabit Real Estate invite you to a complimentary Electronic Recycling Event on Sunday, February 20th from 9am to 12pm in front of Sunnyside Environmental School at the cob bench.

    According to The Global E-waste Monitor, there was a record 53.6 million metric tons of electronic waste generated in 2020. Let’s do our part in improving e-waste collection and recycling practices, so these secondary raw materials can be made readily available to re-enter the manufacturing process.

    Let’s clean out our basements and get that e-waste recycled!

    Items accepted: desktops, laptops, servers, monitors, accessories, phones, tablets, telecom, musical instruments, tools, batteries, cables/wires, video games, small appliances such as microwaves, coffee makers, etc. Scrap metal is also accepted.

    Any device containing data will have its data destroyed within 1 business day, and you can obtain a signed certificate of date destruction by email.

    If you cannot attend the event on February 20 at SES, there is one on Saturday, February 19, 12-2pm in the South lot of St. Philip Neri Church in Ladd's Addition.


    PPS-Approved Flyers
    The following flyers have been approved by PPS to share:


    Read-a-thon is returning to the halls of SES
    Read-a-thon is returning to Sunnyside Feb 22 - March 11 and we need volunteers!

    Jobs include, but are not limited to:

    • Creating decorations for the hallways. I have many ideas or you can come up with your own based on our theme. This can be done at home.
    • Be in the school to assist with one or more "events" (help set up in classrooms for virtual speakers, hand out "prizes" for kids dressed up for dress up days, etc)
    • Call/email local businesses to ask for donations for prizes, gift cards, books (for our book bundle prizes) etc. This can be done at home.
    • Show up to decorate the school with signs/decorations people made on 17th, 18th or 21st (not sure yet which one will work best)

    This is coming up fast so please sign up to help TODAY. Go to: https://forms.gle/BCyxN43pUrHktykS8 to sign up for a job (or email me leslieliothamer@gmail.com) and I'll email you back with specifics ASAP.

    Thanks a million,
    Leslie Lothamer
    (Violet 6th grade & Miles 4th grade)


    SES PTSA News
    Please check here for any new information from our incredibly supportive PTSA.

    • SES Restaurant Fundraiser: Straight From New York Pizza
      On Friday, February 11, Straight From New York Pizza’s Belmont location will donate 20% of sales between the hours of 4pm and 2am to Sunnyside. Check out their menu and go get some pizza!

      Other upcoming restaurant fundraisers include:

    • WANTED: SES PTSA Volunteers
      Hello SES Community!

      The SESPTSA has many positions opening up next year and we need YOU! The PTSA is a great way to get involved with the nuts and bolts of SES. While the main function of the PTSA is fundraising, the meetings are often discussions about how to support the school, staff and students, I personally have learned so much during my years on the board and encourage family members to get involved!

      Virtual meetings are the third Wednesday of the month 6:30-8pm. We would love to welcome you!