• Your are formally invited to "A Recipe for Murder"

    We are thrilled to announce that our 8th grade students will be having an encore performance of their student-created play, A Recipe For Murder, as part of the SES Comeback Campaign/Auction/Fundraising effort that’s happening in our community on June 1, 2022 at 7 pm!

    A few months ago, a group of 8th grade students came up with the idea to create their own play. Every part of this show - the idea itself, the script writing, the acting, the crew, the costume design, etc. - was done by our SES middle school students. It’s an extraordinary artifact of the brilliance, creativity, grit, and leadership of our 8th graders. It is also a reflection of the Sunnyside values of community, service learning, and student-centered, holistic education. 

    The 8th graders are performing this play once more as a way to pay it forward for next year’s middle school and K-5 students. All of the money raised by this event goes directly to the SES Staffing Fund, and we are aiming to raise $10,000 or more (!!) to pay for the SES Field Study Coordinator position, a position that is fundamental to ensuring the frequent, off-site field study experiences that are central to our environmental focus option school. Students value regular field study experiences, they miss them very much, and they decided to hold this event as a way to guarantee these experiences for their friends and classmates in younger grades, especially the weekly middle school trips but also the monthly, less frequent K-5 experiences. 

    WHEN AND WHERE CAN I SEE A Recipe for Murder?
    Wednesday, June 1, 2022 in the SES auditorium. The doors will open at 6:40 for seating, with the show starting at 7 pm. 

    We have big aspirations, hoping to take home at last $10,000, going toward the field study coordinator position and field study experiences for next year. Field studies make Sunnyside what it is, and we want to ensure younger kids get to travel regularly during the 2022-23 school year. Suggested ticket donations are listed below, with contact information at the bottom of this message. Speaking transparently, we want this event to raise ample funds so we can reinvest in our weekly field study experiences. Also, we realize that some folks will want to attend but aren't able to donate the amount(s) listed below. Please reach out to Amy Kleiner, contact info found below, if you have questions or concerns about ticket donation amounts/attendance at this production.

    Tickets are available at the door of the event, or via the link attached below. 

    One ticket (suggested donation): $100
    One ticket (increased donation): $200, $300, $400, $500, other ____
    The above feels steep for me but I can donate ____ ($30 and up, sliding scale) for my ticket.

    **Online ticket purchasing link is attached here! 

    The event will be produced and performed by the original 8th grade cast and crew, with a short intermission featuring a song from a 4th/5th/6th grade, student-written production (Rumpelstiltskin!), one that was directly inspired by the original performance of A Recipe for Murder last month. Middle school student leaders will welcome you into this event with instrumental music in the hallways, smiles and a beautifully prepared space...all of them have come together to make this event possible and are excited to greet you. For ALL of the students involved, this is a special night and they want YOU to feel just how special it is! Here are some direct quotes from the 8th grade cast and crew: 

    “We all helped put it together. It was written, directed, produced, and performed by students. All of the cast members made and put up the posters, sold tickets, and made the set pieces. It was really cool to see my friends put this together and actually make it happen.” - Angela

    “This play was almost entirely student made, with the help of a few adults for chaperoning and guiding us when we needed it. It was an amazing experience because we wanted our last year at Sunnyside to feel special and with covid stopping all the things we normally do, this feels like a last hurrah sort of thing. The goal was for the year to feel normal, but instead it felt even more special. I am so happy to end my year like this.” -Ella

    “I have never really acted much, many of us had this same experience as well. We were all pretty nervous. It felt so gratifying to perform something that we were told could not happen. The thing I loved most about it is how much the school loved it. I was told by so many people how much they enjoyed it, and seeing that it brought smiles to peoples faces while we got to enjoy ourselves on stage, was so awesome to see.” - Zuzana

    We will be recording this performance and uploading the video to Crowdcast or a similar protected platform. Your ticket purchase will give you access to the video, and others will be able to donate to access to this video after June 1st; an additional way to increase viewership/raise money for next year’s staffing.

    There will be an ASL translator on stage at this event, and the Crowdcast video will include closed captioning options.

    Thank you for your support! We are sooooo excited to open this show to our larger community, especially knowing that the proceeds directly go to support next year’s regular field studies and place based learning. Our goal is to center kids, support their art, and raise money for their experiences for next year!

    Thank you for your support,

    -The 8th grade cast & crew, A Recipe for Murder, SES Administration and Staff, and adult volunteers (and our 6th grade intermission performers :))

    PS: Have questions about this production? Please email Amy Kleiner, akleiner@pps.net or kleineramy@gmail.com

    Amy has been working with our 8th grade leaders this year. She is taking the lead on the planning for this event as a middle school parent volunteer, knowing just how much our staff, administration and families are already doing to help make the auction, promotion and end of year as thoughtful and fun-filled as possible for our kids. Amy's hope is to "carry the load" for the play on June 1st, an effort to keep our hard-working school leaders and staff rested and ready for the numerous, last week of school festivities.


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