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    • A Recipe for Murder video now available
    • Summer Garden Care - Volunteers Needed!
    • End-of-year Middle School dance: Friday, June 10
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    School News (NEW)
    Hello Sunnyside Families,

    What a wonderful 8th grade promotion we had last night at Franklin. The students showcased their speeches, their I Am poems, and, in all ways, showed up for one another as the beautiful humans that they are. Thank you to all our 8th graders for all their hard work this year and thank you to all 8th grade families. We will miss you all dearly and hope to see you all return to say hello or see your next student through Sunnyside.

    5th grade promotion was this morning and it was so sweet to see our 5th graders play their uke's, sing their songs, and give some speeches. Thank you to all our 5th grade team who made this possible.

    As we end I want to appreciate all of our staff that will be moving on:

    • First of all, I want to announce that after 10 years of teaching, 4-5 blended classroom teacher Leo Soell has made the challenging decision to resign. Leo is taking time to dream up their next era, which could include building rural queer community, working with people with (dis)abilities, writing, and/or seeking new experiences and perspectives on trans liberation at an international level. We want to thank Leo for all they have contributed to our school community and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. Thank you, Leo.
    • Also, we are losing our fabulous keeper of the gardens, Steph Rooney. Congrats to Steph, who is moving on from us to be the fulltime garden coordinator at the Arbor School. We will dearly miss the beauty that Steph fostered in our school gardens and her lovely teaching and working with our students. Thank you, Steph.
    • Peter Gawronski, Middle School Spanish teacher, will leave Sunnyside and move to Grant High School. We appreciate Peter stepping in this year to provide Spanish instruction for 7th and 8th graders and wish him well at Grant! Thanks, Peter.
    • Jessica Oskin served us this year as both the temporary 6th grade Math teacher, constant substitute, and intervention support for our K-2's. Jessica was a constant in our hallways as a helping hand and supported us during a year when we needed substitutes almost daily. Thanks, Jessica.
    • Nicole Costello, our social worker, will move full time to Whitman next year, and we are thrilled for her to be in one school full time. Nicole’s tireless efforts to support our students over the last two years will be missed. Thanks, Nicole.
    • I already announced this, but 2nd grade teacher Angel LeVan will leave us at the end of the year. We are so grateful to Angel for all she has done to support her students and wish her the best of luck in her next adventures. I know she will be successful in whatever she chooses to do. Thanks, Angel.
    • 4th grade teacher Asa Gervich has been out on paternity leave for the last few weeks, and Jeremy's student teacher, Joseph Blake, has been substituting in Asa’s class. We appreciate Joseph's willingness and ability to be part of the Sunnyside family. Thank you, Joseph.
    • And finally, thanks to Malti and Sierra, who joined us late this school year to help out with lunch and recess support. We appreciate you both!

    What a year it has been! I hope that all of you enjoy your summer with your beautiful children and we will miss you all dearly!

    This is our last newsletter of the year. We will see you back in August. And if you are promoting as an 8th grade parent, congratulations!



    Upcoming Dates (NEW)
    View the full SES calendar here.

    Wed, Jun 15, 6:30pm   SES PTSA board meeting (open to all)
    Tue, Aug 30   FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL


    Websites to Know


    To help keep things working smoothly, here are some gentle reminders from the front office:

    • READ.




    Celebrate SES Middle School students’ art (NEW)
    Let's celebrate the Art that was made by SES Middle School students this school year. Here are the end of the quarter Padlets where students picked the artwork they were most proud of from the term.
    Q1-Link | Q2-Link | Q3-Link | Q4-Link

    Have a beautiful summer, Indigo


    Last call for Lost & Found: Monday, June 13 (NEW)
    The lost and found will be spread out on the cob bench from 9:30-3:00 on Monday, June 13. Unclaimed items will be bundled up and donated.


    Wanted: One (1) SES PTSA Treasurer (NEW)
    The PTSA needs a Treasurer! Love numbers and spreadsheets? Want to help SES in a big way? The current amazing PTSA Treasurer term is up and we need you! The outgoing Treasurer is happy to meet with you and help facilitate a smooth transition. This position is extremely important (dare I say the MOST important) job on the Executive Board. Please, please, please: If you have the skills, consider volunteering! Thanks! Contact Auburn Harrison at auburnharrison@gmail.com or Heather de Michele at tanky34@gmail.com if interested.


    THANK YOU for helping us raise $34,000 for Sunnyside Environmental School! (NEW)
    We did it, friends! Yes, we know it was a CRAZY, BUSY fundraising season with a lot of twists and turns...but we came together for the students and MADE IT HAPPEN! If you weren't there Monday night, the Toffee Club party was an awesome success, and the costumes were epic. Our auction has now closed, and we are so thankful to everyone who bid, purchased, and donated items! If you didn't win, you can still support SES with a general donation).

    If you have any questions or would like to be involved with our fundraiser next school year, hit us up! 

    The Comeback Committee
    auburnharrison@gmail.com and tanky34@gmail.com


    PPS-Approved Fliers
    The following fliers have been approved by PPS to share:


    A Recipe for Murder video now available
    A Recipe for Murder was a smashing success this past Wednesday; this encore performance was held as part of the SES Comeback Campaign/Auction/Fundraising. Every part of this show - the idea itself, the script writing, the acting, the crew, the costume design, etc. - was done by our SES middle school students. We are delighted to announce that it is up on Vimeo for the SES community to enjoy.

    Here’s the link: https://vimeo.com/716309246
    Password: sunflower

    **Donations can still be made and are appreciated! [Read the entire invitation here.]


    Summer Garden Care - Volunteers Needed!
    NO Experience necessary! There are directions/details on the Summer 22 sign-up sheet. Cool yourself off and basically, just stand there with a hose and soak the soil every other day. What a wonderful way to give back to SES. Spend a week watering the gardens at Sunnyside with or without your kids. You can sign-up for a small section or multiple areas. There are beautiful blooms to pick for bouquets, greens and things to harvest for dinner and the satisfaction of knowing you are keeping the place alive during a quiet time.


    End-of-year Middle School dance: Friday, June 10
    The last Middle School Dance of the year is on the last day of school: Friday, June 10th from 6:30-8:30, featuring a DJ, lights and awesome snacks! We hope all middle schoolers will come celebrate the graduating 8th grade class. Families: Please visit this SugnUpGenius to sign up for chaperoning and snack bringing! (Volunteers must have active volunteer background checks.) Let’s kick off summer right!


    SES PTSA News
    Please check here for any new information from our incredibly supportive PTSA.

    • PTSA needs volunteers
      The parents currently serving in SES PTSA positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer will be ending their terms this year - we need new parents to step up and help run the PTSA! This is a vital part of our school that raises funds for art, gardening and field trips. If you're interested please reach out to our current President, Corby Watkins at corbywatkins@gmail.com, or come to an upcoming PTSA meeting.