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    04/21/23 School Messenger

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    • From the library: Specific Book Topics Ask! (NEW)
    • Sunnyside South Green Street and Sewer Project Construction Update (NEW)
    • 8th grade speeches have begun
    • Chaperones needed for 6th and 7th marine biology trips
    • Report card update
    • News from the Art Room
    • Bring Empwo to SES
    • Cleveland High School Dance Team tryouts
    • SES PTSA News (NEW)


    School News (NEW)
    Hello Sunnyside Community

    With warmer weather right around the corner, we want to remind families that there is no supervision for students before 8:45 and after school which is 3:00 for K-5 and 3:15 for middle school. We know that many students like to play on the playground before and after school and we love that we are right in the middle of the neighborhood. Due to the fact that teachers and staff are planning and preparing for the school day before and after school, we do ask that families supervise their students if they are on the playground before and after school and if you allow your student to be here without supervision, please talk with them about expectations for the playground and park. Recently we have had students climb on top of the portables after school hours, move equipment from the garden, and leave garbage out when they leave. We know that we are a multi use area with many neighbors using the space as well and we ask that Sunnyside students please treat the area as they would during the school day. Thank you.

    Please note that the cafeteria is open at 8:30 for breakfast but students must either stay in the cafeteria or take their breakfast outside. 

    As we gear up for the auction, please take time to read the auction news and alerts. We need all your support to continue our robust programming and retain vital support staff.

    Thanks for all you do!
    Eryn & Alix


    Upcoming Dates
    View the full SES calendar here.

    Thu, April 27, 3:30 - 7 pm   SES student-led conferences
    (individual teachers will provide families with details)
    Fri, April 28, 8:45 am - Noon   SES 6th grade shadow day for new families
    Wed, May 3, 6-7 pm   7th grade marine biology trip chaperone meeting (Art room)
    Fri, May 5, 11:45 am   SES early release
    Sat, May 6, 5:30 - 9 pm   In Bloom: The SES 2023 Spring Online Auction and Gala
    Mon-Fri, May 8-12   Staff Appreciation Week
    Fri, May 12, 8:45 am   SES PTSA meeting: SES room 102 and on Google Meet
    Sun-Wed, May 14-17   7th grade Olympic marine biology trip
    Mon-Fri, May 15-19   8th grade Catalina marine biology trip 
    Tue-Thu, May 16-18   6th grade Newport marine biology trip
    Tue, May 16, 6-7 pm   Connect to Kindergarten
    Fri, May 19, 8:45-9:45 am   Coffee with the Principal (Room #102)


    Websites to Know (NEW)


    Fliers and community links (NEW)


    Class pictures (NEW)
    Class pictures were this week; each class took one formal photo and one goofy photo. Each photo costs $8.00. (If you are able, please consider contributing additional funds towards a scholarship. Our desire is for every student to take home a copy of their class photo.)


    From the library: Specific Book Topics Ask! (NEW)
    We have had LOTS of interest in Dungeons and Dragons books, both stories and handbooks. If you have any sitting around unused the library would love them!

    Also high interest right now is cat-themed manga and graphic Novels, especially Chi and Pusheen. The library would love any unloved copies floating around your house!

    Gillian and Becky


    Sunnyside South Green Street and Sewer Project Construction Update (NEW)
    City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services continues construction on a project that will install and upsize almost two miles of public sewer pipes and construct 25 green street planters in the Sunnyside neighborhood. This construction will increase sewer capacity, relieve sewer backups, and reduce street flooding.

    You can read the latest project update here. The project website is here.


    8th grade speeches have begun
    Each year as our SES 8th graders prepare to leave for high school, they must complete a portfolio of assignments designed to help them think both retrospectively, prospectively and introspectively. One of those assignments is a speech that talks about something they believe.

    On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays during middle school morning meeting, 8th graders are delivering these speeches, starting at 8:45am.

    You can find the schedule of speeches here. The schedule does change, so please be sure to check for updates regularly if there's someone you really want to see. (Note: No one is allowed to exit or enter the auditorium when a speech is in progress; please show up on time.)


    Chaperones needed for 6th and 7th marine biology trips
    We still need chaperones for the 6th and 7th grade marine biology trips. If you are interested, please visit the following forms for more information and to sign up:

    Please email kcannistra@pps.net with any questions.

    Report card update
    Report cards are complete and are available on ParentVUE. Middle School report cards have been sent to the printer, and will be mailed when ready. Elementary report cards are not being printed; if you would like a printed copy, please email Jenny at jethomas@pps.net and request that one be sent to you.


    News from the Art Room
    There is currently SES middle school student Art on display at the PPS showcase in the Portland Art Museum. The Art will be on display until April 23rd when the Miller Free Day is happening. Reserve free tickets here. K-8 student Art is also up at the Belmont Library in their community event room through May. Make more Art! View More Art!

    Belmont Library Event Student art displayed on wall

    Last week in Art we did a project with the K-5 using the four school dogs as inspiration. Below are a few highlights from this project we would love to share with the community. The students’ humor was on full display in their Art, and so much laughter occurred. Hoping this Art brings you some joy.
    Sending positivity, Indigo & Meg

    Macho (All Macho pictures here):

    Student art

    Winnie (All Winnie pictures here):

    Student art

    Coco (All Coco pictures here):

    Student art 

    Cedar (All Cedar pictures here):

    Student art


    Bring Empwo to SES
    Empwo is an extremely talented local artist who has murals featured around the city. Funds raised will go toward having Empwo lead a group of students in painting a mural in the school at Sunnyside, something which will be enjoyed by all for years to come. View Empwo’s art on Instagram. Empwo is also a breakdancer and would love to bring a crew of dancers to Sunnyside to showcase their skills during assemblies for K-5 and middle school. Please, donate if you can!


    Cleveland High School Dance Team tryouts
    The Cleveland High School Dance Team tryouts are coming up on May 8th and 10th for all incoming Freshman to Cleveland! View the flier here. Tryout packets and info sheets are linked here: Tryout packet | Information sheet. All dancers and skill levels are welcome! Email clevelandtenacitydance@gmail.com with any questions.


    SES PTSA News (NEW)

    The latest PTSA newsletter is found here, and includes information about the following:

    • Support our teachers,
    • In Bloom, the SES auction and gala fundraiser
    • Willy Wonka,
    • Farmer Nathan’s weekly update,
    • … and more!