• SES 8th Grade Promotion, June 8, 2020

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    Thank you students, families, volunteers and staff. We are thrilled to be able to celebrate together, in person, while maintaining social distance in vehicles. There is a lot of information below—please feel free to refer to specific sections as needed.

    Location and time:

    • We will use the upper parking lot of Marshall (currently housing Madison) HS. The address is 3905 SE 91st Ave.
    • Please arrive at 6:45. We will direct you to your designated staging area, and hope to start at 7 pm. We expect this event will be about an hour once we get started. 

    General information for families about the event:

    • Students will be in groups based on core classes. We have 72 students, and we will form a 72 car parade, with core classes “chunked” together in a specific order. For ease, we have a color coded system, including a tight plan with several “traffic managers” in the crowd. Traffic managers will meet your car at the entrances on 92nd Ave, and then direct you to the appropriate area based on your child’s core teacher.
    • If you are a family with a second car at the event, please note that the vehicle your child is in will be the only car in the parade line. We have designated spectator areas for all additional vehicles.
    • We have extremely tight health and safety guidelines for this event (listed below). We do not have bathroom access at this event and there are no exceptions to this. Please be aware of this and make sure your student and your family use the restroom before arriving at the Marshall campus. 

    Entrance, staging and traffic:

    • Please arrive at 6:45 pm. We will enter from above, on 92nd Ave. A traffic manager will set items on your windshield, then you will be able to reach around and grab them while maintaining social distance. You will receive:  1) 2 pieces of paper to put in your windshield, one that has the specific color used to identify your child’s core class and another with your child’s name printed in large font and 2) a bag that contains several gifts for your child, as well as the printed program for the evening. Once your items are in your car, you will be directed to the staging area for your specific core class.
    • We expect a little bit of traffic on 92nd as cars come in and will work as quickly as possible to get your vehicles staged into the correct area. Thank you for your patience. 

    Items to bring with you/vehicle preparation: 

    • Hand sanitizer if you have some
    • Face coverings for every person in your vehicle. You do not need to wear these while you are in your car, but in case of emergency we do need a face covering for each person. No one is allowed to exit their vehicle unless they are speaking at the event itself or are a designated volunteer. We expect to maintain enough social distance for car windows to be open if the weather allows for that.
    • Noise makers! A pot from your kitchen with a spoon will work, or if you have other noise makers please bring them. Our hope is to cheer as loud as we can for each of our 72 students.
    • Water bottles for your personal use. We will not be passing out food or drink, nor will there be access to drinking water once you are on the Marshall campus.
    • Please make sure your car has gas, and bring jumper cables if you have them. 

    Sound and photography/video:

    • We will listen to this event via an FM radio station. Most cars are equipped with FM radio. NOTE: The FM specific station—the signal for which is localized and cannot be accessed by radio unless very close to the venue and cannot be accessed by FM radio apps at all—will be shared with attendees at the event on Monday night.
    • We will be setting up the sound system and testing the radio in the afternoon on Monday. Please look for a phone alert mid-afternoon Monday with the specific radio channel. Once we know the exact channel, you can test your car radio or your app in the afternoon before arriving at the event.
    • A volunteer will video record cars as your student is driven through the stage area, when their individual name is called. This will be used the following day in core class, allowing 6th-7th graders to cheer on their 8th grade friends.

    Health and Safety:

    • We have very, very strict and precise health and safety standards for this event based on both the Oregon Health Authority COVID rules, the Oregon Department of Education rules for moving up ceremonies, and the Governor’s orders for health and safety amidst this pandemic.
    • For this event, please note the following:
      1. All participants at this event must maintain the state mandated social distancing expectations.
      2. No one is allowed to exit their vehicle during this event unless they are a previously identified volunteer, designated staff member, or designated student speaker (these folks are already identified and will all be wearing masks and frequently using hand sanitizer and/or gloves during the event).
      3. All individuals must wear a face covering when volunteering on foot, outside of their vehicle.
      4. As previously communicated, we have accounted for a limited number of vehicles for this event to ensure that cars maintain proper social distancing guidelines for the duration of this event.
      5. Items will be placed on the hood of your vehicle upon your entrance to the event so that they are within reach of the front seat passenger or driver. Volunteers who place these items on your vehicle will be wearing masks and gloves.
      6. Our sound team has professional sterilization equipment and several different microphones. We have a system to limit the sharing of mics, with sanitization between users and will be documenting the usage for contact tracing purposes. Mics will be on stands—speakers will be able to use the microphones without physically touching them.
      7. There will be no food or drink given out at this event. If your family needs access to drinking water, please bring this with you.
      8. Car windows can be open if the weather allows, as long as each vehicle adheres to social distancing guidelines.
      9. If you or anyone in your household has experienced a fever or persistent cough within the last 72 hours, please DO NOT ATTEND this event. While our programming ensures social distancing for all attendees, it is very important—for the health of the community—that anyone who is experiencing illness refrain from attending this event.