• Fri 7/31: Quick Update

    Hello Sunnyside Families,

    I hope you are all staying healthy and as well as can be during this difficult time in our country. 

    Earlier this week the Superintendent communicated that all PPS students will continue with distance learning through November 5th based on health and safety guidelines from the state. It is my understanding that the central office is working hard to prepare for comprehensive distance learning and that the online model--the length of the student school day, some of the software platforms, the amount of time students spend interacting in digital classrooms with teachers and peers--will look and feel a bit different from the distance learning we experienced between March and June. While I do not yet know the plan for this, I do know that PPS and surrounding districts are working on a full, rigorous learning day for all students while also centering their social and emotional needs at all grade levels, K-12. 

    Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time in our history. I know there are many, many questions about school this fall and, unfortunately, I do not yet have answers for our community. Our administrative team will be back and working full time on August 6, with the 6th and 7th spent in two, full day learning sessions with all PPS administrators present. Alix and I hope to have more answers for all of you after that meeting, beginning the week of August 10th. 

    Once we have more information about distance learning for the fall quarter, we will get this to you as soon as possible. Although I don't know any specifics at this time, I am very aware that the combination of this pandemic and the loss of lives, jobs, housing, etc. that have occurred as a result, combined with the Black Lives Matter movement and the current, long overdue fight to dismantle the white supremacy and systemic oppression in our country is impacting each and every child in very different ways. While many things are still unknown, I can say with certainty that your students come first. Their individual needs, their learning, and their holistic well-being is our primary focus, especially right now. Their needs will center our work as we enter into the unknowns of the upcoming school year.  

    More information to come in the next two weeks. 


    Thank you,