• Three Important Announcements

    Dear SES Families,

    We want to share updates regarding three, important pieces of information: 

    1) Making sure you fill out the Nutrition Services paperwork, even if you do not plan on receiving meals 
    2) Technology --device and hot spot-- needs and distribution. 
    3) Signing up for all PPS communication 


    General PPS info re: meals: 

    Starting September 2nd, the Nutrition Services department plans to have 36 schools operating with grab and go meal services. Each site will serve 3-5pm outside for walk up or drive thru on Mondays and Wednesdays. We hope that minimizing the meal pick up days will be less of a burden for families as opposed to asking them to come every day. On Monday, we will provide two breakfasts and two lunches for each PPS student. On Wednesday, we will provide three breakfasts and 3 lunches to each student.  Each of the 36 sites are eligible for free meals to all students who are enrolled or visit the school. Due to USDA regulations, we are unable to continue meal services for non-PPS enrolled children such as non-school aged siblings.

    For families who are not enrolled in one of the 36 schools, or unable to get to the school to pick up food, we will offer meal deliveries to family homes. Deliveries are made possible by the transportation department; meal delivery schedules are still being determined and will depend on the demand for the service. School meals will be free for students who are eligible for free or reduced priced meals. If a family is not eligible for free meals, each breakfast will cost $1.50 and each lunch will cost $2.90. There is no delivery fee. Payments can be made online - SchoolCafe.com or checks can be mailed to PPS Nutrition Services at 501 N Dixon Street, Portland, Oregon 97227.

     SES Specific info re: meals **very important!**

    Much of our funding for staffing, materials and programming is based on having accurate numbers of families who qualify for free or reduced meals. Families need to re-apply every year, and this year it’s more important than ever to have an accurate count on this. At Sunnyside there are many families who do qualify but do not choose to receive breakfast and lunch at school. This year, due to the economic impact of the pandemic, the criteria has changed and many more folks are eligible for meal service. Please take a few minutes to fill out the eligibility paperwork, regardless of whether you intend to receive meals from PPS. If all families do this, we can ensure that our staffing numbers (teachers and support staff) remain solid and we don’t lose staffing or teachers in October. Eligibility for free meals has been expanded through the state of Oregon - please check here to see if you may be eligible!

     Eligibility for free/reduced price school meals may also help families with other fee reductions or waivers -

    • Science lab fees

    • College application fees

    • Summer school fees

    • Comcast or other cable/internet services

    • Field trips

    • Supplemental food and nutrition benefits (when available)


     PPS will make every effort to provide students with the technology needed to be successful with online learning. It should be noted that we are not yet at a place where we can supply devices for every student. 

    The first step in our fall distribution process will be for our staff  to determine the number of chromebooks and hotspots they believe they will need to cover students who did not receive one during the initial shutdown or for students who are new to PPS. Please take a few minutes to fill out the Sunnyside Technology survey--attached here. 


    As always, you can find the latest information and resources by visiting pps.net/fall2020

    As we get closer to September 2, we will share important, time-sensitive information through a number of channels, including both email and text messaging. If you have not already opted to receive texts from PPS Communications, you can do so by texting “Yes” or “Y” to 68453. Please note that PPS Communications uses text messaging on a limited basis. 

    Thank you,
    Amy Kleiner and Alix Pickett