• Class Lists & Staff Changes

    Hello Sunnyside Families,
    Class lists are finalized and rosters are being uploaded to our data system. We will not be able to mail home homeroom assignment letters this year. Instead, please check your ParentVUE account. We hope to have students entered into the system by Wednesday August 26th. However, we have to manually enter all 550 students into their classrooms, so it may take some time. If you do not see your child's homeroom assignment in ParentVUE by Friday, please contact our school secretary Sarah Conley at sconley1@pps.net.
    From our principal Amy Kleiner:

    Good afternoon SES families,

    This week we will begin formally assigning students to their homeroom teacher in our computer program, Synergy. You should be able to see your child's teacher by Wednesday, August 26th in ParentVUE (we will not be mailing teacher assignments home this year). If you have not yet registered for ParentVUE, please do so here. ParentVUE activation codes were sent by PPS a few weeks ago to new families, current PPS damilies should already have accounts. If on Friday, August 28, you are still unable to see your child's teacher in this system, please email Sarah Conley, sconley1@pps.net. We are working to enter these assignments into our central computer program as quickly as possible. Sarah has scheduled time on Friday to help individual families, should you need this. 

    For kindergarten families:

    You will be receiving a family, digital invitation to meet with our kindergarten team sometime between September 2--10th. You will not receive a teacher assignment this week, as many of you are facing childcare issues and have other, important information for our staff. We will gather information during your kindergarten, small group, digital family meetings and use this information to inform our final class lists. You will receive your teacher assignment prior to the start of school on September 14, likely before September 10. You should receive communication with the time/date for your digital, family meeting by end of day on Monday, September 1st. 

    For middle school families:

    When you receive your teacher assignment this week, this is your child's core teacher. Once teachers are back at work we will finalize the math and Spanish class lists. You can expect to receive teacher assignments for math and Spanish during the soft start, likely by the end of day on Friday, September 4. 

    Staff and teacher changes:

    Due to the economic impact of the pandemic principals had to re-do our staffing in July because of increased budget cuts at the state level. In a typical year, we usually announce staff moves or changes in the spring; however, this was a summer of change and fiscal uncertainty. We finished the formal hiring process at Sunnyside on Friday. It is with a grateful heart that I share the following information about our new hires and staffing changes below: 

    --Middle school: Becca Hawk and Aurel Coste will join our middle school team, and we also welcome back Sarah Rosman from a year leave in Oaxaca, Mexico. Aurel Coste will teach 7th grade math, and Becca Hawk/Sarah Rosman will split a middle school core class and 6th grade math block. Aurel replaces Mitch Jones, who will be teaching math at Franklin High school this year. 

    --Art: Mia Meyer retired after decades as an art educator. (We hope to send Mia some belated goodbye letters from your students, as we were unable to say goodbye in person).  

    Staffing changes over the summer resulted in a net loss of art FTE, so we no longer have Caitlin Quinn on staff as a .25 art teacher, but will hopefully continue to work with Caitlin through our K-5 and middle school theater program.

    Caryn (Indigo) Corwin will replace Mia and Caitlin, moving from middle school core/math into full time (1.0) art, K-8. 

    --Rebecca Johnson is our new, full time counselor. She replaces Rebecca Cohen, who will be the counselor at West Sylvan Middle School this year. 

    --Nicole Costello is our new, half time, qualified mental health practitioner. We have never had this position at Sunnyside before, and I'm incredibly thankful that we will have increased, on site, mental health support for students this year. 

    --Changes in 1st/2nd: For the coming year we have made the choice to not blend out 1st and 2nd grade classes. We know that the digital platform poses specific challenges for our youngest students, so we chose straight 1st and straight 2nd as a means to best hone in on the foundational, formative academic skills while our littles are engaged in distance learning. We did lose a section in this grade band due to the staffing changes over the summer, so we will have 2, 1st grade classes and 2, 2nd grade classes. Corbin Lichtinger and Michelle Strobel will teach 1st grade this year, and Eric Fass and Angel LeVan will teach 2nd grade. Anna Cornett will be teaching at Chief Joseph Elementary school this year. 

    --Changes in special education: We lost one paraeducator during the summer staffing process. Cam Gysland will be working at Rose City Park for the coming year. 

    --Changes in ESL: Sarah Rosman will be teaching part time in the middle school, and will also be our ESL teacher. She replaces Danielle Cobb in this .25 position. 

    Thank you for your patience. I know that families and kids are excited to know the "plan" for school. We are working as quickly and adaptively as possible to get families as much information as we can, ASAP. There are some delays at the district level, with unions and PPS still at the bargaining table. Teachers return to work at the end of the week, and we hope to have daily/weekly schedules for your children to you as soon as we possibly can. 

    With gratitude,