• April Schedule: CDL & Hybrid

    The Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) & Hybrid cohorts have been finalized. For the next several weeks, the placements are firm and requests to move to hybrid will be put on hold; moves to CDL will always be honored. As we continue to analyze the physical space as well as the successes and constraints of in-person, then we will communicate options for cohort changes.

    K-5 families: Thank you for attending our hybrid/CDL (comprehensive distance learning) meetings on Wednesday night. We have students in their hybrid cohorts, and are working tirelessly to figure out safe spacing, curriculum, and the daily schedule for K-5 students. Please plan on receiving detailed information about your child’s schedule and assigned drop off/pick up times early in the week after spring break. K-5 educators have 5 planning days to get ready for this big change, so there will not be regular, digital schedules for K-5 students the week of March 29. You will receive information from your child’s teacher in regard to what to expect during this important planning week; there will be limited, digital, asynchronous lessons available while teachers get their rooms ready for hybrid school. The slides from both meetings on 3/17 are attached here. Our numbers and spacing for hybrid learning are very, very precise and we are tight. We are working to keep all students, both students who are in full CDL as well as students who chose hybrid learning, with their currently assigned teacher for at least part of the instructional day; we will communicate your room assignment as well as many more details beginning on March 29. If your child will be assigned with a partner teacher for the hybrid AM, we will be calling your family to discuss this during the week of March 29. 

    K/1 start date for Hybrid learning: April 2, no digital school 3/19--4/1

    2-5th start date for Hybrid learning: April 5, no digital school 3/29--4/2

    6-8 families: This week you received a Hybrid learning survey from PPS. Please fill this out ASAP, as the precise data (down to the individual student) very much matters for our planning. The start date for middle school hybrid is April 19, and we will be holding a parent/guardian session for 6-8th grade families after the break, likely the evening of April 7. More information will come about this after break. 

    Thank you for your patience as we quickly move into this new model. Our primary goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy, maintain community with your child’s assigned teacher, and maintain as much of our core programming for both families who choose hybrid and families who choose to remain in full distance learning. 

    Over the break, if you’d like to learn more about the COVID-19 safety guidelines for schools, they are attached here