• Please Read: K-5 Hybrid Info & News

    Hello Sunnyside K - 5 families!

    The bulk of this letter is for those who have opted into hybrid learning. Kinder and 1st grade, we'll see you on Friday! 2nd - 5th grades, you'll join us on Monday the 5th. In the future, hybrid days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. There is no hybrid on Wednesday.

    Here, you will find details about the start of this new school “season.”  We’ve taken to calling it Spring School. 

    Screening for COVID-19:  First and foremost, please make sure your student does not exhibit any primary or secondary symptoms of COVID.  If they do, please keep them home.  We’ve attached PPS’s self-screening checklist that all staff use each morning before heading to the building.  We ask that you do the same.

    Drop off/Pick Up times/locations and protocol:  Because we are a small building and want to keep everyone safe and socially distanced, our start times are staggered by 15 minute intervals.  Teachers’ class times are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (no hybrid on Wednesday):  9:00 - 11:15, 9:15 - 11:30 or 9:30 - 11:45.  You will see on the attached maps your student’s teacher start time and where to drop-off AND pick-up your student.  There are 2 locations:  either the front of the building on SE Salmon, or on the blacktop at the back of the school.  (Your teacher and times are also listed at the bottom of this email.)

    You may arrive within 5 minutes of your student’s start time.  These “staging” areas are for more than one class, but only spaced 15 minutes apart.  We want to keep the areas relatively uncrowded and safe.  In short - please arrive as close to your start time as possible and do not leave your student there unattended.   From that location, your teacher or an administrator will walk your student through the building and directly to class.  Please note if your student exhibits and signs of COVID-19, they will be taken to our “Symptom Space” and screened further by our School Health Assistant or District Nurse.

    At the end of the day, your teacher will walk your student to the original drop-off/pick-up location.  Please be mindful of your teacher’s time and arrive on time. Safety is our priority, both COVID-19 safety and physical safety of students from home to school and back again. In our KG-3rd grade we ask that you or a designee (listed in Synergy, please email sconley1@pps.net to add people to your list) physically pick up your child at the end of their hybrid day. If your student is in 4th or 5th grade, your child’s teacher will be reaching out to you to see whether they have permission to walk home and the school will keep an accurate list of students who are released independently. 

    If you have an appointment, and your student needs to arrive late, please come to the front door and we will meet your student at the front door.

    Visitors:  During this time, visitors (including parents, guardians and family members) will not be allowed in the building.  If you need to talk in-person with a staff member, please make an appointment.

    Supplies:  Unless you hear differently from your teacher, your student should only bring a filled water bottle.  Students will not be allowed to use the drinking fountain, or fill their own water bottles, because it is considered a high-touch area. Staff will assist in filling water bottles or providing one, if needed. Individual supply boxes are provided for each student on their desk here at school.  Supplies will not be shared among students.

    Food:  Unless your student has a medical condition, please do not send snacks with your student.  There is no eating in the classroom.  At the end of each day, your student will be provided a sack lunch which they can take home to eat, if they choose.

    Bathrooms: We know that our students may need to use the restroom at school, and have COVID-19 protocols in place for this. Please, please, please - as much as possible - encourage your student to use the restroom before they leave home in the morning simply to minimize the number of students using the restroom each day. 

    Changes to your student’s schedule: Right now, most of our rooms are at full capacity, allowing 6-feet between students.  Many teachers needed to change classrooms to accommodate students (we wanted to keep students with their teacher as much as possible). If you’d like to change to full CDL, please let us know. However, for the moment, we are pausing on allowing more students to join hybrid classes.

    Speaking of schedules, there is no school on Friday, April 9.  This is a teacher in-services day for report card preparation.

    Phew. That’s a lot of information; thank you for reading until the end.

    Please reach out to your student’s teacher with questions specific to your student, or Amy and Alix with general questions.

    Thank you, and we can’t wait to see your kiddos!

    Amy and Alix

    *B- Blacktop/KG doors

    *F- Front/main front doors

    9:00 - 11:15

    Monica -B
    Tiffany- F

    9:15 - 11:30

    Asa- B
    Jeremy -B
    Leo - F

    9:30 - 11:45