• Wednesday, September 22 at 5:30pm: COVID information meeting

    Hello Sunnyside Community,

    I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that they took the time to enjoy our wonderful September weekend weather. I know that many of you have been asking what we are going to do in case it rains this week and so on. Currently, the district is not allowing tents for use for lunches. I have submitted a proposal for a permanent playground covering and hope to hear back soon as to whether that is a possibility this year and what fundraising would be needed to support that project. Right now if it rains, we will need to use our inside lunch plan and eat inside. We have fans, air filters, windows open, and 15 minute lunches. We will have our students in assigned seats and will try to go outside if we possibly can. If we have to eat inside, we will do so as quickly and with as much mask usage as possible. I know that for many parents, eating inside is not what you feel comfortable with and I understand if you feel that way. We do have as many COVID mitigating factors inside as we can and we are hoping that our weather will hold and not pour down rain.

    That said, I am holding a COVID information session Wednesday, September 22, right before PTA at 5:30. Here is the zoom link:

    I want to take time to answer some of your pressing questions and give people more information about COVID protocols at Sunnyside,

    Thank you for your support.