• Cars, Buses, Scooters, Bikes...

    Hello all-

    We had a person from the district come out to look at how our morning transportation systems are working...and of course they saw what we see each day which is a lot of traffic in a small space, limited parking, lots of buses, and many kids getting dropped off.

    We are limited on options to help this problem, but there are a few things we can suggest-

    * park on 80th and walk your student through the path onto the playground (avoid the front of the school all together)

    * if you are dropping off in front of the school, do it quickly, and ideally on the early side, remember kids can come in the building when it is cold starting at  7:40

    * avoid parking in bus zones!

    * be ready to be patient if you do need to drive right in front of school

    * PLEASE be hyper diligent watching of our youngest kids crossing

    * Thank you, this takes a community effort for sure!


    Sabrina Flamoe