• Community News

    Hello amazing Vestal families-

    Sorry this Community News is late...I wish I could say it is because I have lost track of days, but I actually haven't yet. The real reason is that I spilled on my laptop the other day and it is no longer working...which is unusually frustrating during these days of massive technology. I absolutely needed to use some tools to get through the few moment immediately following. Thankfully, I was able to get a loaner to use, for which I am thankful but now on top of so much new learning I am using a different computer...and it is a challenge for me. OK, all that to say, sorry School  messenger is late!

    I so hope folks are doing alright...this is just such a strange,vague, unique  time. For those of use who crave structure and routine, it is like living in an upside down AND sideways world. Anyhow, I hope that your child's classroom teacher has gotten a hold of you....if you have NOT connected with them. please please email a response here. I know everyone is trying to connect. Our first goal is to simply say hello, check in and see how all are doing. Secondly, we are trying to make sure everyone has what they need to start to access digital learning in PPS. We know this is not true yet...and we are working towards that goal.

    This coming week will be continued learning on everyone's part...figuring out google classroom (grades 4-5) and Seesaw (Grades K-3). Please know that we are all trying to learn a whole bucket of new skills...thank you for everyone's patience. I have been amazed by what teachers have figured out in such a short time and I believe there will be silver lining learnings that will apply when we are back in face to face school!

    I will continue to do Read Alouds each school day....for now these are on the Vestal School Facebook page. I know not everyone has, or wants, Facebook. I will be trying on a new venue soon and will keep you posted. Please know That I LoVe the kids comments...makes me very happy!

    OK, i feel like I should say something philosophically profound during this time, but guess what??? I got nothing on that level.

    What I do know is that I miss everyone in the Vestal community...honestly, the mornings of connecting with your children is a highlight that cannot be replaced. I love and value knowing your children at this amazing phase of their lives...they teach us constantly even while we teach them. Their unique personalities bring so much light and energy and the diverse mix of all these wonderful personalities makes the best authentic community that cannot be replicated in any digital format.

    Please please reach out to let us know of any needs, we want to met as many needs as possible...

    In the words of Bill Withers...We all need somebody to lean on. 


    Sabrina Flamoe