• Happy Tuesday! The Big Orange Splot

    Hey all and happy Tuesday...the weather truly is gorgeous and I hope everyone gets some time outside, it is an amazing how healthy it feels! Today's story has an optional assignment. This book, The Big Orange Splot, is an absolute favorite of mine and has been for a very long time. I love that it connects beautifully to Vestal's focus on social justice! The assignment, after your child/ren watch and listen is to design a dream house in their perfect world...it will make sense after hearing the story. If you are able, take a photo of the drawing and send it to me (I'd love to make a slide show!) You could also put the picture in your window and when Vestal kids walk by...they will know what it is all about!

    On another note, we had our 'virtual' staff meeting yesterday and I shared with teachers that the Oregon Dept. of Education has given some guidelines for the amount of time kids spent actually on their screen doing distance learning...

    45 minutes a day- Kinder and 1st

    60 minutes a day 2-3

    90 minutes a day 4-5

    This counts actual time on screen...not things like sitting outside reading or hanging out in the cool pillow fort doing some math problems.

    The MOST important part of all of this strange time is that we all stay connected as our amazing Vestal community...this is new and temporary...and things will get back to more normal and we will hang out at school again together! For now, we want you all to know we miss and love you!

    Sabrina Flamoe