• Wednesday- I Love You the Purplest!

    Hello on this, thankfully,  sunny day

    Just a few notes today...

    1st- Wow! Vestal teachers are true rockstars! We already new this, but now they are showing off such extreme perseverance, patience, and creativity with learning all about on learning teaching and learning...I am just so impressed with each one of them!

    2nd- GoodNess! I am so impressed with the Vestal students and families...talk about NEW learning and lots of it! Although I would want nothing more than all of us being back in the building, seeing you all learning on line, saying hello to one another, wishing happy birthdays, growing into new Lexia levels...pretty awesome!

    3rd- Those of you who do not have tech yet...good news...tomorrow there are four locations where chrome books can be picked up! IF you are one who has been waiting, PLEASE send me one more email (we have a pretty complete list, but I'd hate if we are missing someone). Then I will send you details...WE can deliver, too...so let me know what you need and IF you can pick up or need delivery. I LOVE the idea that by tomorrow night all will have technology:)

    4th- Today's story... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANlDOyG0VeY

    5th- ThAnK YoU for sending me Big Orange Splot pictures...if you didn't please do..they just really make me smile!

    6th- Try to get fresh air today...and know you are loved!

    Sabrina Flamoe