• Tuesday- Read Aloud and Notes

    Hello Vestal Families and Community...happy wet and rainy Tuesday.

    Last night we hosted our fist ever 5th grade Promotion Parade! It was really wonderful to see so many 5th graders and their families as they drove through! We wish all of our 5th graders well as they transition to middle school!

    Yesterday afternoon, many of us chose to join a Black Lives Matter rally on 82nd and Stark. It was wonderful to see so many Vestal families there taking a stand FOR Racial Justice. It can be overwhelming to know quite what to do, but standing together in peaceful solidarity FOR change and justice is a great way to be in community.

    Tomorrow (Wednesday) is our last day of school for this strange year...please encourage your child to show up virtually for one last classroom time together before summer!

    Today's read aloud is a good reminder to wash your hands a lot...it is called, "The Day I Forgot to Wash My Hands" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIRwynENxOU&t=3s

    Thank you to everyone for the support of our students during this time at home!

    Vestal Peace, Sabrina Flamoe